LG Optimus Black Debuts In Europe This Month


Phandroid first leaked the LG B on in December and a month later it was officially announced as the the LG Optimus Black at CES in Las Vegas, following up with an appearance at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. It has yet to find its way to store shelves, but LG just published a press release announcing it’s in-transit to Europe and will be available later this month, having already received pre-orders in 50 different countries.

The LG Optimus Black is ridiculously thin, measuring only .36-inches thick, and rocking a super bright screen, 1GHz processor, and 5MP camera. Full press release follows:

SEOUL, May 8, 2011 – The LG Optimus Black, the stylishly slim and lightweight Android smartphone featuring the unique NOVA display, will make its international debut in Europe later this month.

Following successful unveilings at the Consumer Electronics Show and the Mobile World Congress, the LG Optimus Black has attracted pre-orders from 56 network carriers in 50 different countries. The phone will be available globally across six continents beginning in Europe before heading to North America and Asia.

“For smartphone users who appreciate both style and substance, the LG Optimus Black offers beauty, performance and mobility in one smart package,” said Dr. Jong-seok Park, President and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. “LG Optimus Black is a significant addition to our global Optimus portfolio and we think it’ll prove to be one of our most popular phones.”

Introducing LG’s new NOVA display technology, the LG Optimus Black provides optimal brightness and clarity that allows for enhanced readability. With higher levels of brightness and true blacks and whites for ideal handset viewing, the NOVA screen provides a more natural experience for web browsing while reducing power consumption by 50 percent during general indoor use compared to conventional LCDs.

The sleek design of the phone is accentuated by the flush finish of the seamless 4-inch display to offer a smooth, undisrupted surface. This is complemented by the slim 9.2mm body and its unparalleled weight of only 109g.

The black version of LG Optimus Black will be available first followed by white and pink versions which will be introduced next month.

For more information and product images, please visit www.lgnewsroom.com.

Key Specifications:

* 4-inch NOVA Display (700 nits brightness)
* Dimensions:122 x 64 x 9.2mm
* Weight: 109g
* 1GHz processor (Texas Instruments OMAP3)
* Wi-Fi Direct
* 5MP Rear Camera / 2MP Front Facing Camera
* Gesture UI powered by Gyro-sensor
* 2GB Internal Memory and Micro SD up to 32GB
* 1,500 mAh Battery

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  1. I like turtles

    1. This phone will be as slow as a turtle with the OMAP3 CPU.

      1. Omap 3 still rapes any Snapdragon, dual core or not.

  2. OMAP3? Really? I thought this phone would get OMAP4. OMAP3 is last gen tech.

    1. The OMAP3 is so slow.

      1. So, because it’s OMAP3 and not some magical dualcore, it’s slow?

        1. No, not at all. Single core phones are plenty fast, except for the ones I’ve used with an OMAP3 CPU. I had a rooted and OCd Droid, and 2 friends have a D2G and DX. All 3 of them, even though they were rooted and the bloat was removed, were significantly choppier and slower than my Fascinate and, well, pretty much anything else. I mean, my Fascinate is underclocked to 800mhz and is running a TouchWiz rom, and it loads things and scrolls smoother than the D2G at 1.2ghz…

          1. I have a Milestone running at 800 MHz and there isn’t much of a difference between this phone and the Nexus S unless you’re being ridiculously picky.

  3. Why no samoled+?

    1. because its not samsung?

    2. Because they have this nova display, which they claim to be better.

      1. Please show any claim they’ve ever made that it’s better. They touted their displays for being great six months ago before super AMOLED plus had been debuted and I’m not even sure they ever said it was better back then.

        1. They claimed it to show better blacks than LCD, better whites then AMOLED use less than 50% of the Energy AMOLED needs for displaying white gamut, claimed it to totally use less than 50% of the energy an LCD uses and being brighter than any display available…

          After a brief search I have no LG source claiming it would be better than AMOLED plus though.

          What I wanted to express in my post was that the whole point of this device is for LG to showcase this new technology they have invented and want to sell.

          Thus my answer to this “why no samoled+?” post.

          Maybe I should not have written they claimed it would be better than AMOLED plus when they only spoke of AMOLED and LCD in their promo.

          But the point still is they have a new tech which they want to showcase – hence AMOLED plus would not be an option for this device.

  4. Holy crap that looks so much like an iPhone

  5. This thing is being delivered four a month now in germany via the carrier 1&1.

  6. How is 9.2mm “ridiculously thin” when both the SE Arc at 8.7mm and the NEC Medias at 7.7mm not only has it easily beat in the thickness department but also have been out on the market for more than a month already?

    1. You found two phones that are thinner.

    2. Arc is thinner in its thinnest point, but has thicker Parts at the edges. When you put both on a table, the Optimus Black is overall flatter.

      Whether one or the other is better is up to you to decide.

  7. Seriously phandroid? You went with inches, no one in the industry is using inches, so it’s kind of nice that you might include it as extra information but it is really inconvenient when we have every other phone on every other website given the in millimeters. Also, your pop-up ads really, really suck? :S

    1. Depends where you’re from. Personally, when talking about thickness, I’m familiar with the .5-inch barrier, especially since that’s what the Motorola Droid had including it’s sliding QWERTY.

      Also… just sayin:


  8. Apple must be very flattered….

    1. Why? Because the iPhone has ONE physical button and NO capacitive buttons and this phone has FOUR capacitive buttons and NO physical ones? Other than a similar phone icon and doc, this phone looks nothing like an iPhone.

      1. *giggles at fandroid being in denial*

        1. Yeah… TOTAL denial. You know what’s really sad? That you such a crappy life that you feel the need to come onto a site that has nothing to do with what you like and troll every single post. It must really suck to be you.

    2. LG was even more flattered after the Prada

  9. I would not get less than 4.3 inches and less than 960×540

  10. This phone will click if it is priced rightly!!..

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