Motorola Looking for Testers for Upcoming Cliq 2 Update


Motorola is preparing a new update to the Cliq 2, and they are in search testers eager to give the new software a go. There is room for 200 users to be part of the beta, which should culminate with a final update getting pushed to all Cliq 2 owners. As Moto has done for these things in the past, completing a survey is the first step towards acquiring the update early. No word on what will differ with this build, but we can say for certain that it won’t be anything along the line of Gingerbread.

Interesting that Motorola is always keen to send out updates for their mid-range devices to beta testers, but never offers such a program for their high-end devices. Must be a matter of where they have resources devoted for in-house debugging. Follow the link below if you fit the bill.

[Motorola Support]

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  1.  What are you talking about?

    Motorola has sent out 2 updates for beta testers for the Atrix in the past months. If the Atrix is not a high-end device, than what is?

  2.  I am interested in testing this device. Moto 4ever :)

  3.  Please stop making Cliq devices…..

    1. The Cliq 2 just has an unfortunate name. 

  4. Moto,  If you can’t afford your own testers for you lame blur updates, then don’t put Blur on the phone.  

  5.  Haha! This reminds me of the original Cliq debacle. They were looking for testers & after months and months of testing they end up releasing the same exact build of 2.1 they gave the testers. Whatta joke because is was laggy, slow, & bugs galore. Shows that Moto didn’t care to invest any time into actually making their build any better. All this after a whole year of promised updates from Android 1.5. Horrible! Never again will I buy a Moto product no matter fancy smancy it looks or how many bells & whistles it has. Now their phones have locked/encrypted bootloaders & Motoblur is by far the worst U.I. to ever grace the Android platform. Yeah I’m hating..cause after paying hard earned money for my Cliq 1 I deserve too lol! Glad I got rid of that p.o.s. Okay enough of the rant…happy testing people ;D

  6. Where do I go to become a tester… I currently have the cliq now but is really interested on the cliq 2

  7. The Cliq 2 has been an honest effort by Moto to put out a quality phone, I have had no complaints about this device, and to see them in this update process is encouraging especially since early reports are people stating that things have improved with the phone.

    I feel for you if you felt like you got burnt by the Cliq, however keep you opinion of that phone to that phone it was a debacle. The Cliq 2 thankfully is not.

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