White Nexus S for AT&T Gets Detailed on Samsung’s Site, Quickly Pulled


Ever since an FCC filing cropped up back in February, word of an AT&T-bound Nexus S has been circulating. Abundant evidence has appeared since then, right down to a white Nexus S with AT&T radios showing up at an online retailer, subsequently making its video debut. Plans have been all but confirmed with the very same version of the Nexus S showing its face on Samsung’s website along with the explicit listing of AT&T as the carrier for the device. Samsung has since pulled the listing, but they aren’t hiding this from anyone.

While there is no mention of HSPA+, it is still possible this may come as a second Nexus S 4G. For now it looks like the specs mirror the T-Mobile release of the device, only differing in the choice of color palette.

[via PocketNow]

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  1. looks awful.

  2. White phones do NOT stay white for very long. They start to look a little disgusting after awhile.

    I don’t know why people want white handheld devices so much. After all the dirt, grim, deadskin etc stain that white cover, it begins looking a little “unsanitary”………..

    1. It’s their fault not the devices.

  3. Gee, didn’t Apple just come out with a white iPhone? ;) Samsung’s really milking as much mileage out of the Nexus name as they can while they have it, aren’t they?

    1. Oh I’m sorry I didn’t realize Apple invented white. Quit trolling.

      1. Well, they certainly aren’t helping their case in the suit Apple brought against them about copying the iPhone looks. I’m just elaborating on that. It’s not trolling so stop your whining already. Calling people trolls is just becoming such an immature reaction around here. It really doesn’t do anything to make you sound intelligent at all.

  4. White phones are like black cars. They both look good in the showroom but attract dents and scratches all too easily.

  5. Finally I can get my white battery cover.

    1. That has been one of my goals since I first saw the white version. There is a guy in China trying to buy a lot of them for people on XDA, me included.

      1. i want one to XD is there a thread about it?

  6. Will it have free Wifi teather

  7. Hopefully nexus 4g!

  8. I’d get this without subsidy if it came in lte flavor for Verizon

  9. so, 6 months after it came out on tmobile and right after andy rubin says the nexus 3 is coming out (probably Q4), we see the nexus s will be coming “soon” to at&t? merger is a terrible idea

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