Google introduces location-based news filtering for mobile


Today Google is introducing “News near you,” a location-based content filter for Google News on mobile devices. You might be thinking, hasn’t Google provided the ability to sort stories by location for some time now? Yes, location filtering has been available for a few years now, but “News near you” marks the first time that you can enable your handset to automatically surface stories relevant to your location and surrounding areas based on location data provided by your smartphone.

To enable the functionality, navigate to Google News in your mobile browser. A pop-up will appear asking if you want to enable location sharing. Agreeing creates a new news category called “News near you.” While some will gripe about Google’s collecting of location data, this new feature is hardly nefarious. Head over to Google News to check it out now.

[via Google]

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  1.  news near me is hardly ever interesting….great feature, but almost useless to me.

    1. Ha ha! I was going to say the same thing. Even though I live in a fairly decent sized metropolitan area, the news here borders on something you’d find in a small town… booooooring!

  2.  I can’t even find google news in the market. Is it a google app? 

    1. No, Google News is just a sub-section of their regular search options along with images, videos, map, shopping, etc. Follow the directions in the text below the graphic above.

  3.  phandroid…..please use screen pics of android instead of ios…..ios is booooring!

    1.  Yep, that’s a total fail!  I was thinking the same thing.  Is an Android screenshot that hard!?

  4.  You know Kevin is an Android hater, he is just using his personal iPhone to make the screen shots.

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