PopCap Hasn’t Forgotten Peggle, Still Coming to Android this Summer


PopCap is on a bit of a roll, finally getting some of their bigger titles onto the Android platform. First Chuzzle launched, and soon to follow will be Plants vs Zombies, but we still have no solid date for my personal favorite, Peggle. But don’t think PopCap will sleep on their recent momentum. Senior director of product and business strategy at PopCap, Giordano Bruno Contestabile, dropped a little hint in an interview this week.

“…with respect to Android, what does the future hold? We can’t really say, but I’ve heard that a nice surprise might be in store if you love unicorns and rainbows.”

And we get the feeling those rainbows and unicorns might be of the Bjorn variety, so don’t think the game developer isn’t still on track to get Peggle on to our handsets. It’s coming and I’m already trying to figure out how to fit more hours into the day to get my peg on.

[via DroidGamers]

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  1.  damn it how many copies of this game are they going to make me buy?!

    1.  Well, if it comes to Amazon Appstore first, you won’t *have* to buy it cause they’ll offer it for free. :)

      1. Unless you live outside the US or are using AT&T as a carrier.

        1. I don’t recommend doing any of those things if possible. 

          1. Unfortunately,  the majority of the world population lives outside the US so the Amazon Appstore is pretty useless to most of us.

          2. Agreed, dont recommend either of those things.  If youre in those situations its best to move.

      2. pffft I bet Verizon would lock it down on their network so you still have to pay hahaha

  2. By summer I’m guessing they mean beginning of fall. If I remember correctly, Plants vs Zombies and Peggle was supposed to be out early 2011.

  3. Strange, Peggle came stock with my X10 mini pro.  I’ve tried it once and never really grown to love it.

  4. Jeez, why is it taking them so long .. actually forgot about this game which was one of my favourites since I moved to Android. Angrybirds were quick to develop, Teamviewer too even tho they said they’d not be developing for Andriod devices at the outset. C’mon, hurry up! Now you’ve planted the seed in my head again I want it yesterday! ;-)

  5.  I don’t get the unicorn game, I mean it’s a straight up copy of all the other run’n’gun type of games, same exact concept. Run as far as you can and survive.

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