May 19th, 2011

Well, lookie here… Thanks to one of my Twitter followers, I came across this little gem over on the XDA forums. Looks like the user ranmasaotome510 has managed to stumble upon an internal email from Radio Shack listing the Evo 3D with a “rough launch date” of June 4th. Could it be true?

Until now, we’ve seen nothing but the occasional print ad in men’s magazines and HTC has been tight lipped on any kind of expected launch date. This is the first leak we’ve seen that finally gives us a number to mark in our Google calendar so cross your fingers, folks!

What do you guys think? Could this be a preemptive strike by Sprint to get a heads up on T-Mobile before they drop the Sensation on June 8th? The Evo 3D was actually announced before the Sensation was announced for T-Mobile so it kind of makes sense.

Whether true or not, this definitely has me in a frenzy to gather up my extra pennies in anticipation of a possible early June release.

[Via XDA]

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