Some Sprint Stores Already Selling the Nexus S 4G


If you can’t wait until Sunday to pick up the Nexus S 4G, you might want to head down to your local Sprint store and try pestering an employee or two. A few lucky customers have been able to pick up the first 4G Google handset early. The official street date for the phone is May 8th, so if you can’t convince the folks at the Sprint store to let you walk with one today, remember, patience is a virtue. You will just have to hang tight for the next 48 hours or so.


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  1. Cool I guess?

  2. Awesome news for Sprint users. Hope my friends on Sprint enjoy their Nexus S as much as i do.

  3. no luck here called 3 in boston area

  4. it’s a gorgeous phone. I hope the next Nexus phone will be gorgeous too. I am liking my n1, and will prolly get the n3 next, assuming the rumors for it have started soon enough.

    Either way….to the buyers, enjoy the pre-release release! ;)

  5. Yeah we have them but we are not supposed to sell them. Lucky them.

  6. The one in my area won’t sell me one >.<

    And why does everyone think the next Nexus will be the "3"? Who says it won't be the "2" or "^2" or even some other letter?

    1. The S in Nexus S came from its Samsung (possibly Galaxy S) heritage. If speculation about the next Nexus being non-Samsung is true, then that may shape the naming accordingly – imo.

      1. Lol Nexus Optimus.

    2. It will be the Nexus 3D. Dohye!! LoL!!
      Nexus 3D (3d screen)
      Nexus 2 (dual-processor)
      Nexus Tablet (LG is rumored to making this, and it better come out!!)

  7. Why is it not microSD compatable? 16gig just isn’t enough anymore.

    1. I kindly disagree, with the advent of services like Drop Box and Amazon Cloud Drive, the necessity of on-board storage is quickly becoming a thing of the past. If you purchase your music through amazon as I do, you have unlimited storage on their cloud drive for those songs.

      1. Its a good thing amazons servers never crash or go offline and leave millions of users no way to access their files…
        Wait, whats that? They did? :)

        I dont want to have to use my data to access my music. Its a good alternative, but not the first resort I think of.

        I kindly disagree with you. But your argument is valid.

        1. I take my phone into places they don’t belong and I rarely get service way out in the back country and if my music was locked up in the cloud I would be pissed.

      2. I also purchase music from them, and like the option. I just think for being a developer phone it should come with all the bells& whistles for testing and simulation of any apps.
        My .02

        1. Excellent point.

          1. thank you, sir

      3. It’s a good thing I don’t have to use my Internet just to listen to songs. It’s also a good thing I can hook my phone up to my radio and listen to music without having to worry about it skipping throughout the song. I mean, having to load each song. And especially when you get a bad reception.

        You’re suppose to get good battery life when listening to music, and also, if you were on Tmo, you’d technically be using Data since you’re streaming music, thus building yourself closer to your Data Cap. I know Sprint doesn’t have one, but this is part of my argument on that.

        And with a good camera like that, don’t you think Videos will hog up your phone memory? And lets not hope you don’t have to do a Factory Recover because your phone isn’t working. I sure hope you’re able to connect your phone to your computer.

        And the phone’s screen is advertised, meaning you might be putting movies on here. I guess 5 movies is fine since no more is obviously going to be going on there to keep space since you only have 16GB.

        Think about an iPod Touch, then think if it’s really cool to have non-expandable storage. LoL!!

  8. No expandable sd card. Weak!!!

  9. What does it matter if the phone had 4g??? I have never had 4g. I am in ca…in riverside county and quirk in orange county …i don’t see 4g for another 2 years ..m3 htc evo 4g chip I have never used and my family is in ny and.sprint had no 4g……sprint needs to build their wimax tech before promoting a technology do limited… …or why not promote”america s 1st and most limited 4g network!!!”

    1. You should leave the Over-ratted Evo and kome to Tmo and get the HTC Sensation since you got the Evo. LoL!!

      I find it interesting that New York doesn’t have 4G, yet Houston does. I’d expect a city like New York to have it already. Hmm…

      1. Sprint & T-Mo offers 4G in NYC.

  10. Woot. Live in Southern California, San Gaberial Valley and get 4g coverage. That extra speed helps in downloading apps and video. It’s built up mainly where I travel.

  11. wheres the leather? ;)

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