Amazon CEO Doesn’t Deny Android Tablet, Says “Stay Tuned”


When posed a question about an unconfirmed, rumored product, most CEOs would issue a non-commital response or flat out deny the existence of said product. Not the case with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. When asked about the possibility of a more full-feature tablet experience from Amazon, maybe something cooked up with the help of Samsung, Bezos replied, “stay tuned.”

He elaborated a bit, saying that if such a device were ever to come to market it would not act as a Kindle replacement, but rather as a complimentary experience. The assumption is he is either talking in the realm of price or, equally likely, features such as the absence of an E Ink screen. But in Bezos own words, we’ll just have to stay tuned and see what Amazon has in store.

[via Engadget]

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  1. It’ll probably also feature the new fusion project he’s working on and fly you into space. :P (Gotta admit, he’s putting his money into some really cool projects.)

  2. Currently, the Amazon app store is irrelevant anywhere outside of North America. I wonder how a possible zPad will go? 

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