May 12th, 2011 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 3:44 pm

In yet another attempt to smear the AT&T/T-Mobile merger proposal, Sprint is said to be offering customers $175 credits when porting their number over from T-Mobile to Sprint. Think of it as sort of a “safe haven” for business customers who are uncertain about Magenta’s future. The $175 should cover most of the ETC you’d otherwise pay (and depending on what type of phone and plan you get, could pay for 2-3 months of service before you’ll have to come out of pocket).

The document states that business customers who ported their number with this promotion can leave Sprint for T-Mobile and get their ETF waived if the acquisition doesn’t go through, though they have 90 days from the announcement day to do so. And if the proposal does end up being approved, Sprint states you’re theirs “for life”.

Sounds a bit diabolical for Sprint’s taste, I’d think. But you aren’t actually theirs for life – you can just as easily cancel your contract or wait for it to expire. Bad choice of words there. This supposed promotion is said to end July 23rd. Be sure to call around and see if this is legit if you’re intrigued by the offer. [via Spantechular]

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