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Any T-Mobile G2x users waiting for Gingerbread either from CyanogenMod or T-Mobile themselves? A few days ago we got a look at Gingerbread for the device on video but had no idea how to get our hands on it. Paul from MoDaCo seems to be the man when it comes to LG’s dual-core devices, though, as he’s brought another gem to the community – a downloadable flashable ROM for all rooted users to enjoy.

Paul notes that this may very well be the version that T-Mobile rolls out over the air suggesting the upgrade probably already finished. He couldn’t get the updated baseband, unfortunately, but suggests it has indeed been updated and that we would have it when he has it. As always, you’re responsible for anything and everything you do with your device. We can not be held accountable if a unicorn jumps out of the screen and stabs you with its horn. Head over to MoDaCo for the links. [via Android Central]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Sounds like the update is around the corner

  2. Another WIN for LG! Ordering the G2x today..more #winning!

  3. “We can not be held accountable if a unicorn jumps out of the screen and
    stabs you with its horn”

    LMAO! This is why i love Phandroid.

  4. I’m gonna go ahead and wait for the official OTA. After a bit rocky start (bad battery life and some random reboots) I got my G2x pretty stable right now and don’t want to mess it up. Did the factory reset and set the preferred network type to “GSM and WDCMA auto” in the Phone Info screen, and now my phone has been up for 11 hours with moderate use and I’m still at 65% battery. Looks I’ll probably be able to get at least 24 hours from the charge. I do have the phone rooted and will probably give CM7 a shot once it reaches a stable point, but that may still be a bit off. Another thing is that I definitely don’t want to lose the LG camera software which provides support for the 1080p video recording and tons of other features.

  5. I always manually update and one reason is I know I won’t see an interruption of the update. It’s always worked great. I just did this (again) with my Nexus One when I updated to 2.3.4. Hope this fixes issues for G2x owners. I returned mine because they have too many unit with screen leakage. Beautiful device otherwise.

  6. my G2x has android 2.2.2 and it has exactly what the one on the video claiming to have gingerbread

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