AT&T to start 4G LTE rollout with New York City at end of June?


If rumors hold true, AT&T could be lighting up the first city on its LTE map in a little under two months. Insider sources are claiming June 30th is the date that New York City could become the springboard for the carrier’s next-generation network. The real 4G network won’t mean much without devices, and as of now we don’t have any word on when those could be touching down. If they follow the model deployed by other carriers, AT&T could launch a USB modem and/or mobile hotspot initially with smartphones and tablets coming later in the year.

After NYC, Los Angeles is said to be the next city to get lifted from HSPA+ purgatory. That is supposedly happening sometime around July 24th. If AT&T gets the go-ahead to complete their purchase of T-Mobile, much of the acquired network will go towards furthering AT&T’s 4G cause.

[via IntoMobile]

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  1.  So while they have billions of dollars of assets on the line pursuing T-Mobile they start rolling out LTE. Isn’t on of their reasons behind the purchase because they wouldn’t be able to roll out LTE without T-Mo’s spectrum and towers. I’m starting to see how this is really about eliminating a competitor rather than “helping” consumers.

    1. They would be limited to certain areas without t-mo’s spectrum.  

    2.  Correcto Mundo!  Just like Verizon, AT&T purchased NATIONWIDE spectrum in the 700mhz band for their 4G network.

      Assuming the buyout happens, TMO’s current spectrum isn’t usable. They’d 1st have to migrate all the TMO users to their current GSM frequencies (new handsets) before they could use TMO’s for LTE.  If they don’t, they’d endup like the Sprint/Nextel issue where they end up running multiple networks.  How much would that cost?

      Being AT&T would spend $39 billion for TMO, when you figure in the cost to new equipment and what not that would be involved to free up the spectrum TMO is currently using, AT&T would have to increase pricing just to cover the cost of this mess!!

      1. OI! And imagine the phones that you would have to get to play on all of those various bands! How many different bands would we be talking about at that point?!? Although, I’m sure the handset manufacturers will be drooling as that means everyone has to get new phones to use all of those bands.

    3.  One thing I would like to say is that my profession is in the Cellular industry. I install and repair all of the mechanical aspects of the cell site equipment with ATT, T-Mobile, and Verizon and I see everything behind the scenes. The ATT and T-Mobile signal has absolutely no possibility of producing anything the speed of Verizon’s, and if they do ever come close, they will never have the range of VZW. They use a much higher frequency range that doesn’t have the capability of traveling a distance. It takes 5 close proximity cell sites to match what 1 VZW can produce. It is all garbage and since VZW is the only company holding rights to with the FCC to cover the spectrum, ATT in the end won’t survive. They try and mask the facts with a better range of phones but in the end, what good is a phone if you don’t have a signal?

      To sum it up…. “F” AT&T!

      1.  i really have a hard time believing someone who works with cell sites trashing att?a att people dont build verizons…see i know myself first hand..and amazing how many armchair experts are on here.

        1.  Not an “armchair expert”, not an “expert” at all, i just know what i see when i go to the sites. VZW is the only company that has been changing out their equipment and tying their POP room sites into a fiber optic system routed through the cable companies… same way cable internet is faster than DSL. im not trying to sell anyone on anything.. do what ever the F you want.. just warning people to not buy into the BS..

          1.  Uverse (AT&T) installs at the house through your plain old telephone lines, and connects to fiber optics as well.. It’s very fast.. perhaps your glimps at the back haul isn’t what you think it was..

      2.  lmao after att purchased qualcomms 700 mhz frequency (the same on vzn uses for lte) its puts them barely a hair behind them where DO you get your info?!? riffwaffle has you pegged “armcair expert” to add to that description youre either a miffed ex customer or employee if youre crying about youre signal… CHANGE CARRIERS stop trying to buy why like in commercials if you move out of coverage CHANGE CARRIERS no carrier covers 100% of the map! sheesh you’d think we were talking about grandmas pacemaker here

      3. What are you talking about??

        1st, both Verizon and AT&T have spectrum holding in the 700mhz band for 4G LTE.  That means distance and building penetration coverage should be almost identical, when this spectrum is used.  Also they can both cover all of the US with what they have.  Verizon picked up their spectrum at auction, ATT got some at auction and the rest by buying up what other companies held.

        2nd, if you’re talking about current 3G coverage, you’re still WRONG, unless ATT is doing something wrong.  I say this because both companies hold spectrum in the same frequency bands.  850mhz, 1900mhz and AWS.

        Even is Verizon was only using 700mhz and ATT were to only use 1900mhz, it would be mean for every 1 Verizon site, AT&T would need about 3 sites, which isn’t happening.

        Both companies try to do what is best for them, which is to use their lower frequency spectrum in rural areas and higher in metro area.

        BTW, AT&T doesn’t need more spectrum.  They need to use what their currently sitting and if they need more, they don’t need ATT. 

        The FCC is working on reallocating 500mhz spectrum for broadband use.  And it should start going to auction within the next few years, so I don’t know why ATT claims they will be in a spectrum deficit without TMOs spectrum holdings.

    4.  Well before the T Mobile merger “proposal”.. AT&T had a plan.. did you think the plan would halt on the “possibility” of a merger, that may or may not go through and then be a year down the road before any work could be done if it succeeded ?

  2. I like AT&T’s coverage but prefer T-mobiles plans and phones…the first to have Android…Still rocking my G1. I am waiting to find out if this merger is going to happen or not. I dont want to have a Tmobile phone and have it stop working or have to follow new AT&T rules but still be stuck in a contract. I have heard AT&T is not so friendly to the Android open source community and tries to lock their devices down. Sorry but If I buy a phone I should be able to run whatever I want on it. Not to mention if the merger goes through we will all be paying 100+/month for limited data plans…say goodbye to unlimited.

    1.  Yessir I pay roughly $110/month for three lines with everything I need. Something comparable on ATT is gonna run me around the 200-225 mark. 

  3.  Man, I hope this is true. If so, it makes the wait for my next phone totally worth it!

  4. Maybe they should try to roll out 3G everywhere first, instead of just a few major cities here an there. 

    1.  Try looking at an at&t 3G map before saying something stupid like that. ok?

  5. “Real 4G..” “HSPA+ purgatory”….Kevin, once again you reveal yourself as either uneducated in the very industry you write about or as a total ass.

    HSPA+, LTE, and WiMax are all 4G by todays standards. If one of them is not, then none of them are. These are the facts. Please do a little research, or stop being a douche. You pick.

    1. You must be new here

      1. No, not really.

        1. He’s right though, Kevin likes to talk out of his ass frequently and not concentrate on the facts.

  6. Too bad I hear that ATT and VZW’s LTE aren’t compatible with each other for roaming.

    1.  sprint would fall over dead if they were compatible lol

  7.  It wont be only New York at launch. They’ve already said they were testing in Dallas and Charlotte. and by this video its in Las Vegas too.  already said they were testing in Dallas and Charlotte. and by this video its in Las Vegas too. 

  8. Who cares what they do but it shows exactly what they have 3g only. They need to stop faking a 4g network that’s weak anyway.

    1. Ummm AT&T customers care you imbecile. Think before you post.

      1.  Another throb here on phandroid they should collect all you guys and usher you out on some kind of boat to nowhere and make sure it overturns so you and the rest of these losers never return.

        1. What a moron you are. I’m pointing out a very SIMPLE mistake that YOU made. What about you you stupid simplistic fool? Shouldn’t they also collect your sorry ass for spreading lies about how Sprint currently has “22 4G devices”, how Verizon only has 2 4G “devices”, or falsely believing Sprint has voice and data on the same network? Grow the f*ck up you simple child.

    2. the people who are ATT customers care you retarded monkey. Did it ever occur to you that MOST people don’t live in the bronx and may not have Sprint coverage at all? Why did you even bother to comment in this thread? ATT isn’t involved with Sprint your gay ass evo or the ultraugly e3d. If I could go back in time, I would go back 47 years and falcon punch Janet so fucking hard that you would never exist. You proudly use your real name and picture and you look and sound like you just did a bunch of drugs.

      1.  You are so bright I guess this makes you the smartest guy around. You need to go get a life or go buy one this isn’t the place for you throb.

        1. OOOOO you can use the same insults for 2 different people. How “bright” you are! Does doggy want a treat? Why don’t you demonstrate your “brightness” by using real facts instead of your highly biased opinions. Seems to me that people who use real facts are genuinely “brighter” than idiots who spout off nothing but their opinions.

  9. The people who are ATT customers care you retarded monkey. Did it ever occur to you that MOST in fact more than 99.9% people don’t live in the Bronx and may not have any Sprint coverage at all? Why did you even bother to comment in this thread? ATT isn’t involved with Sprint, your gay ass evo or the ultraugly e3d. If I could go back in time, I would go back 47 years and falcon punch Janet so fucking hard that you would never exist. You use your real name and picture and you look and sound like you just did a bunch of drugs.

  10. This is good news to me. Ill be in NY visiting my cousin and be testing my Atrix 4g in July. Ill compare speed.test.from D.C. n N.Y.

    1.  Huh?  They’re saying LTE, NOT HSPA +.  When did the Atrix support LTE?  To my knowledge, no current AT&T product supports LTE.

  11. I honestly thought they all ready had 4g service what a bunch of lies At&t is all about. This service won’t be no better than the battery draining LTE that’s on verizon. At least At&t’s android devices both the Atrix 4g and Samsung Infuse 4g makes what ever exist on verizon hand me down devices. 

    1. As I and several others have pointed out in other articles you moron, your supposed  “battery draining LTE” is also rumored to be coming to Sprint, as cited here: So AT&T has been fudging what they’ve been saying a bit? What company doesn’t? All they’ve been doing is hyping up word about their upcoming 4G service. What company doesn’t do that? Sure, the commercials make it seem like they’ve already got their 4G network up and running, but to my knowledge they never specifically say it is or isn’t. And you really have the balls to compliment AT&T devices here while blasting them to hell in all other articles? Good job at being the most hypocritical child I have ever heard of. Maybe you should go to Chuck E Cheese’s and have yourself a little kid party. You certainly act like a little child instead of the 40+ year old that all the info on the web says you are.

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