T-Mobile Bringing Unlimited Data to $70 Prepaid Plan May 22nd


For those of you who’d rather ride the prepaid wave on Magenta, listen up – you’re no longer bound to 2GB of sweet 4G goodness after May 22nd. T-Mobile has informed everyone that they’ll be allowing users on the $70 unlimited plan to now chow down on as much data as they can eat. Those of you who are more than fine with the $50 plan will be happy to know that you’ll only be throttled (on a 4G phone) after eating up 100MB instead of being forced to pay more to use more. Sweet stuff, I’d say. [TmoNews]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Too bad there is still that 5GB cap that slows down your internet. :(

    1. Did you not just read the article? It says there is no cap…

      1. “Your data service may be slowed, suspended, terminated, or restricted if you use your service in a way that interferes with or impacts our network or ability to provide quality service to other users, if you roam for a significant portion of your usage, or if you use a disproportionate amount of bandwidth.”
        Maybe there’s not a set cap anymore, but they can still throttle you if they feel like it.

    2. No this is completely unlimited as much as you like

  2. Wow, T Mobile keeps looking better and better…

    1. Just wish they had more coverage and I would jump ship but in my area the coverage isnt very good.

  3. I can’t hit 5gb. I max out at 3.8gb I understand how it could be annoying though. This is good news! Right before the release of the Sensation!

  4. Really again with this make shift plan that gets pulled? Whatever…

  5. i call bs..they will set a cap on these eventually..and imma say it’s gonna be less than 5gb

  6. This isn’t sweet. 100MB of use is nothing especially at “4G” speeds.

    1. But the fact that they are no longer allowing you to pay to go over that 100MB definitely is sweet.

      1. Not sweet enough.

  7. I say it’s a lie. You be really naive to believe this.

  8. Doyou guys like being bent over and taking up the a? 70 dowwa for however much data is a rip off

    1. Just so you know, it’s $70 for unlimited talk, text, AND data (with a 5gb throttle?)

      1. That’s REALLY sweet. I’m unlimited data on AT&T but not including talk or text.


  10. This actually isn’t bs. On May 2nd I received 2 text messages from T-Mobile stating that they had upgraded my date plan from 2GB to unlimited. 3 days now and no problems with it.

  11. …See, use Canadians have carriers like Mobilicity, which do the unlimited talk, text and data for 35$ a month… no contract. (no 4G of course, but like… you can pre-pay up to a year and save like 30% or something) Canada 1> USA 0. ; )

    1. Oh geez, us*

  12. So does this or does this not mean there’s still an unmentioned 5GB cap? Can’t tell from the other comments. Also is this for Even More or Even More Plus?

  13. Who cares? Dropping TMob now that ATT is sniffing around them.

    $70/month should get you 60 mins alone with their spokesmodel. Puh!

  14. Tether your phone. Fire up a few movies through Netflix and stream music all day and night during the billing period on the tethered PC or laptop… Bet You’ll find out pretty damn quickly just how “throttled” it will be.

  15. More reason for FCC to kill the buy out deal. Tmo trying its very best to give customers their freedom to use their phones as they please…unlike others who nickel and dimes their customer for every byte, txt, voice etc

  16. Go Tmo…$70 unlimited everyth beats signing with the big name carriers who try to suck u dry for more money and less data, text and talk

  17. i have spoken with reps and they detail that there is a 5gb cap. after which u go to EDGE. though that is sweet and beats their existing post paid plan which caps u at 2gb for 79.99 or whatever it is.

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