May 12th, 2011

The HTC Merge has been one interesting phone. No, not because anything with the hardware or software is unique. But because it has been in the works for the longest and Verizon seemingly wants nothing to do with it. After countless leaks telling of its existence, HTC officially announced the thing but Verizon had no interest in putting their name into the mix. Their subsidiary Alltel Wireless ended up launching it and other competitors got their hands on it, as well.

And now reports have flown in saying a Verizon-branded version is finally set to launch, but Verizon themselves are electing not to sell it. Instead, retailers can buy it from them and advertise/sell/activate it for legal use on the network. Many have said that the HTC Merge is way too little, way too late and it seems Verizon agrees. Looks like they’ll be moving on to bigger and better things, like actually launching their second 4G phone. [Droid-Life]

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