Motorola Atrix 4G HSUPA Update Ready to Roll, AT&T Preps Support Page


Yesterday we heard word that an update to version 4.1.83 for the Motorola Atrix 4G was due today, and though it was uncovered on Motorola’s site earlier the official over-the-air version is ready to roll. In preperation, AT&T has updated their Atrix support page with complete instructions on what to do when your handset is prompted to update. It isn’t exactly rocket science, but if you are new to Android and OTA updates it might be good to give the once over.

Aside from enabling HSUPA data speeds on the Atrix, the update also includes 2G/EDGE mobile hotspot support and the ability to use Yahoo email over a Wi-Fi network. But those are added bonuses. Anyone see the update pushed to their handset yet?

[AT&T via AndroidForums]

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  1. Does anybody have a link to a zip of the previous OTA update that the Atrix was sent? Mine will download it but refuses to install. If i had the zip I would do it manually.

    1. It’s on the xda dev’s forums.

      1. I tried looking there but I couldnt find it.

  2. still not seeing it anywhere

  3. South park taught me to read everything first

  4. It’s really to bad this Atrix 4g has to be on this SORRY NETWORK….It deserves a better fate. Ass t&t is garbage and they treat android as such. Anyone with an android device on this network should seriously consider switching to Sprint or Tmobile so you can get to enjoy your device as the manufracturers intended you too. PISS ON AT&T AND VERIZON

    1. How about you troll somewhere else? You’re seriously posting how AT&T doesn’t care about Android in a post stating that they just rolled out some updates for one of their Android phones that’s been out for 3 months? Notice the irony?

      1. I think he’s too uneducated to even know what irony is. He was living on the streets for awhile after all.

  5. Billy_B keepin it real. Lol

  6. I haven’t been able to get the update cause my phone is rooted. Do I have to unroot in order to download the update? Thank you in advance

    1. no my phone rooted I just got it

  7. it’s live baby just got pushed to my rooted phone and its not even out here in Australia yet (not sure how that works) sent by Motorola not the carrier

  8. Update now available…

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