HTC EVO 4G Headed to Japan with WiMAX Intact


Almost a full year since it’s launch and we still have very few complaints about the HTC EVO 4G. It was the phone that defined the current generation of large-and-in-charge superphones with its 4.3-inch screen and 1GHz processor. Add in a 4G radio and we have a handset that still stacks up with even the most recent high-end Android phones. Now Japan will get a piece of the action, and the device headed to KDDI au won’t lose any of the charm that made it a huge hit in America.

Losing the 4G tag but keeping the radio, the phone will known as the HTC EVO WiMAX ISW11HT. You can see it for yourself in KDDI’s promo video below.

[via Engadget]


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  1. Makes me a proud EVO owner.

  2. I have seenlots of new phones lately and i would not trade my evo.

  3. How cool is that? :)

  4. It’s definitely not a bad phone, but it IS getting a little long in the tooth, especially when comparing it with the tegra 2 phones coming out these days. Surprising to see this phone launching only now in JAPAN of all places.

  5. Great now all it needs is gingerbread

  6. Sure does make the evo 4G a pure trendsetter. Set the bar pretty damn high for these current generation smartphones. And still pretty badass, never below 10 on your “best android phone list.” And when the list first came out, was #1.

  7. My EVO has served me well. I’m amazed at the legs the EVO has had. HTC and Sprint has sold ton of them.

  8. aaaawww…my Evo…(tears rolling down my cheek).


  9. I think the Evo has a place by the Droid and the G1. It’s not as significant as the Droid or the G1, but it has proven to be a venerable device. It’s easily a bigger deal than the Nexus phones.

  10. This is fun…ok Ricard anytime now anyyyyy time lol

  11. The significance of this device SET THE STANDARD IN THE SMARTPHONE INDUSTRY FOR 4G TECHNOLOGY… Open the doors to the HALL OF FAME FOR SMARTPHONES… Yes my Evo 4g served its time well and it has truly been indeed fun… The device that started last year’s 4g world the granddaddy of 4g deserves a good place in the hall of fame… This device is the standard that all devices today have followed form factor and all so yes being a proud owner and supporter of htc/sprint/google should be something our counter part in Japan should enjoy it will serve them well. To all my current evo 4g owners we have enjoyed a great device sponsored by a great carrier that has allowed us to use this device as intended from manufacturers full fledge from day one and supported us every step of the way with timely updates and just a grand old time… On March 22nd we will all TURN A PAGE and recieve a new member to the htc evo family of devices on sprint the new ”EVO2” and it will be a BEAST.. A NEW BEGINING STARTS JUNE 2011

  12. This is for… OLD TIME SAKE…All my current evo 4g owners.. And for all the Haters out there this is the device that started it all.. Everyone enjoy this video from Noah…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJL5nKdv9ig&feature=youtube_gdata_player

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