P3Droid: Verizon Has Approved Latest Gingerbread Build for DROID X


Looks like the official Gingerbread OTA upgradefor the Motorola DROID X may finally be headed our way. P3Droid has it on good authority that Verizon has signed off on Motorola’s latest build meaning we could be seeing an OTA rollout within the next seven days. (Don’t take my word for it.) He was also gracious enough to detail an upgrade path for those who are on unofficial builds and want to get stepped up to the official OTA once the time comes. Click through to MyDroidWorld for more information and prepare for Verizon’s official Gingerbread upgrade. [AndroidForums.comThanks Steven!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. First non Nexus phone UPGRADED to GB will be? Little hint, its not not Samsung, and not on Sprint.

    1. Perhaps the HTC Desire HD or Incredible S which already have their OTAs going out….

      1. Forgive me, Im an American. I was referring to phones available here.

  2. Man even though Droid x came out 4 months after the droid Incredible out still got the Gingerbread update & another update to the gingerbread update before the droid incredible got the first one. Htc & Verizon suck balls when it comes to updating their devices that is unless it’s brand new like the Thunderbolt & that has to get the update as well before the incredible bcoz the customers who bought the incredible are old news & not important to verizon our htc anymore. You know the people who netted vzw & htc millions of dollars by purchasing that old droid incredible. & even though it’s been out longer & should have has plenty enough time to get that update out it’s just isn’t economically feasible to get the dinc update ready when htc & vzw’s working on the previous thunderbolt update.

    1. I think VZW may prioritize based on % of users per device. The incredible is easily rooted and there are plenty of good “cooked” ROM’s out there like CM7 and MIUI. Where did you learn to spell, or were you just late to power?

      LOLS Noob!

      1. I read both the post you are replying to and the original article; I did not see any spelling mistakes. I think you are referring to grammar. The state of a bootloader and user % should have no impact on update releases, unless there is favoritism and/or poor customer service, in which case, people have a right to complain

  3. Hopefully the EVO upgrade is not far behind.

  4. I guess Verizon is finally satisfied with the amount of bloatware added to Gingerbread.

  5. You’re welcome! This is a superior os and shell. Motorola has done a great job here. I’ll be sticking with my dx for awhile!

  6. Official OTA=Officially tons of vzw crapware

  7. Good news for X users. I agree the GB version of Blur is nice. Now I need some of my essential apps updated for GB and I’m good to go.

  8. If the Droid X GB OTA comes out in the next 2 weeks, it will once again prove the importance of buying a premium Motorola Droid from Verizon if your interested in getting quick updates. Considering the Nexus One and S have only been upgrading in the last week or two, that would put Droid X in the same month. Hard to complain about that. As far as the Droid X is concerned, I simply ignore the bloatware. Haven’t seen any signs it is affecting the performance of my phone. And since I launch 95% of my apps from one of my home pages, am hardly aware its there.

    1. Nexus S had GB upon release, and Nexus One was soon to follow. They have had it for months. However, no other US carrier has upgraded ANY of their phones.

  9. Where’s the Droid 2 love?

  10. so do I have to unroot before pulling the update?

  11. Can’t wait for this

  12. Hands down sprint will update the Evo 4g before the Droid X gets any update on verizon that’s for sure. Verizon and updates are a joke just like their battery draining LTE technology.

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