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Itching to take a trip back to the 1970s? While a time machine is far outside of our realm of possibilities, timeless trinkets, gizmos, gadgets and antiques do well to remind us of old times. And in this day and age, with everything being digital, we can simulate most things. All you lava lamp fans might like this live wallpaper called LavaGlo. It’s simple, really. Change the color to whatever you’d like and you’re greeted to the sweet memories of the 70s as soon as you turn your phone on. While it’s not nearly as cool as having the real deal, it’s something. Go ahead and find it in the Android market for $.96.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1.  I was born in 1971, I lived the 70’s (and 80’s) baby :D

  2.  I was born in ’95 but still had a lava lamp.

  3.  is this an advert or an article?

  4. Still $.96 too much

    1. Cheap ass. 

  5.  This is obviously a paid-article.

    I hate it when tech blogs post articles that are getting paid to post by the developer of the app.

    1. Actually, a nice developer asked us to highlight his modest application. I liked it and decided to feature it. If this were a sponsored post, you’d know – we’d mention it in big, bold letters. 

      1. Except this entire website has become one big advertisement. First log on, get a BIG verizon pop up. The advertisement column on the right is starting to grow bigger than the text/article column on the left. Throw in the occasional full page verizon lte ads that make you “click to continue to article” and you’ve no longer got a tech blog, rather an advertisement blog. I still come to phandroid when I need to catch up on my ads.

        1.  Ad-Block

        2.  I personally like things like this alongside.

          1. Is your name rob?

        3. How else do you expect the blog to make money to pay people to write these articles for you to enjoy or bitch about? 

  6. hmm quite good, definitely one of the better live wallpapers I got so far. Would be cool if you could mix the colors but otherwise pretty sweet effect

  7. Looks ok, but really needs to react to touches and icon drops, and any live wallpaper that doesn’t change when you flip to different desktops is missing teh point of being a live wallpaper.

    1. How to identify a live wallpaper:

      Is it a static image? [  ]yes   [X] no

      …congratulations, you’ve successfully identified a live wallpaper!  :D

  8. Everyone appears to be a critic.
    Get over it. Phandroid has no obligation to write free articles for you. If they want to have ads, download and adblocker and stop complaining.
    Seriously guys…

  9. Ads!?… Money!?…How dare you earn revenue from your website which you pay for, and update 20 times a day with android related news. I mean, wow… in this economy someone should not be expected to push a little X to close a window then pay $.96 for a live wallpaper on a phone they payed $250 for.

    WTF people… get a job and stop complaining about Phandroid doing thiers.

  10. Would be awesome on my xoom but after clicking buy it said my device was not compatible…

  11. Check out Original Flurry live wallpaper,

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