HURRY! 100 Google IO Seats Left, $550/each! [OFFER OVER]


Google just tweeted that they’ve got 100 Google IO seats left at $550/each if you’d like to attend. Considering the value of the rumored giveaways well exceeds the price, I have no doubt these last 100 will vanish in minutes. So we’ll keep this short.

Visit and use coupon code for last minute access to awesomeness!

UPDATE: And almost as soon as we could get it up… Google took it down:

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Android Tablet, Nexus S To Headline Back-To-Back IO Giveaways [RUMOR]

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  1. lol ^

  2. sold in less than 10 minutes

    man people
    watched out for these

    1. Who wouldn’t, They give away tvs and phones, you’ll make like 4x that if you just sell the stuff

  3. 500$ JUST TO GO TO THEIR I/O fuck that can buy a TV for 550$. Google must be plan greedy just to sell tickets.

    1. You must be new here

    2. LOL.

      Do a little research next time before making yourself a joke of the day.

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