Galaxy S II: Overclocked to 1.5GHz, UK’s NFC Version in June & a Tegra 2 Version Gets Wireless Certs


We’ve got a lot of Samsung Galaxy S II news for you folks following Google I/O. First off, The Samsung Galaxy S II has been overclocked to 1.5GHz. It’s an amazing feat by XDA and it does well to show off just how well the Exynos chipset performs. When benchmarking the device in Quadrant while overclocked, yoiu can achieve a score as much as 4,000 – far greater than any quadrant score I’ve seen for a consumer phone to date. You can also achieve a high MFLOPS score in Linpack – some have gotten as much as 59. You can find instructions and download links here. Check out a video below to see just how fast it is.

Pretty amazing stuff, I’d say. The NFC-equipped version of this phone is said to be making its way to United Kingdom this June, but we can not confirm the source of this information. (Update: Confirmed.) They did not mention whether or not the phone would replace the original or sit alongside it, unfortunately. (And we’d be very disappointed if the latter were the case.) And the new official word is that it’s coming “later this year”, in which case June still qualifies.

Finally, Samsung originally confirmed they’d have a version of the Galaxy S II with Tegra 2 instead of Exynos in certain regions. We’re not sure how you folks feel about that, but those of you in the UK and those of us in the US should be getting the Exynos version throughout its life cycle. We’re still not exactly sure why Samsung chose to go this route. The only thing I can think of is Samsung wanting to avoid a shortage of chipsets in their regions of focus.

Anywho, the thing has just passed the Bluetooth SIG and WiFi Certification meaning Samsung could be set to introduce it in various regions soon. [via Samsung Hub, Android Community]

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  1. Sweet, I can’t wait for Ice Cream on the Nexus 3 with similar specs.

    1. yeah Samsung is on a roll. can’t wait to see what the achieve this year.

  2. *Drool* If my wife wouldn’t divorce me, I’d get one! I’ll have to wait for the next cycle and live with my first generation Galaxy S. :-(

  3. The Exynos is a beast, this makes me want to buy it. But i think i will wait around for the next Nexus device.

    1. Yea I’m thinking the same way.
      This phone is awesome, but touchwiz and having to use Odin to flash roms is too much.
      I’m waiting for Nexus 3 (hopefully with the Kal El chip)

  4. Ok, numbers look good, but my Galaxy S with some patches finishes the quadrant test 3-4 secs faster than that with a score averaging at 2000 approx. So user experience is nearly identical, especially when writing something to flash.

    What I would really like to see is performance/user-experience on some websites which use scripts and flash.

    1. You’re seriously judging user experience based on that? Trust me, try this device out at your local shop. I got a few minutes with one and the ‘user experience’ is far beyond that of any previous device that I’ve come upon. You need to try it before you can make a comment like that, especially such a sweeping one.

  5. whoa that’s nice you think the atrix would be that good if they overclocked it

    1. No…
      The Galaxy S II is better specced

  6. It’s all irrelevant until I can actually purchase one on VZW.

    1. with:
      voice and data at the same time
      and no locked bootloader.


  7. “Finally, Samsung originally confirmed they’d have a version of the Galaxy S II with Tegra 2 instead of Exynos in certain regions. We’re not sure how you folks feel about that…”

    Feel terrible for those who purchase a SG II with the Tegra 2 rather than Exynos. Tegra has major shortcomings with HD playback.

    1. If you read the xda thread that was linked you’ll see that the S2 plays 1080p when capped at 500MHz by setcpu, pretty crazy eh.

      1. Yep… Exynos will own! Would love to see it in the Nexus 3.

  8. defiantly going for this if the rumors are true about it being on T-Mo

  9. i don’t want the NFC version to replace the current one. the NFC chip will make the device a bit thicker, so their current campaigns about the current size of it would be null and void. just hope i get the dough to scoop one up without NFC soon. i’m in the US and have never had a need or use for NFC.

  10. Run this on SmartBench 2011

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