Pizza Hut app now taking orders in the Android Market


I love pizza. Ask anyone who knows me. Say what you will, but I also love Pizza Hut. So it is with great pleasure that I bring you the news that Pizza Hut has finally released their mobile app for ordering up pies to the Android Market.

Funny story: before I owned an Android phone — before I owned any smartphone — I used to envy iPhone users for their ability to effortlessly order Pizza Hut from the comfort of their phones. Sure, I could use Pizza Hut’s website to place an order online, but that didn’t help me if I was in transit and wanted to grab some food on my way home. Anyway, I eventually got my first Android phone in hopes that a Pizza Hut app would soon be along. Almost two years later the day is finally here. I think I might just order a pizza in celebration. How about you? Grab the app from the Android Market at the link below.

Android Market Link: Pizza Hut

[Thanks, Paul!]

Kevin Krause
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  1.  If you were in transit, couldn’t you have just called Pizza Hut? I know that requires the phone number, but you act as though you couldn’t order a pizza period without the app.

    1.  lol. I always thought that about the pizza hut app. Is it necessary?….just call. Talk about no human interaction.

      1. Agreed, this is just dumb

      2. have you ever actually spoke to the people that answer the phone at pizza hut and other places? wretched, dumb, bottom of the barrel people desperate for a job…id rather deal with the internet or an app too..

        1.  jeez…just a bunch of teenagers at all the pizza hut around here. I see your point though, depends where you live I suppose.

        2.  you really sound like a sc*mb*g.elitest dou*che like you really are in real life huh..i rather associate with those awful people u speak of..atleast they re not dimwit azz like you.

    2.  It scares me more that he wants to use the app while “in transit”. Hopefully it’s on a bus/train/personal chauffeured helicopter and not the driver of a car.

  2.  I wonder if they’ll deliver up here, I’m 70 miles from a Pizza Hut :D  Heck, not even the pizza places in Ukiah will deliver out here to Redwood Valley, and we’re only 10 miles from town, where there are a few Pizza places, like Roundtable and a few local outfits.

    1. Don’t be too bummed, Round Table beats the hell out of Pizza Hut.  I can’t stand Pizza Hut’s greasy crust. 

  3. Not available in Canada. Fail.  

    1. I am disappoint.  

    2.  Or Australia

  4. Call me when there’s a Domino’s app.  For the cheapo fast food retailers, I’ll always take Domono’s over the Hut.  

  5. California Kitchen Pizza for the Win!!

  6. “Funny story: before I owned an Android phone — before I owned any smartphone — I used to envy iPhone users for their ability to effortlessly order Pizza Hut from the comfort of their phones”

    Not I.  My friend would use the iPhone app, and the order would never come.  Lost in translation.  Much faster to order via phone call. 

  7.  At least Kevin knows the difference between Pizza Hut and actual real pizza.

  8.  I like pizza hut pizza, but the pizza I eat here in sicily i think is better!

    1. Having spent 4 years in Sicily I have to agree. 

    2. Sicialian pizza was great, when I was there.  But really…….

      Lou Malnati’s, Aurelio’s, Uno’s, duo’s,  Giordano’s, Gino’s East….   Chicago Pizza is just the best!  

      1.  Giordano’s is my favorite when I take my bi weekly drive to chicago for work.

  9. Now I can finally sleep

  10. Just tried to use it, horrible UI design, red on red, have to click your payment type even though there is no check box etc.. Had to shake the phone to add sauce to your wings…and at the end, Order Failed. Unable to contact credit card processing center. Good idea, swing and a miss.

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