Dell Streak 7 Copy Is a Knock-off that Could Best the Original


Spoiler alert: this Dell Streak 7 knock-off does not, in fact, best the original. Why? We will distill it down to once simple spec, a resistive touchscreen. But if you can bear having to jam your fingers firmly against the glass to perform any and all touch operations, then prepare to be marveled by the 1.2GHz CPU, 3000mAh battery, and Android 2.3 install found on this copy of the Streak 7. Take that, expensive branded alternative! Did we mention that, unlike the real deal, this thing actually makes phone calls? All for under $180 dollars.

Other reasons not to buy: presumably shoddy build quality, probably won’t find it outside of China’s black market electronics markets, no reason to believe the thing actually works as advertised.

[via Engadget]

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  1. Resistive? fuuuu Chinese company.

    1. Yeah, I’m not sure how it can be better when the screen blows.

      1. i was thinking the same thing

  2. Yeah. I bought the Archos 7 Home Tablet off craigslist for $50, it would be fun and sort of usable, if it didn’t have a resistive screen.

  3. Why all the resistive touchscreen hate? I don’t understand you guys.

    1. Without a stylus the resistive touchscreen sucks. It makes the phone seem really unresponsive and it’s really just the screen that isn’t picking up your finger presses

      1. My phone uses a resistive screen and I don’t see what’s wrong with it. In fact, I prefer it over the capacitive screen of my Milestone.

      2. I gave my mom my Memoir, which has a resistive touch screen. I’ve been on Capacitive screens for over a year now. I used my Memoir for like 2 seconds, and couldn’t do anything. I was barely tapping the screen and nothing was happening.

        The thing is, with resistive touch screens, you have to press on the screen as if you’re pressing a button. You lose that reflex when you start having phones with capacitive screens. I won an iPod Touch when I still had my Memoir, and I kept accidentally pressing the screen on the iPod Touch because I was so used to the Resistive screen that I didn’t know how sensitive the Capacitive screen was.

        I didn’t have a stylus and I hated the LG eXpo because you HAD to use the stylus to navigate the phone. You can calibrate Resistive screen phones to your liking. Of course you knew that, meaning any touch problems you was having was that you wasn’t pressing hard enough since you lost that reflex. LoL!!

        1. Resistive screens aren’t made for light finger touches. Try them out with your fingernail instead. Does wonders.

    2. Resistive touchscreen are good when using stylus..

  4. We gotta use up the resistive stock I guess… I hope we start seeing cheap with reasonable quality soon. Right now its book and maybe archos.. though iv herd mixed reviews on archos.

    1. Sorry, auto correct. That’s nook

  5. Um… I thought a phone HAD to have a capacitive touch screen in order to use android 2.2+. Guess I read wrong. -_-

    Imagine the apps for this? o.O

  6. Why oh why to the have to use a resistive screen instead of a capacitive screen, it’s just crazy at this day and age!

  7. hahaha… yea…. thats right. China’s Black Market will overtake all smartphone manufacturers by 2050. lol (I’m not Chinese by the way) :P

  8. Another issue is multi-touch, Resistive screens are capable with some Kernel mods but then again that is with Windows Mobile. I don’t believe that’s possible with Android so no pinch to zoom action or game playing….smh

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