Apr 27th, 2011

Before T-Mobile’s launch of the G2x by LG, word got out that the phone would be a quadband HSPA+ device. T-Mobile didn’t deny the fact, and even published specs that listed the phone as compatible with both T-Mobile and AT&T’s 3G bands. Many speculated the inclusion of an AT&T-ready radio was to future-proof the device for their propsed acquisition of T-Mobile. We theorized it was actually LG’s foresight to prepare the handset for launch in other markets. Turns out neither theory is correct, as those who have had a go at unlocking the G2x have discovered that the phone doesn’t support AT&T’s spectrum.

To clear up the matter, Engadget reached out to T-Mobile who confirmed that the phone does not support AT&T’s 3G bands, and that it isn’t simply a software block. The hardware itself is not designed as quadband. Sad news for any T-Mobile subscribers hoping the G2x would insure a smooth transition once (and if) AT&T takes over.

[via Engadget]

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