HTC Inspire 4G Update Going Out Now, Enables HSUPA Support


Following right behind the HSUPA-enabling update for the Motorola Atrix 4G, the HTC Inspire 4G is receiving its update to alleviate data speed caps. The update is being pushed to AT&T subscribers over-the-air, but for the impatient out there HTC’s support page recommends doing the old check for updates trick by selecting the AT&T Software Update option under the settings menu.

The update also includes enhancements for email including auto-configuration for Hotmail, Live and MSN email and an improved email setup process. AT&T said the update would come in April and they got it in by the skin of their teeth. That counts for something, right?

[via HTC, Thanks all who sent this in!]

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  1. At&t stinks like ROTTEN EGGS… They will find something else to cap or block they do no favors for android users that’s for sure.

    1. As the article and Billy_B points out, they are doing a favor for Android users by pushing out an update to fix a problem. Did you even read the article?

  2. Meh

  3. At&t sucks donkey dick.

  4. Its letting me do an HTC update, but not the AT&T one because I checked for updates less then 24 hours ago.

  5. if you don’t see much change then pull the battery for a clean restart….my uploads now range from 700-1200 kbps in a low coverage area w/ 2-3 bars.

    1. You don’t need to pull the battery. Just reboot the phone once or twice.

  6. At&t stinks? So why are they number 2

    1. the iphone and former cingular customers. Cingular was a good cell phone company but after their numerous acquisitions they became more and more anti-consumer.

    2. Number two based on what???? They are a lousy provider of service and treat android customers and the devices made by manufracturers as if they are a non entity….If it wasn’t for the iphone nobody would really be on that network…Why don’t they lock down that sorry iphone as much as they do android devices???Somebody needs to shut down Ass t&t permenately…

      1. The AT&T bashing is way overblown which is why they still have such a large network of customers. In my opinion, they just got high end Android phones and have been quite good about sending out updates for the Atrix and now the Inspire. These phones have been out for just a few months at most and there have been updates already. Other entry level Android phones that came before these aren’t phones that other carriers/manufacturers pay that much attention to and certainly aren’t the focus of updating them to the latest and greatest. I’m sure I’d focus on updates for the HTC Aria if I was AT&T…lol Also, the service is fine for most people and people who talk about poor service are the ones that left. But they are a huge carrier and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

        I think your comments are very generic and you are showing some level of emotional hostility. Why did you even post when the topic of this article is just an Inspire update? You really came on here to say that AT&T doesn’t support Android on a post showing that they just updated one of their high end Android phones? LOL That’s ironic!

        1. You’ll quickly notice, that’s all he comes on here to do. Rave about Sprint/HTC and bash practically everyone/everything else with no real thought. Not much of a real conversationalist.

      2. Ummmm this is only a guess, but maybe he meant number 2 in terms of subscriber base. After your MOST favorite carrier of course, Verizon. Common knowledge you idiot. Generally the ranking goes Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, with the first 2 switching positions occasionally. Again, everyone but you seems to know this. Good job at being completely ignorant of the facts.

  7. There is no update for the inspire here in alaska

  8. I’ve been getting decent download and crappy upload. Then I reboot my phone and now I get over 1mbps.

  9. didnt help much upload speeds are still very low.

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