Apr 3rd, 2011 publishUpdated   Sep 10th, 2021, 9:14 pm

Online retailer Negri Electronics has seemingly outed an AT&T version of the Samsung Nexus S, but that most likely isn’t the case. Instead, it could be an import from overseas or simply a version of the device headed for several major Canadian carriers very soon. We’d bank heavily on the latter considering its modest price in US dollars. (Imports tend to be a lot more expensive than the MSRP.)

Whatever the case, if you have been wanting a Nexus S for AT&T and can’t wait for the powers that be to bring it then this may be your best shot. (That’s if you were already planning on getting it without a contract.) Head over there to purchase one if you’re feeling up to it. [via Android Central]

In related news, Samsung Mobile has published a page for the Samsung GT-I9020A where the device is clearly mentioned as an AT&T smartphone. There’s no other incriminating information on that page but that’s good enough for us for now. Be on the lookout for an announcement sometime this month. [PocketNow]

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