Vodafone to Sell the HTC EVO 3D July 11th?


This is an interesting rumored, I’d say. Vodafone is said to be getting the HTC EVO 3D on July 11th. The carrier’s reportedly declining to carry the “3D” moniker, it seems, but PhonesLimited.co.uk says it’ll have the same exact unique features as Sprint’s version (sans WiMax radios, of course.) It won’t be the first “EVO” branded device to leave American shores, if true. The HTC EVO 4G sailed across the pacific to Japan where it was known as the HTC EVO WiMax. We haven’t heard anything from Vodafone themselves yet, but you know we’ll be looking out for official word. [Thanks Patrick!]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. july 11th* 

    1. its june 11th*

      1. If you check the source link you can see it’s the 11th of July* 

        1. Sprint released palm pre, htc evo, first weekend in june thats the time frame for premiere upgrdes n 2 yr pre upgrades, so im betting first weekend in june.
          I preodered at sprint, allws charging it to my bill.

          1. This article is about the GSM version of the Evo 3D and not Sprint’s WiMax version. It’s very much possible that the launch of the GSM version will be one month later. 

          2. bart…you know that this retard always talks about Evo 3D in the U.S and U.S carrier called Sprint in every post made on Phandroid.

            Admin should ban his IP. P L E A S E 

          3. Yes Sir you are correct on time of the new evo 3d one thing about sprint they don’t like changing billing cycles. The original evo launched June 4th 2010 the new evo 3d will be the same time frame you can’t tell people on this site anything and the sad part most of these people are not sprint customers or current evo 4g owners they mostly post stuff against anything sprint or me for that matter these folks are really funny.

          4. We mostly post stuff “against” you because you’re generally flat out wrong. You said the processor in the E3D was better than the one in the Sensation. Besides wireless connectivity, they are the same. You told me rooting was for “2 year old phones”. You told me Sprint had simultaneous voice and data on the same network. You told others that the battery life on the Thunderbolt is “3 to 4 hours”. All of this is nothing but lies. You’re the “funny” one for not realizing the BS you say. And as bart points out, this is about the GSM version, not Sprint’s Wimax version. Just because Sprint is going to release it on “x” date, doesn’t mean Vodafone will do the same. What an imbecile you are…

          5. Are you retarded? This entire article has nothing to do with Sprint, or the Evo 3D in the US. The article is about the UK version of the Evo 3D, hence its the European GSM version. You know…the one with the MSM8260, instead of the MSM8660? Do you know the difference by now btw? Or do you still think the MSM8660 is more powerful?

          6. Phone is coming out in July 

  2.  I agree with their decision to ignore the 3D aspect of the name; I work for Sprint and whenever I mention the new phone people tend to laugh and say they don’t need 3D. This leads to me spending 5 minutes trying to explain that the upgraded processor, RAM, and Sense are the real changes but they still can’t get over the fact it’s 3D.

    1. Would you kindly tell that to yarrelray? He seems to think 3D, and therefore the E3D, is the greatest, most advanced device in the world, while failing to account for well over half of the population who couldn’t care less about 3D.

      1. I know right? Sensation 4G is gonna be great without that 3D gimmick. 

        1. I do think though, that 3D technology is pretty cool. It just has its places, and right now, phones aren’t quite one of them. Show me a really awesome 3D movie in a movie theater, and I’m all for it. But on a phone? It just looks… odd. Novel, but odd.

      2. You are just like the mindless customers that call in to the Sprint rep above. It’s not just 3D! The fact is that it will be the most advanced piece of hardware out there when it drops. Sure there will be phones that come out after, but why wait and why bash a phone that is killing it spec-wise. 

        1. Ummm have you seen the Galaxy S 2? It’s out already and has at least comparable, if not better, specs then the E3D. I’m not saying that the E3D is a crappy phone, it’s got good specs, possibly the best Sprint will release this year. In fact I never said anything about the E3D being “crappy” or “not advanced”. I’m just trying to point out that the main feature that Sprint is trying to sell, 3D technology in a cell phone, isn’t what the majority of users are looking for right now. And while Sprint is releasing this 1 really great device with a main selling point that might turn buyers away, better phones are already in the works for other carriers without the 3D technology. Why release 1 or 2 really great phones per year, at the same time every year? In my line of thinking, that’s basically following Apple’s release schedule, and even that becomes a little ho-hum…

    2. Personally who really cares about what vodafone decides to do or doesn’t they have nothing to do with the devices other than selling it they can call it whatever they want. Bottomline it will sell just because of features alone it is the best device on the market along with the S2 and sensation. For those of you who don’t like 3d that’s your choice rather you like or not technology moves forward just don’t buy it simple as that. Otherwise the Htc Evo 3d will sell just like the original evo 4g did.

      1. Yet again you moron, Vodafone customers care about what the company “decides to do or doesn’t”. I thought you would’ve learned that by now. “…They have nothing to do with devices other than selling it they can call it whatever they want.” Ummm Sprint has the same options retard. No one is forcing Sprint to call it “Evo 3D”. No one is forcing Sprint to put any kind of bloatware on their devices, and yet Sprint has control of it. Just like Vodafone does. Sure the E3D *might* sell just as well as the original Evo, but if Sam’s experiences as a Sprint employee are any indication, the selling won’t be because of the 3D technology. There’s no practical applications (uses) for it. Why would you need a 3D display on a cell phone? It’s all very gimmicky and completely impractical. So it can shoot 3D pictures and video. So what? Outside of maybe 4 other devices, no other displays, phones, computers, etc will be able to view that 3D format. Pointless.

      2. you are such a retard, you show your embarrassing stupidity along with that idiotic face of yours on every single thread whether it has anything to do with evo3d or not. Someone ban his IP please seriously. Get your phone and never EVER come back on here. 

  3.  Hopefully at sprint before overseas.

  4. I’m getting the impression that if a jitterbug had ‘evo’ on it and was sold by sprint, he would think its the most advanced phone in the world. I read his posts before where he stated that the evo was his first smartphone and another where he said that rooting and custom roms were for 2year old outdated phones. It is obvious that he knows absolutely nothing about chipsets, programming, or android in general. He even said the other day that he only does it for attention, or in his words ‘stoke the fires’. That is one lonely, sad man. I would recommend ignoring him since his only goal is attention, and a lot of people are all too happy to oblige him.

    1. Wow I guess this makes you feel like your some kind of authority on something Mr. Jenkins. You sound stupid and should spend more time worried about yourself and your own circumstances. Don’t worry about anything concerning me because yourself as well as all these other losers with so many opinions here on this site sound like you need to get a life. I know that probably would be hard for all you bright people to do but give it a try.


        Please please get your crappy Evo3D on July 11th and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Don’T COME BACK ON HERE

        1. It really bothers me that you encourage bashing this guy who clearly just really likes Sprint and their products. I don’t particularly care for his posts either, but you know what I do? Don’t read them!

          Plus I’d also like to state that the Evo 3D is hardly a crappy phone and is going to be the most impressive phone spec-wise when it drops. Others will come, but please don’t pretend this isn’t a major release.

      2. HE sounds stupid? All of his points are 100% valid and true. You told me rooting was for 2 year old phones. If that were true, why does this website report so very very often when a new device has achieved root? Why is there such a large dev community behind your 1 year old Evo, the Galaxy S and the S2, the Epic, the Droid 2, etc? Even your yet unreleased Evo 3D has its own section on XDA. How do you explain all of that?
        Maybe you should take some time and think about your own words. You’re telling him to “spend more time worried about [himself] and [his] own circumstances” while you aren’t doing that at all. Why don’t you “don’t worry about anything concerning [anyone else]”? Fuck off you ignorant little hypocrite. 

        1. Wow. this sucks. Can some mod delete this post? My browser wasn’t showing my initial reply (this one) so I wrote up a tweaked one. My bad for basically a double comment…

      3. He’s obviously more of an authority than you are. What he said was 100% accurate and true. You told me that rooting was for devices that are 2 or more years old. If that were true, then why does this website (and many others) inform readers every single time a NEW device has achieved root? Why is there such a large dev community for your almost 1 year old Evo 4G, both at SDX and XDA? Why do devices such as the Thunderbolt, the Epic, the Atrix, the Evo Shift, the Xperia Play, the Nexus S, etc all have large dev communities behind them. All them are about a year or so old, mostly less. Even your yet unreleased Evo 3D has its own section over at XDA. How do you explain all of that rooting for phones that aren’t even 1.5 years old? You can’t. Want to know why? It’s because you are a stupid, moronic child who knows nothing of the crap she (yes that “she” was intended) speaks of. Come back when you know just one iota of the subject matter. Then we’ll talk.
        On the contrary you “sound stupid and should spend more time [worrying] about yourself and your own circumstances.” If you’re going to tell others to do something, have the decency to follow your own advice dipsh*t. You sound so ridiculously stupid blasting the people who speak nothing but the truth. F*ck off you ignorant, hypocritical little girl.

      4. Does anyone else read yarrell’s voice and picture it sounding like cleveland from family guy?

  5. It won’t be there June 11 because the shipment will be stolen.

  6.  Does vodafone use sim cards for their smartphones? if they do, would it work if I imported in the future one of their htc evo 3d from there to asia, or it  wouldn’t for band differences? thnx

  7.  JULY 11th, not JUNE, it will be out in the US in June, but not in the UK on Vodafone. The Optimus 3D will be the 1st 3D phone out in the UK in a couple of weeks, the Evo will be over a month behind

  8. All I know is that with a delayed iPhone launch and with the pending HTC EVO 3d, sensation, and samsung galaxy s 2, summer sales will belong to android. …leaving Steve Jobs to bitterly cry, damn yous, you dirty androids. Damn yous all to hell!!!!!

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