Rough Launch Date For Evo 3D Finally Leaks Online


Well, lookie here… Thanks to one of my Twitter followers, I came across this little gem over on the XDA forums. Looks like the user ranmasaotome510 has managed to stumble upon an internal email from Radio Shack listing the Evo 3D with a “rough launch date” of June 4th. Could it be true?

Until now, we’ve seen nothing but the occasional print ad in men’s magazines and HTC has been tight lipped on any kind of expected launch date. This is the first leak we’ve seen that finally gives us a number to mark in our Google calendar so cross your fingers, folks!

What do you guys think? Could this be a preemptive strike by Sprint to get a heads up on T-Mobile before they drop the Sensation on June 8th? The Evo 3D was actually announced before the Sensation was announced for T-Mobile so it kind of makes sense.

Whether true or not, this definitely has me in a frenzy to gather up my extra pennies in anticipation of a possible early June release.

[Via XDA]

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  1.  I don’t care if 3D is a gimmick. I want that gimmick. And I want it now. On Verizon.

    1. I remember when everyone said a “front facing camera” was a gimmick.

      ……and the world being “round.”  o_O

      1. the world isn’t round…. right?? :/

        1. I thought it was a rhombus.  

      2. going to be honest, after having a legitimate video chat with a fellow Evo user over 4g, i can’t wait until the technology is widespread, it was an awesome experience 

        1. Honestly, I can’t tell you how many Nexus One users I talked to that said they didn’t need a front facing camera. Now, its seen as a negative if a phone doesn’t have one. 

          I don’t think 3D is a mandatory feature like a ffc, but its damn cool. No matter if I use it or not. =p

          1.  Thats exactly what I was thinking. It would just be cool to use and try out!

          2. Agreed, it’s there and you can turn it off if you don’t want to use it. Honestly that’s a win win situation.

            For all of you complaining about it there is an off switch, it isn’t as if you’re forced into using it.

          3. In reference to the switch, that’s only for the camera. I’m sure there’s a software based toggle for non-camera activities as well. 

          4. I agree a ffc was revolutionary in my opinion, 3D however isn’t.  If it is exactly like the 3DS, which I imagine it is very close to it, you have to be looking straight on, it doesn’t look good at an angle.  Also you have to be a certain distance from it it it doesn’t look good.  It is cool and would be fun to show off but isn’t something that you really need.  The main reason I want the phone is because of the specs, awesome screen, a Ferrari of a processor, and 1GB of RAM. 

      3. It’s actually oval

    2. I’m just wondering, why do you want it? I’m not trying to be confrontational or anything, just genuinely want to know what you see in a 3D device. I mean, you take a video or picture in 3D and you can’t do anything with it. As far as I know, you can’t send it to your friends since they (most likely) won’t have a device to read that 3D format. You’d have to physically show them the picture or movie right from your phone. Sure, it gives you bragging rights, but I would think that would get a little old after awhile…

      1.  I don’t know. I just like trying new things, even if it means I may be wasting money buying it only to get rid of it a few months later. It would just be cool to use, not like it is necessary, but just fun.

        1. Hmmmm ok. I get where you’re coming from. I’ll try it out at the Sprint store but my initial reaction is to not get it because of the 3D. I’m more of a practical/functional user than an experimental/try-it-out kind of user. To each his/her own. That’s the beauty of Android.  :)

          1. Exactly! android is were innovation is happening

          2. you do realize you can turn off the 3d. the phone will be sick even without it and if you like it then hey you have it there if you want it. 

      2. Then all you would have to do is… not take the picture in 3D. Problem solved. 3D isn’t the phone’s ONLY selling point. Its just an added bonus. =) 

        1. I know about the 3D on/of switch. I was just wondering if there was anyone getting this phone specifically because of the 3D tech, and why. While I realize that 3D isn’t the only selling point, it does seem to be the one thing I hear most about this phone. Processor speed, ram size, video output, all of that is (generally) secondary in conversation. 

          1. I think its because there are few 3D phones available right now that makes it the most talked about feature.  The funny thing is, the very specs you mention (dual core processor, 1GB RAM, video output/HML, qHD screen, etc) are still better than 99% of the phones that are out, or even on the way for that matter.  There are a lot of highlights to the new EVO 3D, with or without 3D.  

          2. im getting it because of the 3d. simply put if it didnt have 3d id be going with the galaxy s2 or waiting for nexus 3.  

      3.  Also, have you seen/used the nintendo 3DS? It’s just fun to play with and see how fast technology moves. Now we just need holograms, flying cars, and the ability to teleport!

        1. Nope and nope. Never used or even seen one of em.  :/  

        2. the 3ds is not selling as good as they thought it would right now. The tvs really arent taking off very good right now either. I think they are trying to shove 3D on almost everything so that they force us to buy to think its cool. I think in the next 5 years or so it will die again when people realise its a huge gimmick and not worth paying for…

      4. how bout the 1.2 ghz processor or the 1 GB of ram?? any of that worth the gimmick of 3D? 1080p output for 2D I’m pretty sure all TV’s and phones can read 2D… overclock that processor to 1.6 ghz and you are crazy speeding. Add in some 4G and it will be lightning fast. sure 3D is a gimmick but the phone is actually amazing without the gimmick. This phone’s specs are beyond almost every phone out today and is a huge contender for Sprint launching them into the world of dual core phones. Sure there are a few dual cores existent but they all suck and are on sucky networks. Sprint is a decent network and this phone is awesome. so gimmick or not this phone is amazing.

        1. I’m not doubting that it’s an “awesome” or “amazing” phone. I’m just wondering why someone would be so interested in the E3D specifically because of the 3D technology. I’m not trying to get into a pissing match or anything here, just looking for people’s viewpoints.

          1. The same reason many people overclock their processors to ridiculous speeds even when there is no need? The same reason we want/need dual cores when there are no apps that need that much power.

      5. well if you have a 3d tv you can have some awesome moments with those videos or pictures.  

      6. How you do not understand the concept of using your phone as a mobile 3d media generator, is beyond me. When we talk about 3D, or Three-dimensional as the true form of the sense originates from, we must understand that the Evo 3D is simply a portable media generating powerhouse! If you can’t imagine what to do with the 3D content, let me help you imagine! Imagine recording a 12 minute long 3d movie of your children playing, your wife dancing, or anything significant to you, like say a 3D recording of a marriage? (Drunken or not, LOL,) **There’s another first the Evo line might want to claim if they hurry the F up and beat the LG THRILL to the table. June 4th I hope (PREORDERED MAY 2) But enough of that, imagine being able to transfer that to a multitude of media devices including your 3D TV, through the use of 1. DLNA or 2.USB Transfer, and most importantly 3. Your home computer. If someone were to say that “being able to upload a 3d video to youtube for other people to be able to watch in 3D is propousterous!”, I’d have to argue with that, The mere fact that this device that we will be able to experience for around 200 bucks, and a 2 year contract lol, will shoot 3D videos that we can take advantage of… technologically. I can shoot a great video and send it to friends and family or store it so I can relive it later on, on my 51in 3DTV that I already own, :D. I will take advantage of this Evo 3D! Technology is only going to get more complicated, and thus more efficient. When we begin to take advantage of said “gimmicky” technologies, we learn to make it better and more useful for us.

        1. That’s cool and all. I would just like to point out that (to my knowledge) there are no 3D capable computers out on the market just yet, there are only about 4 or so phones coming out with 3D technology (again, to my knowledge), and cheapest 3D TV at Best Buy is over $600. Its great that you have one already, but what about the rest of us that aren’t as “technologically advanced”? Having this 3D technology is cool, but at this time, almost pointless. It’s not as widespread as other forms of technology (LCD screens, thumb drives, smartphones, etc.) It should also be pointed out that according to an advance review of the E3D by someone over at Android Central, that you can’t send 3D pictures/video to your friends if they don’t have 3D technology on their phones. It apparently auto formatted it into a 2D picture/video within the MMS app.

          In case you can’t tell, I’m not an “early adopter” type. While I agree that 3D is awesome and will be extremely useful in the future, right now it’s not. There isn’t enough backing yet to to much of anything with this new technology.

    3. to hell with verizon and their insane prices. i dont know how ANYONE goes through them.  

      1. Cause they drink that sorry red verizon kool aide they don’t know any better. Ask those thunderbolt customers how it feels to get 4hrs tops on that fast LTE network. It just drains that battery silly.

        1. Where are you getting this “4 hour battery life” crap? Talk time is roughly 6 hours and I’m pretty sure talk time is the most battery intensive thing you can do on a cell phone. Have you ever used a Thunderbolt for a whole day to test this “4 hour battery”? If not, shut the F*CK up. As I (and many others) have said, ANY 4G technology drains the battery. LTE, Wimax, HSPA+, all of them. Oh yeah, did you forget that Sprint is trying to switch to the same “battery draining” LTE that Verizon has? Take your ignorant comments somewhere else.

          1. HSPA+ isn’t real 4g…

  2. Why is 3D a gimmick? It’s the future. Face it, we’re not going to stop until we get the holo image recorder… well, I honestly don’t know what comes after the holodeck… 

    1. Once iPad 3 with 3D launches, 3D will no longer be a gimmick. 

  3.  Any one know if the bootloader is encrypted yet?  I sure hope it isn’t, locked is okay but encrypted is not.

    1. I think its signed but not encrypted

    2. The bootloader is not encrypted on the evo 3d trust me on that

      1. Well the Sensation will most likely be launching with an encrypted bootloader if the ROM leak is anything to go by. I imagine the E3D won’t be too different. Where’s your proof you silly little imbecile? Show me some hard evidence instead of throwing around your “predictions”. 

      2. do you “work” for htc or sprint because being Hesse’s b***h doesnt count 

    3. As long as it is not encrypted I’m fine.  I can deal with signed. 

  4.  HOLY S***… Richard may be right… Anywho, HTC Sensation is still launching June 8th…

  5.  Lets be honest here, Who think the Sensation 4G looks better than the Evo 3D?

    1. The Evo 3d was made first for sprint and was in production last year so it’s pretty clear that htc copied the evo 3d and scaled down some features and reproduced the sensation for tmobile. The sensation is a fine device just a tad below the Evo 3d. Any future Htc devices that come out it’s pretty clear that the top device will always appear on sprint with the top specs while other carriers will recieve lessor devices or shall I say lessor spec devices. That relationship between Htc and Sprint will always exist and now google in the mix clearly means any and all google related devices made in the future will always appear on sprint. For the third carrier they sure seem to be busting some ass now aren’t they.

      1. The only thing I see the Evo 3D has over the Sensation is more RAM and the 3D… IMO the phone is already fast enough and 3D isnt all that important to me… Dont get me wrong, the Evo 3D will be an awesome device… its just I like the Sensations overall look better

  6. If u have a 3d tv u can stream 3d movies/youtube/homevideos/ pics to it using dlna or hdmi. 3d in the next year or 2 will be almost a basic feature on tvs. the evo 3d will b 1 of the most advanced phones on the market. especially overclocking it to 1.5 to 1.6 ghz. the speeds will b amazingly fast

    1. Mr. Android wizard you clearly understand the future and the direction it is going. Regardless of the people who are not aboard the transition will move foward and 3d will become mainstream. Sprint put 4g on the map then they brought the first 4g android handset to market for us to enjoy now 1year later the 1st 3d 4g android handset with qhd screen will launch June 4th their is no doubt that sprint leads all carriers in being innovative. I was on line day for my current evo 4g last June 4th 2010 and will proudly repeat that same trend in a matter of days for my evo 3d. We will have a special handset here that will be a great addition to the evolution of the evo family on sprint.

      1. I love sprint… I love my current EVO. I’ll definitely be getting the EVO 3D in June….but Richard Yarrell is annoying! Take a chill pill… It’s not that serious!

        1. +1

          seriously. shut up richard. 

          1. @Willrusso and @chancerr….. Rather you like me or not who care your opinion is exactly that your opinion… you can keep your thoughts to yourself and just don’t respond to mines cause I am just as entitled to mines as you are yours. Plus this is very big for sprint and htc maybe one day you will understand that…

          2. As I said in this same article, you write this crap as if Sprint/HTC is totally dependent on the sales of the E3D. They aren’t. Take your stupid self where people will actually care about your comments. Here is not one of them.
            And as for having the freedom to say what you want, there’s opinions where you state what you think/feel, then there’s your elaborate, sensationalist comments that are usually absolute BS. Shut up.

      2. OKAY, so when’s the View coming out?

      3. Sure wish I could see your crystal ball cause you seem that you can see the future with all this 3D crap. Everybody I know hates 3D.. All it does is drives up the cost on everything for something that is pointless!!!

  7.  alot of great phones comming up. but they need to hurry up with that damn hercules.     I do think 3d is a bit of novelty, at the same time awesome! but i would have to see it in person to really judge it. i dont think it’s something you can really judge without experiencing it.

    1. Seeing it in person is practical before purchasing your 100% correct. But I believe in htc and know how important this launch is to them concerning the evo 3d so just like i picked my evo 4g last year never owning an android device before selecting htc/sprint I will place faith in the evo 3d.. Htc is simply on another level than other manufacturers and clearly they care about their customers all over the world. They are not samsung.

      1. What you don’t seem to realize is that the E3D is NOT the only phone made by HTC. You word this as if HTC is totally dependent on the sales of the E3D and that is FAR from the truth. HTC isn’t “on another level than other manufacturers”. It is roughly at the same level. Specs are roughly the same among all manufacturers for high end phones. Build quality is more or less the same across all manufacturers. Software is more or less the same across all manufacturers/providers. Show me one HTC phone that never needed a patch job, or software update to fix something. I can almost guarantee you it doesn’t exist.

  8. Yeah not only was I correct with the predicted specs of the evo 3d back in early March which made me so hated by our daily dweebs here on phandroid looks like I am right again with the launch date of the evo 3d. That was the easy part cause I understand the way sprint does business from a billing cycle standpoint. I still say they will launch the Evo 3d on Friday June 3rd which is what sprint usually likes Friday launches. Either way the June 3rd date or June 4th date makes me one happy camper cause now the hole world will see exactly how much the Evo 3d will KICK BUTTS AND TAKE NAMES.. Yes the SUMMER SHOWDOWN IS CLOSE… Evo 3d vs Samsung Galaxy S2, or Evo 3d vs Sensation, or Evo 3d vs Atrix 4g, or Evo 3d vs Lg Thrill 4g, or how about Evo 3d vs Lg G2x either way we have gained a new family member to the evo evolution on sprint which clearly places the NOW NETWORK #1

    1. Except that the Sensation is the same thing with 1/4 less RAM and no 3D. Really not a big deal as that’s what I’ll be getting on June 8th :). HTC FTW 

    2.  You have a bad case of narcissism, mate. What’s with all that me,me,I stuff you throwin around.

    3. Sounds like you’ll be an early adopter. Let me know how those initial bugs are working for you :) 

    4.  I am looking forward to it. I am a little bummed out by the Camera’s weak 5MP but I’ll check it out (hands on). If it is anywhere near the specs I’ll probably upgrade from my EVO then and there. We’ll see.

    5. read this post, it is not launching june 4

  9. I mean…this really shouldnt be a surprise. Sprints flagship phones for the year have always released the first week of June.. EVO, Pre, Instinct, Mogul..etc You really wouldnt get a cookie for predicting it. But Ive had Sprint over 10 Years now…I’m not a bandwagon EVO customer anyway.

  10. ….. I wish they release a gsm version soon for abroad, just like they did with the evo 4g, changed the name and tweaked it a little into the htc desire hd. if so, any guesses on the releasedate of that one too?

    1.  The desire HD was a totally different phone. It had the second generation single core Snapdragon that was more efficient than the one currently found in the EVO 4G. 

    2. Supposedly Vodafone was getting the EVO 3D as well. I doubt it will retain the same name but I did read some article stating that they were.

  11. i hope this is true. i just switched to sprint on the 14th and got an evo. while i love the evo june 4th will still be within my 30 day return period and i will definitely be exchanging it for a 3d 

    1. Great idea to switch to the evo 3d you should have the best sprint has to offer.

  12. I have a Evo and I’m only semi excited about the Evo 3d… I think the 3d may be a bit gimmicky and I’m hoping the quality doesn’t suffer because they are putting a first gen device out too quickly.

  13. nexus s or evo 3d……hmmmmmmmm. hate sense ui but love the specs on evo 3d. 

  14. I think I’ve read elsewhere that this rumor isn’t true.

    Either way, I doubt the exact date will be the 4th, which is a Saturday.  I know there isn’t really a set date when new phones come out (like movies come out on Fridays generally), but I dont’ think they’d do it on a weekend.

    June 4th was the date the Evo 4G came out last year, I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the entire basis to this rumor. 

  15. I’ll add this info since I didn’t read it in the comments yet.  Sprint is the title sponsor for NASCAR.  Sprint is based in Kansas City.  NASCAR has a race on June 5th at the Kansas Speedway just outside of KC.  Sprint always has a huge presence at the track’s fall race as it’s considered their home event (this is the first June race for Kansas Speedway).  It would be a great opportunity to release the 3D that weekend with all of the exposure already in place.

    1. You might just be right

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