Could Windows Phone Really Overtake Android as the World’s Top Smartphone Platform by 2015?


The outcome of a partnership that will see Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 as the operating system of choice for Nokia, one of the world’s top mobile phone manufacturers, has yet to have any real impact on the global smartphone market. At least one firm, Pyramid Research, thinks the combination could have Windows Phone ranking as the top smartphone platform in the world by 2015. This goes right in the face of report, after report, after report stating otherwise. The number crunching of the likes of IDC, ABI, and Gartner all say Android will hold nearly 50 percent of the market by mid-decade. Their analysts admit Windows Phone will rise as a competitor thanks to Nokia, but put it only at second place with each firm predicting around 20 percent of total global smartphone market share.

Pyramid concedes that Android will be the driving force behind smartphone growth over the next five years, taking smartphones from about 27 percent of all mobile phones sold in 2011 to 53 percent of all phones sold in 2015. Why, exactly, they have chosen Windows Phone as the eventual top dog in the battle for smartphone supremacy is lost on me.

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  1. Everyone thinks that Nokia’s marketshare is going to take Microsoft to the top…. I think its the other way around. Microsoft is going to drag Nokia into nothing. I think the future will show that this partnership is the nail in Nokia’s coffin.

    1. I couldn’t agree more, Nokia made a bad decision by choosing WP7 over Android.

      1. I think they made a smart decision….This gives them the opportunity to make a name for themselves and become the HTC of Windows Phone 7 like HTC is with Android

        With Android, they have to compete with the Droid Line(motorola/htc), the Galaxy line( Samsung), Xperia(Sony), Evo/Mytouch(HTC)

        It’s a new OS and this is a great time for them to take Samsung, LG, and HTC out and make a great name for themselves

        1. I can understand that logic. I just don’t think that Microsoft has the reputation, the OS, or the marketshare to do this. They are going to have to make some major changes and upgrades to WP7 to pull this off. Nokia may have been better off going with WebOS or something.

          I just know that I will not use a MS mobile OS on any of my devices now or in the near future.

        2. HTC was popular well before Android was

          1. not to the degree they are now

          2. she cute tho

          3. Regardless of the OS HTC is a great OEM. They made headway with Windows Mobile. People say you can’t go wrong buying HTC just like you can’t go wrong buying IBM. Of course business expands as time moves on. However, to say HTC made their name with Android is entirely false.

          4. I’m a rock star, astronaut, scientist, model, actor. Let’s get together and pretend to be something we are not.

          5. @fred12345:disqus lol that was cute but sorry I don’t jhave to pretend to be anything except my lovely self :)

          6. …not really..

          7. Yes, really.

            Are you kidding me? HTC dominated the Windows Mobile platform back when it was at its peak.

          8. Don’t be clueless.

          9. Totally agree. HTC found it’s greatest success when they adopted Android. This is an excerpt from a recent Gigaom article.

            HTC Reaches New RecordsOne of the first handset makers to shift over to Android was HTC, which was previously known primarily for its Windows Mobile phones. As Microsoft’s platform fell behind that of iOS and Android after 2007, HTC needed a new operating system and Google’s Android was the perfect fit. HTC made the very first Android phone, the G1, and never looked back, building dozens of mid-tier to high-end handsets using Google’s platform, such as the Nexus One, EVO 4G, G2, andupcoming Sensation 4G (shown).What have these phones done for HTC’s financials and sales figures? The company today reported record revenues and net profits, with sales of 9.7 million smartphones; a 192 percent increase from the year ago quarter. Operating margin is on the rise at 15.8 percent as is the average selling price of an HTC handset, now at $359, or 6 percent higher than in the first quarter of 2010.

          10. Dude no. HTC was only popular to a few geeks.

        3. Yes, Nokia can become the “HTC of Windows Phone 7”.

          So if Microsoft can manage to sell, let’s suppose, two million phones, over the entire lifetime of WP7, then wow, Nokia will have been part of making 2 million phones!

          Woo Hoo!

          (Meanwhile, Android activations at 350,000 per day.)

          1. Yes, and even in best case scenarios for WP7, like the 20% IDC said they’ll have in 2015, Nokia will only have part of that. That means Nokia will be even worse than they are today with 26%. They’d have 15% at most. And like I said, that’s best case scenario. I still don’t think WP7 will get more than 10%.

          2. Given’t M$’s past behaviour, I figure we will be discussing M$’s decision to get out of smartphones in the next 2 years. M$ doesn’t stick with anything unless they can become #1 in a very short time. They rarely do that because they….well they just suck at pretty much everything.

          3. @
            Microsoft suck at just about everything? What colour is the sky on your planet?

          4. You do realize that a part of those 350,000 activations per day are from people rooting/unrooting their phones?

          5. While technically true, people rooting is an insignificant number.

          6. That is false by any means because you can only activate a phone with the same number once.

          7. Google isn’t claiming carrier activations though. You activate your android
            phone (through google) when you sign in with your gmail address.

          8. You obviously do not understand the concept of an ”
            International Mobile Equipment Identity”
            (IMEI) number….think of it as the MAC address of handset identification. Once an IMEI number is linked to a Google account, it is no longer considered an activation. Also, rooting/unrooting does not involve activating a handset but rather gaining ‘su’ or superuser permission to the on-board filesystem…I am assuming that you meant users flashing new ROMS and not “rooting/unrooting” but again if you refer to the IMEI portion of this comment, than you will see that your argument is baseless.

            *This comment is meant as pure clarification and by no means, did I intend to offend you.*

          9. @gus …can you confirm that google said these were carrier activations and not just android-gmail activations?

        4. I disagree. Nokia will be nothing without a strong ecosystem behind it. That’s what truly matters these days and Elop said it himself. They won’t get that from WP7.

        5. Hey guess what you know their competition as you mentioned, “Droid line, the Galaxy line, Xperia, Evo” well they still have to compete with them! They just won’t be competing on a level playing field.

          Sorry but smartphones are the competition, and right now WP7 phones are not competing. If Nokia sold 100% of all WP7 smartphones last quarter it would be a huge failure for Nokia.

          The experiment has already taken place. Samsung sells Android and WP7, WP7 has tanked. LG sells WP7 and Android, WP7 has tanked, HTC has sold Android and WP7, WP7 has tanked. Now Nokia will sell only WP7 and it will…. be a great success?

          Aside from all this… Why wouldn’t Nokia just sell a WP7 and an Android phone like LG, HTC, Samsung and Dell. They could have hedged their bet by also creating an Android phone, but they refused to. They decided to risk their whole company on WP7 becoming successful when they could have just hedged their strategy with Android. Thousands of people’s jobs depend on Nokia being a success and they’ve put all their hope in a platform with around 3% marketshare, and WP7 won’t even tell us how many phones they’ve sold. Adding on to this a former Executive of Microsoft just became their CEO. This makes sense to you?

          1. you could argue that by going all in instead of just ‘dipping their toes in the wp7 water’ that nokia can achieve success. HTC/Samsung/LG never really came out and marketed their wp7 phones like they did with their flagship android phones.

          2. Of course not, Microsoft allows barely any differentiation. Why would you bother spending marketing dollars on that?

          3. @reverend has the ability to customize wp7.

          4. True, however Nokia has announced that it will be using WP, not WP7. Most analyses suggest it will not even be WP7.5, but something closer to WP8. In any event, it seems a small army of Nokia engineers are working with M$ to bring something capable to the table. Nokia’s Symbian fans will not be happy with an OS which does not support USB On the Go, customizable folders, themes, fonts, ringtones; wireless connectivity with both PC and cloud, full touch screen output via HDMI to big screen, full multi-tasking, Dolby Surround, Pentaband 3.5G, etc. The current WP7 has great eye candy but not much in terms of capability. Nokia and M$ need to show both to compete effectively.

        6. It’s a tough decision for Nokia but I still think they would make more money on cheap Android phones.

          I believe the reason for not many WP7 phones is because no one wants them, so manufacturers don’t want to make them. With Nokia making them I think we’ll see a small spike in WP7 usage then it’ll fade off into land of the turds.

          HTC was not really that popular before Android, honestly. They were still a big company and they’ve been around long before Apple started making phones, but they’re definitely larger now after the EVO and Incredible releases.

      2. As @mscarmendiva:disqus mentioned, they made a smart decision. Microsoft is paying Nokia big bucks for including WP7 on Nokia hardware. As far as I know, the agreement is not exclusive. The smart thing would be to diversify and set 20-30% of your premium hardware and place stock Android OS. See where your sales take you from there.

    2. the hilarity of basing these studies off of “5 years from now” is that there is basically no market data as of today, because nobody buys windows phones.

    3. Yup, sounds about right. If you look at WinMo7 sales they aren’t exactly going gangbusters and this is after a massive marketing campaign they spent hundreds of millions on. Nokia is such a different company I just don’t see it taking off.

    4. @ joedon… I agree with your train of thought, BUT… Nokia is going to be a hard fish to kill, even with WP7. Microsoft needed a big fish to promote its OS and Nokia is one. However, I don’t think WP7 will take off like Android did. Android has always given what the consumer wants (and then some) and they are only going to improve, despite fragmentation. I think MS only wanted to throw their hat in the ring as far as smartphone technology. MAYBE, this is just a stepping stone or a way for Mr. Gates to show he is not a dinosaur as far as the mobile market is concerned.

      1. Mr.Gates isn’t even head of M$ any more. but M$ is done in general they just can’t get anything right.

        1. Win 7 and X Box are not doing too badly. The company still throws off huge amounts of cash and it still sits on a huge cash pile, to boot. I’m not underestimating M$ desire to capture a big part of this market…especially if the fear factor/survival instinct has lit a fire in Seattle.

  2. Cue the Overzealous Android Fanbois in 3…2…1
    Honestly, I like android and I love Windows Phone 7…. It is a wonderful OS and do I think it could potentially knock Android out?

    Maybe.What Windows Phone 7 needs to do is bring the OS up to date with key features like multitasking and flash all the while keeping the things it does better than Android

    GREAT USER EXPERIENCE, Gaming, Social Networking Integration, Multi-media(Hands down, Music and Video is done very well compared to Android) and also the business aspects with Microsoft Office and all the things that Corporations will like.

    I think Windows Phone 7+Nokia will be a threat to Android and IOS

    1. I have tried WP7 and thought it was quite interesting. I just think they were a little too late into the smartphone game with WP7. They have a lot of work to do before they can even come close to taking over Android or iOS.

      They are missing quite a few key features that i just don’t think should be left out. I am open to competition and other platforms but i can’t honestly say that i think WP7 will take over.

      In my opinion they don’t even have a chance, unless they bring out some new ground breaking features.

      1. I just wished that Android would work on its obvious flaws instead of releasing a bunch of “Insert desert name here” Os upgrades

        aside from Multi-tasking and flash(some ppl don’t care about this), they really aren’t missing too many key features

        1. i am not quite sure what “flaws” you’re talking about as my phone with 2.2 runs fine . If you want to nitpick everyone and everything has flaws and I appreciate each and every update by google. I have used both ios and android and it’s a matter of personal preference.

          1. 2.2 and below suck when it comes to text selection. 2.3 imo is perfect but very few devicds have it. The Android market is the biggest flaw in Android imo. You can filter the search results , results are scattered, and I hate how the screenshots for apps are in random patterns instead of a straight row of pics you can slide through. I really really hope Google releases a revised market at Google io.

          2. So use a different market.

          3. The Android market certainly needs improving specifically more search categories.. Homescreen apps need their own… high quality games need them as well.

          4. Dooli!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        2. Can you say Astroturfer?

        3. you android people REALLY take this stuff way too seriously.

          I love Android and have been using it ever since the Droid line made it’s debut in 2009 and I will still use it….as I am also using Windows Phone 7 as well

          1. The real problem with windows 7 is its just so long winded. The reason Nokia where number one was u could to everything in 1 or 2 clicks. WP7 is one long animation screen after another. After a day I took my HTC 7 pro back out of pure frustration.

            The other problem is I was paying premium prices for hardware available in January 2010. They need to speed up their certification process and break the Qualcomm only link.

            Bing sucks when it comes to local data in Europe, especially when compared to Google maps. If I wanted a locked down device without the ability to choose what search or other providers I want then I would have bought an iPhone years ago,

          2. @mscarmendiva:disqus ,
            Please excuse some people’s lack
            of developmental growth and don’t judge us all by this atrocious composition. Having
            said that, Android rocks!

    2. I have agree. WP7 is a really nice mobile OS that brings something original to the table. Whether or not WP7 overtakes Android is unknown, but I do believe it will overtake iOS. iOS is becoming very stale.

      1. Well are you surprised look who the man behind apple is… Mr.turtle neck jobs

    3. Could not agree more about the music/video experience. It’s very rich, and if my ZHD had been more like a phone (speaker system, hardware volume controls, etc) I wouldn’t have exchanged it for the J3 I have now.

    4. Logical and fair input. I’m glad somebody on here had enough sense to say this. I think the wp7 hate comes from those who have not used it.

      Flash and multitasking are the big things they need to catch up on asap. Then they need to get some 4g phones up and running as well as speed up the browser. I’m using a G2 right now and I have urges to pull out my hd7 every once in a while but I can’t deal with the lackluster browser (speeds compared while on the same wifi network) and the lack of (at least) hspa+.

      I want wp7 to succeed. More choice is good and the timing is right if they can do this stuff NOW, as hp is fucking up big time when it comes to webOS.

  3. ewwwwww!!!! WP7???? ewwwwww!!!!!:-)

  4. WP7 + Nokia = Disaster

  5. Pyramid are contradicting themselves. If, according to their statistics, Android will sell 53% of the smartphones in 2015, how did WP7 overtake them that year?

    I do hope WP7 is a success, as it will drive competition forward. And not just with a pretty design that has a cute little apple on it.

    As to whether it will overtake Android? Maybe, but Google would have to make some serious mistakes to lose the throne.

    1. “Google would have to make some serious mistakes to lose the throne.”

      In some ways they already have. I think Google really needs to step up their game in advertising Android. Leaving the tv ads up to the carriers is not doing much to explain the advantages of Android vs.another OS.

      Also, the onslaught of really cheap hardware may tarnish the name. I do enjoy the fact that it is an open source platform, but I think it would serve Google well to require certain hardware requirements to use their free software. This could also help with the dreaded “F word.”

      I’ve encountered many (uninformed) people who have asked if I have an Android device because I couldn’t afford an iPhone, even though my phone is superior to the iPhone in almost every way (and also more expensive.) Sub-par offerings from the prepaid carriers such as Virgin, Boost, etc. are beginning to give Android a ghetto/white trash reputation.

      Phandroids may know the difference, but the average consumer doesn’t. Perception leads to reality.

      1. please, pray thee, enlighten.

      2. His overall point kinda makes sense though, if public perception of a brand diminishes then so too will it’s sales.

      3. Fragmentation isn’t even a big issue. Its only truly an issue to haters and trolls. Almost everyone is running some version of 2.x android whether it be .1 .2 .3 etc not much is different between the 3 recent updates. The market choices are all the same between 2.1…2.2 and 2.3

        why does google need to waste money advertising android when the manufacturers are doing a great job already? Also android is not about beating iOS or WP7 its about giving you more options to choose from.

        Cheap hardware tarnish google’s name? how? not everyone can afford nor wants to always be having expensive devices some people want something that works and does as much as expensive devices, its not like google is seen as a luxury brand so how would cheap devices ruin their name? What you are asking is for google to become the failed wp7, yeah wp7 has everything your asking but how well is it? in comparison to the oh so horrible fragmentation? obviously not many care about since android like destroying the smartphone market.

        So some people aren’t into android because they have their heads you know where… so what you enjoy your device right? thats all that matters.

        Android going prepaid is a good thing for android gets people out of contracts I mean kyocera and huawei has a good name for their android prepaids. If there were as many greater hardware options for prepaid devices we could end up being like europe where we could not get screwed by the carrier because they have great devices.

    2. Read it again.

      1. Why? does it get more interesting the second time around?

        1. No, but you might understand what is says.

          ie, it doesnt say Android will have 53% by 2015.

          1. I know…I said that it will sell 53% of the mobile phones that year (which is a direct quote from the last paragraph)…presumably growing each year up to that point, which means that MS needs to sell MORE than Android that year (to become the “Top Smartphone Platform” that year), or that year and many more years after that to become “Top Smartphone Platform” in general.

            Maybe you should read my original post again? :)

          2. What you been smoking?

            You> ‘according to their statistics, Android will sell 53% of the smartphones in 2015’

            Its says 53% of all phone sales will be Smartphones and WP will be top dog.

          3. @dansus:disqus
            “Pyramid concedes that Android will be the driving force behind smartphone growth over the next five years, taking smartphones from about 27 percent of all mobile phones sold in 2011 to 53 percent of all phones sold in 2015.” Meaning Android is currently at 27% but will be taking the sales up to 53% in 2015.

          4. @9f83bbd1db74031f43f5a2ed8ba8740e:disqus

            No, your wrong.

  6. I dunno about by 2015, but it most certainly can. If MS figures out a game plan. The Zune was a fantastic device, but MS’s execution killed it.

    1. I agree. I really thought the Zune was a good product. No real ecosystem, the Microsoft name, and the entrenching of the iPods killed it off. I also thought WebOS had good execution when I played with it. The palm name and lack of “important” features that people “need” lead to its demise.

      It is a matter of capturing the mind-share honestly. How long did it take the iPhone to get “multi-tasking” yet people still thought it was hot sauce.

    2. I would have kept my Zune HD longer if the hardware had been up to snuff. Don’t get me wrong, it was solidly built and hand a fantastic UI…but internally they could have done more and the singular navigation button annoyed the hell outta me.

      If they had put tactile volume controls, tactile play/pause forward/back controls (ah la many of Cowon’s products) and added support for many of the lossless audio formats, then I could have seen the ZHD overtaking the iPod touch. Unfortunately the specs above are only present in the Zune HD in my dreams. *le sigh*

    3. Zune was definitely great but iPods hype was even greater.

  7. I think most people don’t have the slightest clue what WP7 is even like. I’ve never even seen a WP7 phone (I’m on Verizon). So maybe once it hits Verizon, there might be more interest. I would love to try out a WP7 phone.

    1. It’s pretty nice, but nowhere near as functional as Android in terms of choice, customizability, and of course openness.

      I’m using launcher 7 on my droid because I actually like the WP7 interface, but don’t want to sacrifice my android OS…best of both worlds IMO. Now if I could just find a Zune HD UI for the music apk.

    2. Samsung Focus is WP7 verizon sooo…..

  8. Yes it can. If there is a will. There is a way!

  9. Yeah, right.

  10. Their reasoning is lost on you? Seriously? They’re saying this because THEY’VE BEEN PAID TO. These are the same for-purchase type of “analysts” that cranked out report after report in the 90’s (I’m looking at you, Gartner) about TCO numbers and database/server performance figures that always showed Microsoft winning against Linux or IBM or WordPerfect or Oracle or whatever competitor was currently eating into their pie. (Microsoft DOES have a value proposition, but, IMHO, it’s not TCO or performance.) Take a lesson from history. The stuff you know in your gut to be patently false… is.

    1. Actually Oracle skewed results as well. SQL is, on average, twice as fast as Oracle, but their ‘results’ always showed that Oracle was the one that was twice as fast…lol…I think there was a class action lawsuit against Oracle as a result.

      1. Ms vs oracle, throw mac in there and you have the tech version of he legion of doom. Lol, about as dishonest as you can get.

  11. Ms.Carmendiva are you the same carmendiva from the androidforums?
    I applaud you for being nonbiased with your responses even though most
    of us here are attacking you for at least supporting both platforms.
    Android is king to me but I would rather own and support anything from Microsoft than support steve Jobs and apple. It has the potential to overtake IOS but I don’t see it happening with Android

    1. I never really understood that sort of mentality. So long as a company isn’t doing something inherently bad I’ll buy their products…not to support them…not because I idolize their CEO or shit like that…but because I want to use that specific product.

      Proud owner of a MacBook Pro running Windows 7 and an original Droid running Froyo with a WP7 skin.

      I would have an iPod if their soundcards were any good…I like the iOS platform, and I’d consider a WP7 phone once the brand has gained more support, because I like Nokia handsets.


      I agree with you 100% android_kid and I too would like to extend props to Camen for her unbiased views. And I’m not saying that it’s wrong of you to not like Apple products because you don’t like Apple/Jobs, I’m just saying that you might wanna try giving a product a chance and formulating your opinions of said product on the product itself…not some d****e in a black turtleneck. Again, not trying to offend, that’s just what I think. Kudos to standing up for the lady by the way, that’s chivalrous of you.

    2. lol thank you :) and yes i am the same carmen from the forums!

  12. Price, Apple like control and marketing. Apple could be top dog but they seem insistent on playing in the high end only.

    1. Can’t be top dog with a product that almost never changes.

  13. Why do I get the impression that Microsoft is *sponsoring* all these surveys. How is WP7 out of the blue getting from 2% to 20% and then to over 50%? Nobody finds that suspicious at all when even with the obvious fast rising of Android, all analysts failed to predict how high Android will rise?

    And they’re telling me that with the already established competition from Apple and Android, WP7 will magically teleport itself at the top as #2 or even #1 OS? Yeah, right.

    1. How will WP7 become top dog in 2015? …troll magic.

    2. Ms is throwing alot of money around right now. Compeditors are attacking all their regular money sources. The cloud mainly is shaking things up business side… and they are aggressivly spending to find an opening. Another recent example is paying to put bing on blackberries and verizon devices.

  14. I don’t think so. However WP7 has A LOT of potential and they gonna make some noise once they get a more feature rich OS.

  15. Trying to guess what this industry will look like four years from now is impossible. People had their dou ts about Android four years ago and look where they are now.

  16. widows phone 7 blows as of right now i do believe they will pick up the pace and have some cutting edge stuff soon but by the time that happens android will also have some things up there sleeves as well. i dont think Google will sit back and let windows take over its not going to happen. a competitor sure and i hope widows does well but i just dont see them dominating for many years to come. look at apple vs android and how quickly they gained ground and still are today and tomorrow.

  17. Outside of XBox Live integration, WP7 brings nothing new to the mobile OS table-all style (theirs not mine) no real substance.

    1. You might want to try OVI maps. Should Nokia bring its new 3D rendering engine down to the phone this year, then augmented reality and other location based services will greatly benefit. If M$ cannot offer something beyond XBOX Live, then your observation may well prove correct…I just think the relationship between M$ and Nokia is underestimated. Time will tell if this alliance can yield real benefits to the end user. IMHO.

  18. and hi ms. carmen

    1. hello :)

  19. Don’t really care if wp7 takes #1 in market share. That’s a good thing for us. The last thing I need is for google to get cocky and gives us no improvement.
    Competition is a good thing. We are the winners in this deal.

  20. As someone who works in the wireless industry, I can safely say that the smartphone game is far from over. If Apple decided to go multi-carrier and release 3 versions of the iPhone models including a cheaper device, the regular iPhone, and an iPhone Pro that had a keyboard; you would see a tremendous shift in smartphone activations (I assure you).

    Also, keep in mind; let’s say Microsoft were to purchase Research in Motion, that would have such a tremendous impact on the industry as well. I know many of you guys write off BB as DOA at this point (I disagree with that, but to each their own), but all of a sudden, MS would have an in for the enterprise user that they are struggling to crack now.

    I am unsure whether or not Windows Phone 7 will surpass Android, but consumers are looking for their devices to help them communicate, entertained, etc. Really, they are more an extension of the computer and which ever OS can get the closest to that experience has the best chance of winning the race. IMO, the wars are just beginning.

    1. Working at Best Buy doesn’t make you an expert. Why are my posts being deleted?

      1. Wish I did work at Best Buy, life would likely be a lot easier. And your posts are being deleted because you don’t bring anything worth reading with your posts.

        1. Must suck working at Walmart

          1. Actually, don’t work at Wal*Mart either, but nice guess bro.

    2. Nooo M$ purchasing RIM is absolute complete death to RIM. BB is so not dead at least to me I would love to own the Storm 3 and any touchscreen blackberry.

      Apple could release other versions of an iPhone but they aren’t anytime soon but will eventually have to otherwise die along with their hype. I say apple will be out of the smartphone game by 2016 or 17 if they don’t do any major hardware changes and put in variety. You can only win with one device for so long. Why do you think SK isn’t as popular anymore even with the 4G version?Well because M$ touched it and failed. It was better when it was with danger.

  21. Guys I hear nothing about Nokia. I have never seen anyone with one, nor do I ever see one at the store. How is it that even when I was with WIndows mobile 5, I have never heard of it? I thought it was like a dumb phone maker…

    1. I used to think Nokia was cheaply made but apparently they are super big overseas and not here in the US. At least that is my understanding

      1. true.

        reason being in developing nations a single full charge can last days on end (unlike my epic 4g)and their products are very durable and withstand harsh environments

      2. Their cheap phones are cheaply made, before all these smartphone wars I loved nokia I remember years back when nokia was the ish in US the days of the NGage the first real portable gaming phones The Best mp3 music phones the had it all covered great battery life the build quality was even good. Then they slowed down.

  22. I really don’t understand all this talk about how Nokia=Winning. Most reasonable people don’t buy a product based on the name of the manufacturer alone but on the price of the product and factors of product differentiation (before anyone points to apple fan boy’s note that I used the term reasonable). Seriously, could someone explain to me why android is losing out by not having Nokia on board, or even why I should care about that company? Maybe I’m alone in this but speaking from a US perspective, I don’t even know anyone who still owns a Nokia phone.

    1. Android isn’t losing out because of nokia they aren’t even losing out. Nokia is because they want to try and revive a dead OS especially without making any changes to the OS even M$ said they could as part of the agreement. Some people buy iPhone because Apple is associated with being rich and so on like high quality. Its like asking the question why do you have a ferrari when you can’t even legally hit 180mph on the streets? why even have a ferrari when a Corvette ZR-1 will destroy it is a race? because people like having things associated with luxury nokia is somewhat a luxury is europe. Also why do you need a mansion with 200 rooms when you are only going to use like 5 maybe.

    2. Buying things to fill an ego and what not is nothing new.

  23. Possible? Perhaps, but this is obviously some paid-for proposition.

  24. I just dont see it happening.. They would lack the culture that Android and Apple have. I did play with a widows 7 phone and I must admit its smooth as butter. But the Windows name and reputation just seems dated. People want something new and fresh.

    1. I don’t know if I agree with the “culture” that Android has…the Android tablets didn’t exactly take off. Anything Apple sells at this point is a success. I wouldn’t exactly say it is the same quite yet.

      1. Look at the prices they asked for it Android is great because you get more features than an iPhone for the price. When Samsung and motorola tried to sell tablets for as much as a full feature laptop at $700 or $800 people don’t buy because it is too costly. $500 is the sweet spot for tablet pricing. I mean really for $800 would you rather have a laptop or tablet that is smaller and doesn’t do as much? I mean even netbooks do more than android tablets and they are only $150-$300 typically but Android will take off as far as tablets go they just have to put in honeycomb and make sure the on contract price is no more than $499 and the off contract no more than $799. Anything apple sells really mainly sells because it is seen as the luxury brand.

  25. I swear to god that I’m not a fanboy, nor am I rich.. but I’ll still gladly pay another $500-$600 for my next Android phone. If I was offered a free Windows phone I’d decline (only way I’d accept it is to resell it for another Android phone)

  26. Why I thought Android would be #1 because of Motorola…
    They had the #1 selling phone 10 years ago with the Star Tac.

    Ridiculous? That’s exactly exactly what these idiots are saying regarding Nokia. Nokia is irrelevant, Nokia is dying.

    1. Keep in mind Motorola was on the irrelevant and DOA train until they made the first Droid. Be patient, I do not believe Nokia is dead at all. They make some pretty nice hardware to be honest.

  27. Not sure why people get so worked up on the issue of WM7 or Android or iOS. There is really no reason to take people’s comments personally unless you are directly involved in the planning, marketing or sale or these devices or OEM etc. I think its great to have iOS, Android and WM7 mobile. Keeps everyone on the cutting edge. I have had winmo phone is the past, It wasnt a horrible experience. I am happy with Android and EVO for now. I am looking forward to Sprint Motorola Atrix or EVO 2 eventually. Just Enjoy

    1. Wish i could like this a 100 more times.

    2. Agreed. Frankly, I’d rather have more than only 3 major ecosystems from which to choose. Given the degree of information and connectivity these large ecosystems will obtain and retain, a healthy bit of competition would be nice. Unfortunately, it does seem at this juncture the world will be picking 3 winners, at most.

  28. Windows will be the top phone ?

    What ?

    Really ?

    Seriously ?

    Put the crack pipe down now mister.


  29. Not even a remote chance of this happening… Just wait till the Chrome OS gets going and MS dominance in the waning PC world will falter too…

    MS really has lost it’s way and outside of the devoted Business customers largely due to the Exchange Server use in the Business world, the MS Mobile handsets would be dead as the Pharaohs!!!

  30. Its possible. I remember ppl laughing at the marketshare Android had in early 2010….

    But I agree with those that say they shoulda went with Android. Look at HTC and Samsung Android sales. Nokia wouldnt have got lost in the mix. LG wasnt worried about getting lost in the mix. They were on of the last to the Android party along with Kyocera. Look at the upcoming LG phones.

    Nokia getting lost in the mix was an excuse, rationalizing not going with Android. Android was the safe bet, WP7 was the gamble. The gamble usually pays off bigger if it goes your way. We shall see…

  31. Even analytical companies are not immune: People don’t use facts to make an opinion, only to try and prove their own preconcieved notions. Companies like this that try to guess the future using more then just a graph are influnced by bias .. and possibly on a payroll. The best way to see the future is to slowly travel forwards in time.. very slowly now, let’s all do it together now and see what happens.

  32. I think they say windows will dominate because the computer version uses .exe and there r million of apps in .exe so if they end up using it on a phone it’ll b an instant hit

    1. You’re joking right? I’m not trolling I’m serious: are you retarded?

  33. Lol by 2015 not only will android dominate the phone industry it will eat into microsofts console game industry muhahaha, I can’t wait.

  34. Who cares. If the Mayans are right, we will all be dead long before android or windows become the driving force of anything. Just joking…. I believe there is a chance for windows since they have a lot of experience with OS… even if it isn’t mobile formatted. However, it will take some drastic changes in their style and the way they open themselves to developers to make that hop from being third to being numero UNO. For now though Let’s all marvel at the greatness that Android has become and is still becoming..

  35. As phone companies continue to lock down Android it wouldn’t surprise me

  36. A lot of this depends on how developer friendly the OS is. Palm made it’s mark because it was easily to develop for and lots of niche market apps were available then Palm blew it. Android has the same advantage. I developed for the Pocket PC but haven’t looked into Windows 7 yet. Besides they are pushing .NET for the interface which is about as interesting Objective C.

  37. wow, over 130 comments so far. . . . looks like this got people talkin’

    maybe they knew about the skype deal lol

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