LG Optimus 2X Firmware Upgrade Rolling Out to Europe to Fix Random Reboots


A while back, we received numerous reports from brand new LG Optimus 2X owners regarding a very frustrating problem. The phones would often reboot themselves which obviously caused an undesirable disruption in user experience. We contacted our friends at LG to see if they knew anything of these problems, and they hadn’t. Still, they couldn’t deny the cries of many users at various message boards and sought an answer.

Today, they’ve informed us that they’ve found the issue and have applied a fix.

The patch that we’re issuing will address the random freezing or rebooting problem that we’ve identified when:

– the phone is being charged

– the power button is pressed to wake up the phone

– the phone is in stand-by mode

Sounds good to me. Hopefully this fixes a majority of you guys’ issues. And we’re not sure if the problem plagues the US version of the phone – T-Mobile’s G2x – but we’re told the upgrade will be available in other regions at a later date. Anyone receive this thing OTA yet? And if so, has it fixed your problem?

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. The T-Mobile G2x is definitely experiencing this same issue.  Hopefully they send the fix out soon.

  2.  I’m in the UK, and just checked the mobile update tool – I’m on 10D, but they said it’s up to date, and no new updates available, but this update was released weeks ago, and has not fixed the issue for many people.

  3. And that was the last image he took before being attacked by that giant bug.

  4. T-Mobile’s G2X does the same thing. Five to six times a day. Buggiest phone I’ve ever owned.

  5. Great to hear LG reacts to the complaints.
    I’m glad my specimen never had such problems, I would have returned it right away.

  6.  & what about gingerbread!!!!!

  7.  Yes, this problem plagues the US version.

  8.  One quick note for everyone in the US experiencing the same issues, while the nightly builds of Cyanogen mod 7 for the G2X aren’t “stable,” the phone seems to be more stable running those than running stock. It’ll also give you gingerbread, too.

    1. The nightlies are not anywhere as close to as stable as the leaked gingerbread rom… although it still gives me the random reboot about every other day  

  9.  I’m waiting for LG/Tmo to release this update here in the states.  

  10.  Now if only they could work on the shocking battery life we’d all be happy.

    1. I have no problem with the battery – especially considering it’s dual-core and running Froyo, I can almost get two days with light use.

  11. It’s good that they are rolling out a fix for this, but really the folks in charge of software at LG seem clueless.  I’m sure it’s because of the shocking software issues that T-Mobile USA chose to launch the G2x with stock Android, and also why none of the UK networks picked up the 2X.  I think LG need  some new software engineers if they want to compete… 

  12. Stock 2.2 ran great for me. Good battery, no reboots. CM7 is treating me very well too. CM7 is still finding its legs but I’ve been using it as my daily driver since it came out. The Gingerbread leak would reset my phone every few hours.

    Because CM7 uses a different kernel and rom (aka the whole package), try CM7 if you think you are having issues. If a kernel and rom swap doesn’t fix you then it is the phone.

    One thing you DON’T hear about on CM7 is reboots. Just saying.

  13. I am sick to death waiting for this fix, im on 2.2.2 and its crap was working fine before the update. LG hurry up and fix these problems

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