Early Nexus S 4G Makes Video Debut, Wireless Tether is a Go


We saw earlier that a few Sprint locations were more than willing to part ways with the new Nexus S 4G a few days ahead of schedule, but now we have the above video showing the catch in all its glory. Android Forums members wallstreet777 gives us a quick look at the handset and confirms that, yes, the wireless tether hotspot is active on his brand new Nexus S 4G. Anyone else have luck grabbing one of these early?

[via Android Forums | Thanks, wallstree77 and azman]

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  1. All that gingerbread tether goodness….I love it.

    1. Damn I love Google, now I can get the best Android phone on 3 U.S. carriers.

  2. So wireless tether on the Nexus S 4G comes at no additional monthly cost, while Epics and EVOs get to pay $29.99/month? This doesn’t make any sense. Tell me I’m wrong.

    1. It’s still a pretty good selling point for the Nexus S 4G over the other Sprint phones. I think one thing that has made Nexus phones unique is free tethering (and obviously stock Android).

      1. ofcourse and who doesn’t love free tethering!

    2. You are not wrong you are just a sucker. ;P

    3. Free tethering is a mistake and the next software update will correct this flaw…

  3. the included tether would make this a done deal for me. Can anyone answer


  4. As a Google Experience phone, wouldn’t this be required?

  5. Why does everyone suck at focusing? That could have read 1.1.3 and I would have never known.

  6. I am happy for the Nexus S4g great to have it part of sprint. This provides options for fellow sprint users. Plus now that this is out the way it’s Evo 3d time that’s what all us current evo 4g owners are waiting on.

    1. I don’t think that anyone elected you evo spokesman. I love my EVO4G but I could care less about the 3d. Aside from the fact that the 3D hurts your eyes if you look at it for more than a minute, it is hideous looking. I definitely like the specs, but there are other similar speced phones coming that aren’t so ugly looking. Great idea, but whoevere designed the aesthetics should be kicked in the balls. I hope it works out for you and you enjoy it, but I’m giving this a pass.

      1. In my camp i am the Evo 4g spokesman this device appears to be top notch and the fact that 3d can be shut off at anytime makes this a perfect device to have. Choice is really all this is about this device has the best specs outside of the Galaxy S2. Yes I am an htc fanboy no doubt but android comes first and it’s all about pushing the envelope on innovation so we all as buyers can benefit htc has done that in the Evo 3d without question. I can’t say how it will be sense i have not held it in my hands yet but just like last year I was new to android and flocked directly to the evo 4g I will flock to this too. I wish you nothing but luck on your choice of an android decice…

        1. why would I buy an evo with underwhelming specs and the absence of a kickstand? 3d is simply a gimmick that most people could do without. The sequel to the evo 4g is simply underwhelming. This is definitely a sophomore slump for the evo.

          1. As much as I despise Richard, you sir are on crack. How does the 3D have underwhelming specs? What part of it underwhelmed you?

        2. No one is in your camp. No one cares. Shut up already Richard.

          1. Thank God I don’t need nobody in my camp that’s the beauty of it enjoy your opinions cause they mean nothing to know one but yourself DEPISE ME I could care less you make me LAUGH

          2. How about this: use punctuation so you are actually spouting off coherent thoughts. I can’t even begin to guess where you meant to end one sentence and begin another. You make me laugh at how stupid and uneducated you are.

          3. I think you meant “because they mean nothing to no one but yourself. Despise me, I could care less. You make me LAUGH.”

            Basic grammar and spelling makes people take you more seriously.

  7. I picked up the Sprint Nexus S at 5:30p Eastern today after hearing of someone getting it early. I stopped at my local Sprint store and just politely asked the guy “Are you selling the Nexus S today by chance?” And he said “Sure, come with me.” Within about 10 minutes I walked out with one. Love the video chat and gmail layout. It is as fast as you could possibly demand a phone be. Still testing the battery life. @wern4it:twitter

    1. Welcome to the club.

  8. OK so I work for sprint and yes the tethering is active with out a charge for the time being but this is a glitch and they are aware of it and once the software patch goes out the $29.99 will be added to your bill if you continue to use it after the update just a for warning but enjoy for the time being.

    1. Why would google send out this “patch”

      1. From the way Austin said it, Google isn’t sending out the patch, Sprint is.

    2. It’s not a glitch, you retard. That’s Gingerbread as it really is. And if Sprint tries to “patch” the true google experience, then the Nexus S would become a member a fragmented club that would have to wait for updates. Meaning it would no longer be a true Google Nexus phone.

      1. Not to reign on your parade SIGINT but It already is Fragmented… you can see here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1056062

        That there are a couple of variants to the Nexus S. I’m pretty sure the 4G version will have a different rom version…

        I’m a proud owner of the Nexus S myself but am part of the 9020A crew with no OTA to 2.3.4 to be found yet …

      2. Gotta hand it to you your definately correct on that one.

  9. CAN ANYONE ANSWER 100% FOR SURE. Is the T-Mobile Nexus S and the Sprint Nexus S battery identical and COMPLETELY interchangeable?

    1. Dude. Their the same phone. The only difference is the radio, or what is used to get the cell phone signal. Everything else is all the same. If it wasn’t, that be dumb. LoL!! I kinda don’t know why you’re asking this. I’ve never seen a situation similar to one you’re asking about.

      1. It’s not a stupid question. The Nexus S 4G is thicker than the Nexus S, likely due to the WiMAX radio. It’s possible (though I don’t know for sure) that they’d also put in a larger battery to compensate.

    2. it’s the moment battery

  10. gawd, I REALLY want this phone. Stuck on Big Red though. Verizon Pleeeeeeeease get the Nexus S.

  11. So the random rebooting problem was FINALLY fixed. What is it with Android and random rebooting/startups? Samsung Captivate and I recently heard Motorola Atrix is getting hit too.

  12. Idiots. Everyone is always sidestepping the real question of: Is wifi tethering free?

    The only way Sprint will give us wifi tethering is after the AT&T merger and Sprint is desperate as hell. Even if wifi tethering is free the spec watching Android fanboys will still bitch at the phone for not being dual core and SD memory expandable.

    Geez, all these entitled people cuz they bought an Android phone. Its Googles fault anyways. They say the phone can do this, that and whatever but the small print always says carriers discretion. If Google adopts, I vomited a little, Apple’s tight demands on what can and can’t be done with the phone we wouldn’t be in this mess and fragmentation. Open source can suck it when my gf complains why her android phone can’t do this vs my phone and Googles answer is just buy a better version Android phone.

    1. Idiots. Everyone is always sidestepping the real question of: who the eff cares if wifi tethering is free, just root your damn phone and be done with it.

      1. Yup. Enjoy while we all can. Only time will tell when the phone companies finally figure out away to outsmart the Android community even with root. With the ass-backwards way they treat technology as a hinderance to profits I won’t lose any sleep wondering when that day will come.

  13. not interested in a Nexus unless it’s htc again… wish i could get my hands on a Nexus One…

  14. +++++++++++++++This video has been removed by user+++++++++++++++

  15. HHow do you know Sprint isn’t doing like big red has done with the HTC thunderbolt and the Samsung charge. They offer free hotspot tethering for one month.

  16. I dropped in the Sprint store today to check out the Nexus S 4G. The
    phone is sweet. USB and Wifi tethering are definitely baked into the
    version of Gingerbread. When I asked the rep about it, he gave the
    standard “The wifi hotspot will be $29.99 per month” answer. He didn’t
    have a solid answer on usb tethering.

    So the question is, how will Sprint charge customers for a Google enabled feature?

  17. Nice! Now thats what I am talking about! Tethering! Wow.


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