White Nexus S With AT&T Radios Shown Off on Video


We were surprised to see this thing on sale at Negri Electronics a few days ago, and while we had our reservations about the legitimacy of that online retailer, Engadget has gotten their ands on the white Nexus S with AT&T radios from the retailer to prove it’s the real deal – no KIRF’ing here.

It’s fully white, in case you were wondering – many of you were concerned that only the back portion of the phone was white like on the white version of the HTC EVO 4G. Those are completely different phones, though, so who cares? Video’s above. (But there’s nothing exciting unless you’ve been waiting for the device in this color or for a verison compatibile with AT&T.)

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. att nexus?????
    so its a should be the nexus u for usless

    1. your a total tool revs1227

      1. no i tell it how it is
        a developers phone on att makes no sense

        1. Well a CDMA based developer phone makes no sense by that measure and AT&T will be the only GSM carrier in the US within a year, so what now?

          Personally I think the Nexus phones should be on all carriers, choice is king.

          1. yeah forgot ab that one lol

  2. Just got mine in the mail from Negri today as well. I’m so happy to have a pure Google phone after trying Motoblur and Sense.

  3. What the heck do you mean the phone is fully white instead of just the back portion?

    That phone shown in the video has only the back portion white, the parts above and below the screen are still black and look like a stupid zebra.

    Hate these white back/black front style phones… this is the reason I am going to get a white iPhone when it comes out since it will be PURE white. Front and back…

    1. as white as sheep…

    2. So your saying that the iphone will have a white screen ? .. I suppose they could have made the black top and bottom border white, but it’s meant to appear as if it’s all one larger screen even though you know it’s not. Perhaps that is a little deceptive, but it probably looks better this way, than the alternative.. Still, wish you well with your new iphone.. I’ll be crying at the loss of you from the android ranks.

    3. You are picking your next phone based off of color?! I think my head might have just exploded a little bit.

  4. I can’t find this video on Engadget, neither the author Quentyn Kennemer

  5. Damn it I should of waited for the NEXUS S the white one is much prettier than T-Mobile or Sprint.

    1. No way, that thing is frickin ugly!

      1. it is ugly because it is not fully white like the article says.

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