Maintenance Update Already Going Out to Newly Released Nexus S 4G


The Nexus S 4G has only been officially on the streets for a day, but already Sprint and Google are pumping out an update for the handset. The update brings the phone’s software version to GRJ22 (Sprint’s Nexus S shipped with version GRJ06D) and includes minor system enhancements that improve the performance of the device. This version would have made the handset’s launch but wasn’t ready. The two parties decided to quickly release the over-the-air update rather than delay the launch of the Nexus S 4G. No specific changelog has been provided as of yet.

The software update is currently being pushed to Nexus S 4G handsets, and chances are you will be greeted with the installation prompt shortly after picking up the handset (if you haven’t already). Anyone out there receive it yet?

[via Sprint]

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  1. I get the phone on Saturday and after activate I receive the update

  2. Will this fix the supposed free tethering?

  3. Same for me. The minute I turned mine on last Friday, the update came through. Can’t really tell what it did though.

  4. My buddy got his Saturday on an early release. He just told me the update included video chat. Sounds like more than a “maintenance” upgrade myself.

  5. It included video chat according to my buddy.

  6. Depending on how Sprint handles the free tethering with the Nexus S I may switch to them after the AT&T-mobile merger. The only things that really bothers me is that if you turn off 4G then you are stuck at 1mbps and on AT&T your not.

  7. I love the way the Nexus S4g handles the wimax radio inside the device it works so effortlessly. I had to stop into sprint to play with one pretty impressive i must say. Plus 2.3.4 with google talk video and google voice integration truly a nice device. They almost got me but I must wait…. Evo 3d power baby nothing will be better

    1. same thing almost happen to me over the weekend, it is a really beautiful peace of art, that phone is sweet, but i am too waiting for the evo 3d.

      1. Evo 3d is the best choice for 2011 no doubt.

        1. Um…Samsung Galaxy S II…enough said.

          1. Don’t make us laugh

          2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
            I’m laughing at your complete incompetence!

    2. I pre-order my EVO 3D Saturday YEAH! BOYYYEEEEEE BASE!

      1. I will do my preorder this Wednesday. I believe June 3rd will be the day it launches

  8. I picked mine up yesterday, and it appears this had already updated during the initial set up.

  9. Question for sprint nexus 4g users,

    Does it have android 2.3.4? Is the screen washed out yellowish like the one for t-mobile nexus s? Also, is Wi-Fi okay?

    1. Yeah it’s running 2.3.4. The screen is gorgeous, I had an EVO 4g and I think the Nexus s has a clearer picture. No yellowish washed out look for me. Haven’t used wifi yet.

  10. No external memory support? No thanks.

  11. I want one so bad lol but i don’t want to buy an outdated phone, ill wait for the next nexus device

  12. I want one so bad lol but i don’t want to buy an outdated phone, ill wait for the next nexus device

  13. I got mine yesterday, Sunday, and it already had the update

  14. Can someone please confirm that the free tethering still works with this update?

  15. I got the update and the tethering still works

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