HTC EVO 3D Gets an Ad in ESPN The Magazine


We’re still awaiting the official release date, but that doesn’t mean HTC won’t tease us with an ad spread in ESPN The Magazine. The HTC EVO 3D was featured among the pages of the latest issue touting its glasses free 3D. Now when can we get our hands on this again? Oh, at least you can pre-order if you ask nicely.

[thanks, deltatko!]


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  1. Here comes richard.

  2. There also Time magz. ads too…

    1. Its coming mid June. I kno cuz im boning a sprint exec.

      1. @issues159, please tell me the exact month of it’s release and tell me the price in rough.I thought it was already released.To my horror it has still not been.
        Thank you :)

  3. Lol finally some news with this phone. Sprint and HTC are doing a good job keeping this thing on the “DL”

  4. People still read print magazines? c’ mon, stop with the april fools jokes. April is over.

  5. Can we just get an official release date and pre-order?

  6. Its in the Entertainment mag, too(:

  7. Time is definitely close that day will be great for sprint and android in general…

    1. You go Yarell, you tell em.

  8. where is that yarreley guy, he’ll love this, lock him up to this post and this post only, so he doesn’t publicise this idiocy anywhere else!

    1. Lol he posted like 15 minutes before you did. But I agree.

      HTC Sensation 4G ftw.

  9. I came across this a few days ago while looking for a release date myself, sure it may or may not be true, at least it is something.



  11. HTC has a made a very serious mistake by releasing the Sensation fisrt instead of the EVO 3D here in Europe. The Galaxy S2 will be King in the next few weeks. Am a big fan of HTC and was waiting for the EVO 3D,but am afraid will going for the S2 IN June cos i need a phone pretty soon

  12. Yarell dont get to excited you dont want to go premature all over that gimmicky 3d or she wont love you. Obsession: by Richard Yarell

  13. A few of my boys have sprint, I told them to hold off on upgrading their phones for this phone, their all waiting.

  14. Come on! Freaking evo 3d…. I hope they release it in sprint and then another vs similar to it for gsm global sim. Like they did with the evo 4g and then invented the htc desire hd

  15. I put my pre-order in from my EVO 3D

  16. When is this beast releasing!!..

  17. I opted for a Nexus S but this is going to be an awesome phone. Also, after how Froyo was handled on the Epic I just don’t trust Samsung anymore so the GS2 is out

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