May 6th, 2011

A lot has been made of the recent ASUS Transformer shortages that has everyone going crazy. The device launched to great success, but unfortunately demand far exceeded supply as it was virtually impossible to find mere minutes after launch. (We have seen several reports and videos suggesting these are in the hands of every day users, though.) It was originally suggested that the company would only be shipping 10,000 units per month due to component shortages, but spokesman David Change says this isn’t the case.

ASUS expects to get 100,000 Transformer units in stores this month, while they expect to double that unit by June. It’s said that the shortages are expected to end after June and they’ll be able to reach their original goal of 300,000 units a month smack dab in the middle of summer.

Unfortunately no word was given on when exactly the 100,000 units would make their way to store shelves this month. The only thing you folks can do is keep calling to see if you can get lucky and score one. If you can, be sure to let ask them how many they have in stock and let us know. [via NetbookNews]

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