May 20th, 2011

The latest update from Federico Carnales isn’t about LauncherPro, surprisingly. We’ve just learned that the famed developer is working on his own music application right now. It’s tentatively named “Fede Music”, but this is an early alpha build of the application and that could always change.

And more than the name could change, so could the features. We’re not sure how Federico’s treating this project – as a main focus or just a side gig to take a break from LauncherPro – but we’re definitely interested. As the title of this article suggests, it definitely has a very distinct look to it.

If you’ve ever used a Zune or a Windows Phone 7 device, you’ll know what I’m talking about. We’re not mad about that at all, though because that’s one element of design from Microsoft that we’re actually fans of. And for you folks who are about to ask “why is he working on this instead of the rewrite to LauncherPro”, I don’t think it’s wise to jump to conclusions. Just give the app a spin if it looks interesting to you. [Download via Droid-Life]