Nexus S 4G Now Available at Sprint for $199 On a Two-Year Contract


As of yesterday the Nexus S 4G is available through Sprint for the price of $199.99 on a two-year contact. The handset is made by Samsung and mirrors the specs of the original Nexus S. The only difference, as is obvious from the name, is the 4G WiMAX radio dropped in for boosted data speeds.

While some were able to snag it a few days early, did anyone else pick one up over the weekend? If you are still shopping around, word is Best Buy has a sale on the phone with a price of $150. Sound off about your new toy below or head on over to Android Forums to discuss Sprint’s latest 4G phone.


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  1. Mmmm two year contact, i hope it’s good touch.

  2. Meh this didnt impress me nearly a year ago. Phone has too many shortcomings.

    1. By “nearly a year ago” you mean about 6 months ago….

      1. It has been on Tmobile six months. It has been known about a lot longer then that

        1. Nope, you’re wrong.

          Not that I always trust wikipedia these dates pretty much match my recollection http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nexus_S

          A good quote:
          “The Nexus S was demonstrated by Google CEO Eric Schmidt on November 15, 2010 at the Web 2.0 Summit.[5] Google officially announced the phone on their blog on December 6, 2010. The phone became available for purchase on December 16th in the US and on December 22nd in the UK”

          It was only really even ‘rumoured’ from about early November. So…. six months.

          1. Umm Eric demonstarted it SEVEN months ago, and the rumors had been flying for a while then. Please. This phone is nothing impressive. Never has been, never will be. Like I said, nearly a year old phone ois nothing to get excited about.

          2. Can you count? November 15th + 6 months = May 15th.

            Bloody hell.

            Also, find me one rumour anywhere significantly before early November.

            I’m not defending this phone, you’re just wrong that’s all.

          3. Umm, prove me wrong then. The rumors were flying by then. You only posted “official” dates. EVERY phone has rumors. Show me where this phone is the exception. And, Ill even concede that point. This is LAST YEARS tech. Litterally. And, it wasnt impressive then.

          4. I already proved you can’t count :)

            You’ve asked me to prove something doesn’t exist, I’m asking you to prove a rumour from before November does exist. That’s much more reasonable.

            Now stop with this ‘almost a year ago’ shite(!)

          5. I already said I conceded the “almost a year ago” point was a little far, however, you only point out the officiol dates and say Im wrong. Let me point this out, the rumors on the NEXt nexuse have been ongoing for a few months now. The Nexus s rumors started shortly after the nexus 1 release.

          6. http://phandroid.com/2010/10/28/rumor-samsung-to-announce-nexus-two-on-november-8th/Pre
            November, trusted site, even had it correct on being samsung. I didnt even need to google it either. Now please, move along. The rumors were flying long before MR. Schmidt was playing with it on screen.

          7. http://phandroid.com/2010/10/28/rumor-samsung-to-announce-nexus-two-on-november-8th/
            Sorry, that was the wrong link. This one, however, isnt. It is pre November, from a trusted site, and it came AFTER the rumors regarding its name. Wich, incidentaly were flying for some time PRIOR to this post. TY have a nice sday.

  3. without an SD slot i just can’t justify getting this. it isn’t about the storage space, it’s about convenience. i often use my phone as an SD card reader and i find it much easier when switching phones to just take my SD card out and pop it in the new phone than to copy all the contents over from phone to computer back to phone.

    of course being as that would be a one time task it’s really the inability to use the phone as a reader that’s the ongoing problem. still waiting on the SGS2

  4. I say wait for the Atrix or EVO 3D, probably more EVO because you’ll have Cyanogen support most likely.

    1. That is definitely true

  5. Every phone is behind when its released. Its a pure Google phone, I’m glad not to have to deal with any bs UI’s killing the phones performance. Nexus S 4g is pure win!

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