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Why Wait For Google Talk Video Chat? Flash The New Gtalk App NOW [Video]


I’m sure you’ve no doubt heard that Google was nice enough to finally release an update to Gingerbread that gives Nexus S users the ability to video-chat using the native Google Talk app. Pretty sweet of them. Even if only 4 percent of people in the world are actually running Android 2.3 Gingerbread on their phone’s and even less actually own the Nexus S.

So what about the rest of us? Well, you could either be a sad panda and wait around for – oh say, 4 more months for your carrier to push out the Android 2.3.4 OTA. Or you can take matters into your own hands and flash a handy zip file that installs the all new and improved GTalk app with video chat onto your phone.

There is a catch however. One, you need to be rooted. Two, you need to already be running a Gingerbread ROM (doesn’t matter which version). If you’re one of those lucky people then watch this video to see exactly what this Google video chatting business is all about. Or, if you hate looking at my face (like I do), you can always just follow the steps below:

  • Backup your ROM
  • Download zip file
  • Place zip file onto the root of your sd card (not inside any folders)
  • Use ROM Manager to flash the zip or boot into recovery manually and flash the zip
  • Enjoy =)

[Via XDA]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. I see you have graduated from the school of the technical tap. :P

  2. Oh emm gee! Thanks for the great news Chris!

    *opens up GTalk and starts chatting between my own 2 IDs*

    Look! look! I can see myself! :D!

    1. You are very welcome, sir! =)

    1. Thank you, sir! =)

      1. He is mad about your article regarding Android tablets and honeycomb

  3. If it is literally this easy, it seems the logical thing for Google to do here is just offer the app free for download via marketplace. That would be TOO logical I guess…

    1. We should write them a letter….

      1. Do you really think they’ll read it? NOT!

  4. Just installed and works like a charm. You missed the boat, skype. Time to uninstall you! ;)

  5. What rom are you using???

    1. The ROM in the video is GingerSense B2. There’s a newer version with a lot of Sense 3.0 stuff but you have to partition your card since it eats up a lot of internal memory… =/
      B2 is working fine so I’ll stay here for awhile =)

  6. What about my droid 2 running gingerbread?

  7. I love the option for POP up notifaction works good on DroidX apex GB rules all

  8. Force closes when trying to video call. :(

  9. Does it bring VoiP to nexus one?

    1. yes (from what I heard)

  10. It’s fine that Google is making Gtalk integrated into future versions of Android (including 2.3), but I think they should also make it downloadable for everyone else with Android 2.2. That will help accelerate its usage.

    1. GTalk is in Android 2.2, just not with video chat. Certain OS-level things are missing that requires 2.3. (Specifically, OS support for more than one camera.)

  11. wow!….dude where is my car?…I mean are you baked in this vid? I think you may have a record for edits in that thing too.

    Subject matter is great, but I bet many people are looking at this site with a bit less respect after this kind of stuff. This is why androidcentral is better.

    Just wow

    1. Well ok.

      “Just saw this on PHANDROID…”

      Guess I’d rather have the news sooner.

      1. Oh snap! Hahaha.. ;D

    2. Loosen up. Have some fun. Why does everything have to be so serious all the time?

    3. I really don’t like this guys work. His articles have not been the most accurate and this video is just another example of the quality of his blogging. Phandroid was better off before he joined.

      1. My articles have been most accurate, good sir! =)

  12. Installed on my desire (redux), only issue is that I can call others, but they can’t hear me… Oh well I guess this is a work in progress…

  13. Ahhhh doesn’t work on myt4g cm7 it says its gtalk 1.3 but nothing is different

  14. To any of those having issues, I found I had to uninstall the old version of Google Talk using Titanium. It’s also a good idea to keep a backup of it as well. Then flash the .zip file and it should work just fine.

    Using CM7 on a G2, video goes from PC to phone, but not the other way. Audio goes both ways.

    1. Agreed, it appears that GoogleTalk on the PC doesn’t recognise that the phone is capable of video therefore doesn’t work both ways, bit of shame, needs a fix

  15. I’m running a g2x using the new gingerbread leaked rom that came out in the last few days. I try flashing this zip. but it always says “aborted” and boots back to home. Anyone have any ideas?

    1. Mind does the same thing. :-( I was able to install it using the Root Explorer method you’ll find on XDA, but the video chat feature won’t work.

  16. So does this update allow for users to change accounts? IE if you have 2 google accounts and you want to use google talk with the account that is not the primary account.

  17. Android slowly catching up to iPhone, before you know you guys will have gyroscope and retina display lol

    1. Oh and maybe we’ll get an NFC Chip and an Open OS and unlimited customizability and dual core processors, and 3 party developer support and new top of the line hardware every few months instead of every few years, and the opportunity to have options like a different screen, phone shape, keyboard, and synchronization with the cloud so if your loose your phone in the pool all you need is another one and all your contacts and apps are there, and the ability to use SD cards, and ability to change out batteries… Man I hope we get all those things… like the iPhone… :-)

      1. Do you use NFC? After jailbreak you get open OS. Dual CPU is coming of course. iOS can sync contacts with gmail OTA. Did you ever took your SD card out?

        1. I do not use NFC because I currently live in Indonesia and the options are limited, but the potential for use in the States is huge. Just because Steve Jobs doesn’t say you want it doesn’t mean there isn’t an actual market for it.

          Yes but you shouldn’t need to void your warranty just to make something usable eh? You may make the false equivalence to rooting on Android but that goes beyond the generally accepted definition of “open” so don’t even go there.Dual CPU is coming. Oh my god look! ANOTHER thing Apple is copying from Android. Man I really wish they would get off their ass and actually do something on their own (This is what you sound like when you make these comments)Oh you can sync your contacts eh? Wow. Awesome. We can sync our contacts, our photos, our music, our videos, our documents, our random ass files, our apps, our app data, our OPERATING SYSTEM. Wow. Thats a lot more than just your contacts. Huh.I take my SD card out constantly. The ability to do that is wonderful not only so I can upgrade the capacity of my phone but to give me another option in moving files around from phone to tablet to computer. Brilliant option; if you don’t do it you don’t use it but I for one would much rather have the option there either way.I notice how out of the 12 features mentioned by @thedonxr:disqus you “refuted” 5. And I think I did a fairly job at refuting your refutions. So while I will never say the iPhone is a craptastic device not even worthy of being used as an uncomfortable form of toilet paper, I really wish you Apply Fanboys would get your heads out and realize that a) Steve Jobs didn’t get there first b) There ARE in fact other devices out there that are just as good as and even better than your iDevice

          1. Nice lol

    2. Lol, we’ve had gyro and video chat for awhile now. This is just big because google talk is so open and cross platform. As far as retina display.. you know that’s just a slcd.. its not even amoled. Samoled is about 2 generations above apple. But good try.

      1. I know, but who put gyro, video call, 320 ppi, multitouch first?

        1. If Apple sells you a Life…dude buy it…you really need one…

        2. Gyroscope: Nintendo in Wii Motion Plus controllers
          Video Call: Dick Tracy comics circa 1964
          Multitouch: Tron, 1983

          Were they first to put it in a phone? Maybe. Maybe not. But they certainly didn’t invent the idea.

          1. I didn’t say they invented it.
            Watch how iP5 will have something new that everyone else will add..

          2. They’ll have new things like a mature notification system (imagine that on a communications device…), improvements to multi-tasking, and live icons almost up to par to actually widgets.
            Please don’t ignore folders, multi-tasking, higher resolution screens (how long did Android have higher res than the iPhone? Just because Apple has a name for their resolution, doesn’t mean higher res is innovation or surprising), compass, 3G, A-GPS, and all the API parity that Apple has made up and still has further to go. Google may not be the best at marketing, obviously, but at least it shows their maturity and honesty by not shouting trash from the roof top.
            I should also mention that Android had video calling apps before Facetime and other phones had it even before that. But again, marketing (and trolls) would make you think otherwise.
            Also your original point that we’d be on Win 6.5…this was the original purpose of Android before the iPhone existed, to disrupt the mobile market. Competition is good, choice is good. Get a life and leave the Android fan sites to the fans of Android.

          3. Let me guess – “First dual-core cell phone to ship in volume”

            HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you are stupid.

        3. Kinda like apple copying samsung with face time, even samsungs simple etstetics and grid menus. Samsung also had a higher ppi screen… and all this before the 1st gen phone ever existed. But ill give you the gyroscope.. only because I can’t find any facts either way on it. But fact is, apple imitates others and draws on the ignorant to believe it was first. Cuz apple invented tablets right?

          1. Samsung has facetime? :) Apple reinvented tablets. Before iPad were you even considering buying a tablet? … didn’t think so.

          2. Not just samsung, samsung just went with my theme..
            Apple was late to this party.

            As far as tablets, yes of course I had one. The Archos Internet tablets were handy as hell. Was planning on getting a Villiv next but with Honeycomb now I get the best tablet experience on the market.

        4. Video calls were done by android (EVO 4G) before the iPhone 4.

          Multi-touch was patented by Nokia 3 years before Apple, which is why apple hasn’t been able to uphold those lawsuits they tried.

          Ummm. You’re argument is invalid, sir.

          1. Video calls apps yes, but they all suck, try facetime before you comment on this! Was there phone with multitouch before iphone? no..

          2. Oh your right, you got us. What ever would we do without Apple. When Apple moves to capacitive buttons are you gonna claim they invented those also. Or just that no one did it as well as Apple before. Those are the two arguments you iDouches use to make yourself feel better for buying such a piece of shit right.

    3. doesn’t get it feel bad 4 u

    4. I’m just making a point, that Apple make something, then everyone else (google, htc, motorola, lg….) just copy it. Sure they add few new things, but without apple, we would still run win 6.5 ++ and have crap phones with keyboards..

      1. Yep, because WinMo 6.5 was obviously the first and last mobile OS ever created. Good thing Apple came along and invented the future, I just dont know what I would do stuck in the present all the time. Its kind of ashame that you are so short sighted. Look on the bright side though – your mommy probably thinks you’re smart

      2. This Guy is definitely an applefan boy, the mention for “copying apple” is a dead give away. That’s what jobs tells them to think

    5. It’s funny to argue with you android fans :) If Apple would find cure for cancer, you guys would still say “it was here before”. I have Moto Atrix now, love android, but I know that apple always bring something new.

  18. Spam coming to this site? Count me gone gone gone.

    1. Just use that little flag symbol at the bottom of the offending post and someone should sweep it away at some point.

    2. I think I’ve seen spam on every site I’ve ever been to since the dawn of the internets… Relax. =p

  19. @Gamercore:disqus I REALLY like your humor in the videos bro. Thanks! You’re making me want to make one. :)

    1. Thanks! I’m just being myself. I tend to not take things too seriously.. =p

      And do it! The world could use more Android enthusiasts on YouTube! =D

  20. I posted this on Android Central forums, gave the link back here and gave credit to @Gamercore:disqus of course. Good job on this! I love articles that help other non Nexus users!

  21. I tried loading this through recovery, but when I tried to flash it I got Error (Status 0), installation aborted. I’m running CM7.0.3 on my Viewsonic gTablet, which is based off of Gingerbread 2.3.3.

  22. Chris, thanks for the humor in the video. Ignore the bashers. And you have so many edits in the video :D

  23. Heh, the Atrix will get 2.3 most likely the day after never….. I still haven’t found a video chat app that will let me talk to my wife’s iPhone.

    1. Tango worked for me, I have an atrix, and girl has iPhone 4

      1. I get no audio in tango… It’s kinda lame I’m stuck with pos for the next two years.

  24. I installed in recovery. Everything went well. I am on CM7 and I do not see the video option. I have to Dinc’s with CM7 and the new Google talk. But no video icon. Do i have to have a font camera?

  25. Guy, I don’t mind that everything you do somehow needs a video … whether or not it even warrants one … but do something about that god awful hair. It’s terribly – erm – terrible.

    1. jesus christ, so true. looks like the hair to some god awful b rated movie (or belongs to the movie Hackers, yuck)

    2. Stop your yappin’, Oprah!

  26. I don’t see the video option on my wifes nexus s or my evo running CM 7.03? Am I missing something. All I see is a green dot on the right side of the screen no video camera symbol on both phones.

  27. So I take it this doesn’t work for honeycomb?

  28. This man has gone crazy!!..

  29. is there a way to flip the camera? i have a droid 1…would like to use the back camera to video my kids and show the grandparents

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