Use Motorola Updater to Get ATRIX 4G HSUPA OTA


Reports are flying in from AndroidForums.com that the HSUPA upgrade from Motorola can now be had through their update software at Motorola’s support site. Folks are confirming it is indeed Android 2.2.2 and build 4.1.83 that’s said to be bringing HSUPA goodness and improved Skype functionality. If you don’t want to wait for the OTA update and would rather get it now, give it a spin over at Motorola’s support site. (Select the Atrix 4G to get started.) [Thanks Zack!]

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  1. Ugh, they must be releasing it to batches of IMEI #’s. Software update doesn’t do anything for me. But thanks for the tip guys!

  2. Don’t update if you want to root.

    1. just use GingerBreak. works like a charm on 1.83

    2. I have root after updating. I ran the retain root script from 1.2.6 updated to 1.5.7, ran retain root script again. updated to 1.8.3 and have full root access. gingerbreak also works still I think.

  3. Did not work for me

  4. My speeds are down!! Finger sensor not working… I’m on 1.83

  5. That’s not for the .83 its the old on, check the details.

    1. 4.1.83

      1. When you click “what is in this update” it says 4.1.57

  6. didnt work for me either

  7. From the Moto web site … “Software Update for AT&T Motorola ATRIX 4G™ 4.1.57”. It’s not yet publicly available, so whoever got it was either very lucky or very unlucky. Not terribly uncommon for a vendor to post an update and then immediately find another problem (surprise) and pull the update right back. So, if you wer lucky enough to get this update this morning, you may want to exercie caution ….

  8. Nada

  9. Updater says 1.5.7 but it will update to 1.8.3. and leave your phone connected for 30 minutes if your phone does not get the update. It will.

    1. Untrue. I wish people wouldn’t post faulty information like this. Using the Motorola updater will return a “No new updates available” message and no amount of time that the Atrix is USB connected will change that. They have to post the patch on their end, which they haven’t yet. It was up for a few hours early Friday morning, and has since disappeared. This marks another broken promise by AT&T for HSUPA by April, and fraud for advertising 4G connections when, by definition, upstreams are capped at 300k for the Atrix… making them sub-3G. AT&T is a vile, greedy, dishonest telco.

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