Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Passes Through FCC Again – This Time As GT-P7510


A 10.1-inch, WiFi only Samsung Galaxy Tab has just passsed an FCC filing and we’ve got a bunch of sketchy blueprints to prove it. When we last heard from Samsung’s lightly Touch Whizzed Honeycomb tablet it had a slightly different model number than the GT-P7510. Back then it was known as the GT-P7100 and it was a slighty thicker variant than the one the one we see here. Reportedly, after seeing what they were going up against with the iPad 2, Samsung went back to the drawing board to create an even more competitive product and I must say, I think they’ve done a great job. We don’t know too many specifics on any upgrades done to the internals, but I expect them to remain relatively the same as the previous version.

I think if Samsung can keep this tablet competitively priced, we might see their tablet sell out all over the country just like the Asus Eee Pad Transformer. And if it’s one thing Android needs to bring to Apple’s table, it’s some hefty tablet competition.

[Via FCC and WirelessGoodness]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Man this the only Tablet that is making me wanting to purchase one even though I really don’t need but just for my personal pleasure of having something nice

    1. Agreed. I’m hoping the price is low low low too…

      1. same as ipad

  2. Just wanted to point out a minor typo : “A 10.9-inch WiFi only Samsung Galaxy “.
    This is indeed good news.

    1. I read your comment over 10.9 times and still didn’t see it! Lol

      Finally caught it though. Thank you.

  3. no usb or microSD/SD? I don’t buy ipad because it is missing these features.

    1. It will have a micro SD card slot…this has already been stated…

      SOURCE (there are many, but this will do)

      1. because it isn’t listed on the blueprint. that’s why i am confused.

        1. Understandable…I will not buy a device without a micro SD card or some form of expandable storage for flashing Clockwork Recovery.

  4. Any new news about 3G “Upgradeable to 4G” version??? im pre-ordering this thing when I can for U.S. release :-)

  5. Excellent job by samsung!!..

  6. I’m definitely getting this one. Is the release date in the US still June 8th for $499?

  7. What the average time between a device passing FCC and release? Is the June 8th date still realistic?

  8. Pleeeeeeease be exynos CPU!!

  9. Maybe they’ll look at the success of the Asus eee pad and lower their price just a wee bit more. Since the eee pad is never in stock if this thing is out before that’s available again I’ll get this. I want a tablet, and I trust Samsung for quality, so we’lll see

  10. They already announced the prices, cheaper than the iPad 2 :)

  11. And it is not exynos, its dual core Tegra 2 like Xoom. Guys, this device had a big presentation by Samsung, and most specs were released already. The prices for the wifi version have been given, and they are lower than the iPad 2. This is going to sell millions like the Galaxy S series :)

  12. Im not sure also, but I have read that it will support at least t-mobile’s “4G” network, another plus. This seems like the perfect Android tablet, although I would rather have the stock Honeycomb experience, even though Samsung only lightly customized it.

  13. hope this will have microSD and USB port. ;) cause thats what majority wants! =)

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