Plants vs Zombies Coming Exclusively to Amazon’s Appstore May 30th


One of mobile’s biggest games – Plants vs Zombies has been in the works for a while and PopCap has confirmed that its release is imminent. It’ll be here at the end of this month and will be offered exclusively through Amazon’s Appstore.

It wasn’t said whether or not this would be available through the Android market after some time (like Rovio did with Angry Birds Rio) but you will be happy to know that it will be free when it launches May 30th. You’ll have to take advantage on that day, though, because they’ll be setting the price at $2.99 from there on out.

I’ve played this game on numerous platforms, and while I may be all Plants vs Zombie’d out, I can’t wait to take it for a spin on Android when it finally does debut. [via PocketGamer]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. first and that’s word 

  2.  Not gonna link it but their was an almost perfect asian knock off thats easy to find. Will keep you busy till the real one comes out. Its also called plants vs zombies.

  3.  By making it free in the US on the first day, and unavailable elsewhere, will simply result in a repeat of when Angry Birds Rovio was only available in the Amazon appstore, and it was cracked immediately, and distributed. I’m not condoning that, but limiting such a sought after game, to a single country and making it free in that country, has repercussions.

    1. Thought completely the same thing.

      But you know they’ll be the first to moan about pirating on Android after this. Seriously  do some of these companies have a clue? 

  4. Well done for shunning the rest of the world.

    Stupid decision.

  5. I don’t really get why is this good for PopCap. Instead of buying it in the Market I’ll just download it for free from the Appstore with fake credit card data. Way to go!

    1. Amazon more than likely paid them for the exclusiveness so they will already have a chunk of change for putting it on thereexclusiveness so they will already have a chunk of change for putting it on there

  6. Yeah i find this total bullshit. One country? Really? I’ve been waiting ages for this, and the actual game is ready, but then they decide to release it on the Amazon Store? FFS it makes me want to get the cracked version.. but i wont.. i’ll just sit in my corner and wait :/

  7. get it here if outside us.

    1. Condoning the pirating of Android apps. And some of you idiots wonder why we Android users get 3rd class apps.  

      1.  I’m not agreeing with Brendan on that link but…why not sell it to us? Why do they need to make it a US only availability? They are just looking to lose sales…sometimes I have a feeling some big companies are run by apes…

        1. Ask the company who makes the game. That’s their choice, and it was your choice to use the Android platform. Looks like you android fanboys favorite word of “choice” came to bite you in the ass. Deal with it, but don’t be a bitch and pirate it.  

      2. I don’t like to pirate apps. I buy most apps that i am able to. But seriously this US Only BS is getting on my nerves. It took forever for Canada to get paid apps now we still don’t get half of them in a timely manner. As a matter of fact BlapkMarket was formed for that very reason that most country’s never had paid apps. You may say its wrong but so is the fragmentation and headache that developers cause by releasing apps to 1 country only never had paid apps. You may say its wrong but so is the fragmentation and headache that developers cause by releasing apps to 1 country only

        1. Well that’s what you get for using Android. If you have a problem with it, switch to iOS. I learned the hard way. iOS blows Android out the water with apps, and I just cant stand the quality anymore on my Nexus S. I ended up buying an iPad so I get to use that ecosystem as well.

          But don’t tell me that BlapkMarket is primarily about serving international users who dont have the same access to apps. It’s always about pirating first.

          1. I am on my 6th android phone and i have an Ipad and i will never buy another IOS device. 

            Developers are always taking about fragmentation this fragmentation that. But in fact they are causing just as much fragmentation with there stupid decisions on using alternative app stores. Id be happy to also show my market account where i have bought over 50 apps. 

            BlapkMarket was originally formed for international customers. And still not every country has paid apps. So until then i will support it

  8. Deal with it! If you don’t like it then move to the US! ;D 

    1. Why would anyone do that? Some ppl like to live somewhere else. Deal with it!

    2.  Funny you say that, that’s what people say to immigrants. “If you don’t like it here, move outta the US.”

      1. lol, you two are dumb. It was a joke!

        We don’t want dumb people like you here anyway… OMG I CAN’T STOP!

  9. Am I the only person that views this as a good thing? I love plants vs zombies, and free is even better.

  10.  I love Plants Vs. Zombies, but I’m happy with the Android Market, thank you.  I’ll wait and buy the game once it appears there.

  11. So glad that they are offering this free on the first day. PopCap really owes it to us. They can’t expect to keep us in the zombie dark for over a year, and then make us buy the game all over again.
    Thanx popcap!

  12. I’d be happy if Amazon’s market place worked in the uk

  13.  The thing is, I play with a friends iPad when they come over, and seriously I get bored real quick. The apps seem polished but a little too much like “candy” – they are so polished the sweetness gets old fast. They just aren’t as engaging as on Android. Plus I miss having a back button, etc. The iPad just feels somewhat claustrophobic to me.

  14. Dear Amazon Appstore Exclusive Apps,

    F*** YOU!
    Love From,
    Everyone not living in the USA

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