Rumor: Samsung to Announce “Nexus Two” on November 8th


It isn’t really the newest of rumors – we’ve all been speculating on what Samsung has to announce since invites to the New York City event were sent out – but it sounds like one of our buddies are pretty sure that it’s going to be a “Google experience” phone that’ll hit multiple carriers. According to Taylor from Android & Me, the phone will indeed be dubbed the Nexus Two and will run Android “2.3” Gingerbread. We’ll see Samsung taking a completely hands-off approach to the software.


One commenter points out that the announcement coincides with the release of the first Windows Phone 7 devices here in the states. Coincidence? I can’t say, but if Samsung were mindful of their competitors (as any successful company should be), we can’t see them announcing a device like the Samsung Continuum at an exclusive media event such as this. (Nothing against the Continuum, but it just doesn’t look like a blockbuster device, and that’s exactly what Samsung likes to announce at these events.)

We’ll just have to wait and see come November 8th where it’s expected that this announcement will be made in conjunction with the official unveiling of Android Gingerbread. The little guy is already on the front lawn of building 44, so we’re already halfway there.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. This better be true….want this phone so bad! If it lives up to its hype that is…

  2. I hope it’s nothing more than a rumor, and HTC will make the Nexus One. Anyone who’s ever held a Nexus One and a Galaxy S knows why. Fuck you, Samsung.

  3. Now this sounds great. If turns out to be true we are looking at my next upgrade. I like stock android and if this hits Verizon I’m all over it. I’m hoping for a four inch screen. With amoled or retina. And over a 1 ghz processor. Plus some blindtype swype and such on board. I’m really looking forward to this.

  4. What’s wrong with Samsung making this phone? They have the best hardware.

  5. Oh geez… this would be so tempting with LTE coming out. what would you guys do? Get a nexus two now and want about a year for LTE device or get a LTE device?

  6. I cannot believe that google would let Samsung make a successor to the Nexus One. Their previous phones have shown to what extent they just don’t understand Android.

    (Disgruntled Galaxy S owner)

    I really really hope this isn’t true.

  7. Samsung? I guess Google wants it to suck.

  8. If this IS a Samsung “Google Experience” phone… I wonder why all the flying icons in the mail out are from their crappy TouchWiz UI…

  9. Hopefully they don’t make it feel cheap like the vibrant ….

  10. @Andrew53517 Who needs LTE right now when T-mobile has the cheapest, biggest, and fastest “4G” network. Well at least for me with a Nexus One it’s the cheapest with the free tethering.

  11. i think i’m goin’ to wait for russian xmas b/4 i decide what me next piece of hardware is going to be.

    way too many cool devices dropping and i could go either way, tablet/handset or super ANDROID.

    january 6th seems like a good time to think really hard about it.

    i would love to see the DEFY discounted bigtime in the mytouch 4G’s shadow.

  12. The key is if Samsung stays away from the software as the piece says. Vibrant has nice hardare, TERRIBLE software. Its really frustrating device. I would like a stock phone though so I’ll check this out but I won’t early adopt like I did the Vibrant. Tmo and Samsung should should offer Vibrant owners an upgrade to this..

  13. @mike YES. exactly this. You are a god among men. (But 4.3″ screen would work too :P…..and a kick stand. just saying)

  14. It needs to be a dual core cpu for me to get it, otherwise, I’ll be waiting for the first Tegra 2 device to hit the market.

  15. I really hate Samsung because of their constant lies about updates but if it really is a Nexus Two then Google will handle that so I guess it might work. Also it does make sense because right now Samsung has the best “internal” hardware, notice the way I said internal you fanboys. I’m pretty sure it would not look anything like the current Samsung phones because the Nexus One was way ahead of it’s time considering that all HTC are taking a similar design but 10 months later.

  16. @tom lmao soooooo true. we can only hope that google set strict hardware and build quality guidelines for samsung to follow. I would have much preferred htc too however samsung does seem to be hoarding all the best bells and whistles: super amoled screens humming bird and orion processors. But none of this can make up for crappy build quality. The captivate is pretty nice though but Samsung couldnt make me leave my nexus if someone paid me; heres hoping November 8th changes that.

  17. Everyone do yourself a favor. If you have an upgrade in the next few months just wait. The LTE phones are set to hit Verizon starting in Jan-Feb 2011. Might as well give yourself another month or so and have a phone that will be able to take advantage of what’s out there.

  18. Samsung phones feel cheap. They may have the best hardware, but the exteriors are junky. And if for some reason Touch Wiz is onboard I’m out. It’s the ugliest UI out there. I have a N1 on At&t. Sorry T-Mobile but your data sucks, and I’d never consider you as a carrier. 4g or not, I don’t believe in cheap rates with lesser quality data.

  19. icons are from samsung’s custom skin
    ie not gingerbread :(

  20. Samsung just rubs me the wrong way. Thats it and thats all.

  21. WHY GOD WHY SAMSUNG?? HTC way better suited for Android.

    This just in..this is confirmed, but someone credible apparently, as NOT TRUE:

    Hmmm…who to believe? :D

  22. *by someone credible I should say

  23. ok i know that lately the build quality isn’t quite as good as say…HTC. But, honestly, do you think Google would make a Nexus Two and allow sub-par external hardware? Me thinks not…

  24. To the negative mofos:

    I bet most of you guys complaining about the Samsung Vibrant on how it feels cheap, how it sucks and etc do NOT own one.

    Touchwiz sucks overall: agreed, however, it has some really nice features that can still be used along with launcherpro. Why would you want to use the 2.2 launcher anyway? It sucks!

    Feels cheap: How? Just because it is one of the lightest or may be THE lightest high end smart phone doesn’t make it feel cheap. SuperAMOLED eliminates an extra layer, making the phone LIGHT and THIN.

    Tmobile Data sucks: Hmm, so does your AT&T give you 5-6mbps on HSPDA and 11-13mbps on HSPA+ on a regular basis (excluding when your inside a building in some places you might only get edge)? Do you like paying 1.5-2x more for AT&T then T-mobile?

    I don’t usually post on these forums, but I’ve noticed no matter what forum it is with Andriod/T-mobile/Samsung/HTC/Nexus one….. you guys are a bunch of little bitches that complain.

    Oh by the way, Stock 2.1 Vibrant with OCLF2.2 (one click lag fix from the market) the Vibrant scores 2100-2500 on Quadrant, that’s on 2.1 which is a bottleneck.

  25. What scares me is the part about it going to carriers. :S Me thinks it there will be too many hands in the pot which means Samsung (who I just can’t trust anyway) will have some hand in on the software one way or another. I’m betting this will be about as vanilla Android as the G2 is on TMO.

  26. @jmax idk if you are saying stupid things cuz you actually beieve what u say is true or are you just trying to make terribly not funny jokes? T-mobile HSPA+ network is the fastest network out there and will only get faster, i hope you enjoy your shitty At&t data and the overpriced plan. Only Ifags should use At&t. Go eat a CMS

    But besides my rant towards that r-tard. Phone sounds amazing and will kill any phone especially if its on Tmo HSPA+ netowrk :)

  27. So long I get updates the Google way… without Samsung Kies that is!

  28. Why do you people hate Samsung so much ?

  29. @mike
    “With amoled or retina.”

    One of those is a screen technology, one is a silly marketing term. Please don’t treat them as if they were the same things.

  30. @Tom
    Could not agree more. If Samsung has ANYTHING to do with the software of this phone, I will stay FAR away from it. If the comment in the article is true about them having a “hands-off” approach to the software, then it might be something to consider. Samsung definetly has the best hardware in a phone. They just suck big fat monkey cock at coding for it.

  31. Also, if Samsung is taking a hands-off approach to the software, does that mean this will be completely stock Android??? If so, I want it. And don’t even think about putting your stupid fucking bloatware on this thing, and not allowing us to delete it….(cough) T-Mobile (cough).

  32. @chris
    Do you have telepothy abilities? Do you read peoples’ palms in your spare time? Is Cleo your aunt or something? I ask because you just said EXACTLY what I was thinking.

  33. Seems like a bad move with duel and tricore processors right around the bend… maybe the NexusTricore will be out halfway through next year. I would stick with HTC instead of samsung though… how about motorola? All the hardware minus motoblur, with the T2? Sounds better than samsung. Just my opinion.

  34. Samsung is great

  35. @tom @jevyjav I completely agree with you. What’s bothering me is they can build quality phone (Wave for example), yet their high-end Galaxy S feels like a plastic toy. I hate them because they have really good internals, but the build quality is totally ruining it. I have owned few Samsung products and I’m not buying anything from them again, even though it’s often tempting.

  36. All I have to say is I hope that it is more Google than Samsung for phone look and style! I think Samsung phones look cheap!

  37. I hope this is just a rumor as The Droid Guy claims as IMHO Samsung just have what it takes to make a decent phone. I’ve owned older Samsung’s and have had decent hands on time with the Galaxy S and I am not impressed on build quality, software overlays or pretty much any level. HTC on the other hand have made some (not all) great devices of late and would wholeheartedly support a second Nexus if they made it!

  38. Keeping Samsung’s hands off the software is a good start. How about keeping the carrier’s from doing the same. I can almost bet that the N1 was rejected by Verizon and Sprint because they didn’t like giving up control of features like tethering.
    Still love my Tmob N1

  39. Who the hell cares if the Galaxy feels cheap… I am going to put the thing in a cast or Otter box REGARDLESS….

    NOTHING compares to thier Screen and right now their CPU set up is MUCH MUCH MUCH more powerfull then the standard Snapdragon phones.

  40. @Al and other T-Mobile users. I’m no fan of At&t. My work provides me with my phone. But I have friends who have the G2 with T-Mobile, and yes your data isn’t that great. At&t can be spotty at times, but it’s generally fast. Hspa + or wimax no thanks. I’ll wait for LTE. I’ve also had Sprint and loved it. But never would I use T-Mobile. There’s a reason your prices are low. Sorry. I’m glad you’re android fans.

  41. I had a Samsung Captivate. Horrible Phone. Hardware and software. TouchWiz is more buggy than a 8th grade science project. Cant ever get GPS to work. Calls drop. Battery life is horrible. Now Have HTC Incredible HTC Sense and Components way > than Samsung.

  42. That will be great, I had the nexus one but now I have a samsung vibrant, I love the vibrant, it has absolutely no screen problems, I can see myself getting another samsung product!

  43. you cannot dismiss this phone considering the fact that you know nothing about this phone. as for it being the nexus 2, if that’s the case then i’m sure it’ll be stock android, no touchwiz. which, in that case i’m sure it’ll get all the newest updates… i.e. nexus one. samsung has been working on updates for the galaxy s… and though i like touchwiz 3.0, it is probably the cause of them having trouble releasing the updates. and the icons on the pic up top??? so what if they’re from the touchwiz interface, it doesn’t mean that the nexus two will have touchwiz. remember, this is a samsung event, not an android event. if this is the nexus two, then google will be ontop of them when it comes to all the updates, and the ui! they want to show off gingerbread, it’s not the easiest thing to do when you install your own ui!

  44. I was hoping that Google would stick with HTC for the N2. In my experience HTC has really good build quality.

  45. People seem to be all over the spectrum here on where to whine! Samsungs Flagship line right now that is in millions of hands worldwide is there Galaxy S (or the like) lineup.

    We all know the UI sucks. Then again I hate ALL carriers bloatware and crappy UI! I tend to make my own setup with custom rom’s and launcher pro which I love. Heres the down and simply truth: Samsung has the best hardware based on its release date! This phone was released in June of this year! The G2 just came out has close to the same supporting hardware. Nothing else comes close!

    I will admit the phone “feels” cheap. I really have how the back cover snaps on. I would have personally like some kinf of composite plastic or aluminum back covers…but it obvious Samsung was going tor weight and its slim profile as a “Yea, we just did that!”.

    All this BS about carriers, network speed, etc is 100% irrelevant once you start talking about it. Every single persons experience is different and has nothing to do with the phone!

    If you are an amateur Android user and is scared of running custom ROM’s….thats your fault. Android phones are lie home PCs and Laptops. they are meant to be customized to your liking. If you take it as they come, thats your problem!

  46. i doubt this will be a stock android experience, look at the invite- it has the touchwiz app launcher

  47. I just Hope this rom can be ported to my captivate.

  48. Samsung knows how to sell phones on multiple carriers, Google obviously didnt. This should definitely have a Super AMOLED with higher pixel density. Please none of that 4.3 inch screen crap. 4 inches is perfect. An aluminum unibody should fit the bill, none of that cheap plastic galaxy crap please. Oh, and a built in waffle maker to top it off.

  49. Phandroid should do more investigative work. A quick google search sees that there have been dual core snapdragon 1.2Ghz processors shipping since June. So that pretty much gives you an idea what is coming around Nov/Dec.

  50. Being that Gingerbread will allow high screen resolutions that cater for tablets mainly, the new Nexus Two could have a SuperAmoled screen with a higher resolution than wvga, so should look awesome. I just hope the phone’s casing is aluminum instead of plastic.

    32gb onboard storage, 1gb ram would be great too.

  51. @Fred we know that 1.2GHz dual cores have been shipping, that doesn’t mean they’ll be in this set of phones. By your logic, all phones should come with the latest processor 4 months after they ship. It doesn’t work that way.
    Not to mention this is Samsung we’re talking about. They haven’t used Qualcomm Snapdragon in any of their high-end phones.

  52. No doubt that the HTC/Google Nexus One has been the best Android phone to date. However, IMHO, it is incredibly cheap looking & ugly. So go ahead and blast Samsung for their style. But to be a true sucessor to the N1, the Nexus Two would have to be incredibly cheap looking and fuggggly. Samsung is more than up to the task.

  53. It’s definitely the Samssung Continuum. Look at the ticker on the logo of the event invitation.

  54. lol look at all these Samsung haters.

    Moaning about the galaxy’s platic back? “I bet most of you guys complaining about the Samsung Vibrant on how it feels cheap, how it sucks and etc do NOT own one.”
    Stop moaning, if you don’t like it, if you haven’t even experienced it. don’t buy it. Move on. But stop moaning and hating for the fact that you think your phone is better. I’m sorry but on paper Samsung owns right now.

    if…and IF this really will be the Nexus II then Google must have had good reasons to choose Samsung as their builder.
    Galaxy S is a top phone and only those who’ve actually had their hands on knows :)

  55. “With amoled or retina.”One of those is a screen technology, one is a silly marketing term. Please don’t treat them as if they were the same things.

    +1 lol iphone

  56. the only thing samsung has given android users is a micro usb to hdmi cable for 50 dollars and forced everyone selling them for less to stop.

  57. Samsung’s UI is terrible. I hope it’s straight up barebones Android UI.

  58. I went from a nexus to a vibrant and I love the ui, unlike froyo, touchwiz makes all the apps feel integrated and unified instead of patchwork. And the hardware is excellent. I’m the first one to call out shitty phones but the vibrant is great except no flash or dual mics which is just stupid. But the camera and camcorder are gorgeous and the phone is smooth and faster than my nexus which i stil have to compare with. I do hope Samsung gets the nexus 2

  59. I really don’t understand how all these phones can make it, there’s a new one coming out every day! Then the MS White phone was canceled? Go figure!

  60. I do not see how Htc would allow for samsung to make the nexus two. Seems to me google would have some sort of contract with Htc. Thats why while samsung may make a google only os phone but it may be called something else. By the way for all you samsung bashers I have the Epic 4g and it is a very good phone. I also like Htc and will probably get one of those as well. I have a moment as my second phone for now. Trying to hold out for the 2ghz processors. Do not hate on one or the other just get them all.

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