Despite Claims to the Contrary, T-Mobile G2x Doesn’t Support AT&T 3G


Before T-Mobile’s launch of the G2x by LG, word got out that the phone would be a quadband HSPA+ device. T-Mobile didn’t deny the fact, and even published specs that listed the phone as compatible with both T-Mobile and AT&T’s 3G bands. Many speculated the inclusion of an AT&T-ready radio was to future-proof the device for their propsed acquisition of T-Mobile. We theorized it was actually LG’s foresight to prepare the handset for launch in other markets. Turns out neither theory is correct, as those who have had a go at unlocking the G2x have discovered that the phone doesn’t support AT&T’s spectrum.

To clear up the matter, Engadget reached out to T-Mobile who confirmed that the phone does not support AT&T’s 3G bands, and that it isn’t simply a software block. The hardware itself is not designed as quadband. Sad news for any T-Mobile subscribers hoping the G2x would insure a smooth transition once (and if) AT&T takes over.

[via Engadget]

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  1. I guess the truth just goes out the window when marketing a product

  2. i told U’s so.
    cant say i didnt see this comming

  3. This is such a great looking phone. Played with one in the store last week for a bit, and I couldn’t get over how much I liked the design. It looks like the iPhone 4 and the Droid Incredible had a beautiful child. If I were looking for a stock Android phone, I’d be getting this one in a heartbeat. I’m leaning more towards Sense, so I’ll be getting the HTC Sensation, at least until I try both out and see which one I like better.

  4. WTF man I just signed a 2 yr contract knowing that this phone will work with ATT. : (

  5. Took it back yesterday, before this broke, because I knew this would be the case.

    Back to the Nexus One.

    Next test drive: Sensation.

  6. between this bullshit and the reboot / screen bleeding i’m cancelling my contract ( still in 14 day period ) today and going back to verizon thursday.

    T MOBILE should be SUED for false advertising, as the manager at the local store explicitly said this will be att 3g ready.

    1. Cell phone store clowns will tell you anything to make a sell…

  7. So basically this phone will be useless after the merger.

    1. may not be true, tmobile just tweeted they have no plans on changing the 3/4g service in any way that would make the g2x obsolete and post merger. I’m now confused….? so they will maintain t mobile towers to serve our g2x’s post merger? thought att was restructuring them to LTE ?!?!

      1. Yeah well tmobile has no control if they get bought out. Just saying I wouldn’t put much stock in anything tmobile says.

  8. That sucks. Still looks like a really nice phone (love the build quality and look) but buying any T-Mobile phone that can’t use at&t 3G bands if a huge gamble if you plan on keeping the phone more than 1yr.

  9. Kinda of a bummer but i’m still getting it. I’m sure once AT&T takes over and the 3G spectrum is switched they’re gonna give a fat discount for a newer much more advanced phone by then. ;)

  10. #1. People at T-Mobile are idiots. One rep will tell you one thing, then another rep will tell you something different. They don’t know their a$$ from a hole in the ground. Don’t trust what they say.
    #2. The fact that this nonsense about the bands not being there being reported as fact without mentioning that THE FCC VERIFIED THAT THIS PHONE SUPPORTS THE BANDS is pure insanity. Is the FCC lying? The FCC has to approve ALL DEVICES BEFORE COMING TO MARKET. How do the online reviewers not know this? In my experience Engadget, and any other multitude of online bloggers and reviewers, are also clueless. Until the FCC says they were wrong, you can bet this phone has all of the required bands. Someone will hack it to work on AT&T. GUARANTEED.

    1. Wow! Well put Clay. Im thinking you sir have a valid point. Were just gonna have to wait and see what kind of unlocking goodness devs come up with and make T-Mobile/AT&T/LG look freaking stupid! :D

    2. Clay, where did the fcc verify that it supports the bands? I looked up the device on fcc.gov and it said 1700 and 2100 hsdpa only

  11. Sad news for LG too, because the one I bought last week is going back to Costco. There are going to be a whole bunch of refurbished phones from LG in the not too distant future.

  12. w….t….f…… this was pretty much the one reason that pushed me over the edge to get the G2x. I’m pretty upset now, especially because of the HORRIBLE HORRIBLE experience I had ordering this phone. T-Mooobiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiile, you gots some SPLAININ’ TO DO!

  13. Don’t care. Will be on to a newer phone if/when the merger goes through anyway.

  14. Who really cares its a bad ass phone. And even if the FCC approved this b.s. merger at&t will have to compensate us in order to keep us our contracts. Really who’s going to stay on a contract and not get to use 3g or 4g?

  15. Does anyone here actually read comments from AT&T about when they were planning on turning off T-mobiles 3G to start rolling out LTE? because if you did you wouldn’t be crying like a bunch of childish babies. They said it will be at least a year post merger before that happens. and you factor in the 1-1.5 years for the merger to get approved well your 2 year contract is up anyways and most will of bought whatever is the latest and greatest before then anyways.

    1. That is not the point. A company like T-Mobile should not be posting incorrect Specs……it is not about whinning.

  16. Update: They corrected the spec page…..but still should be hold accountable for mistakes as such.

  17. I picked up the LG G2x last week at Costco, I’m keeping it I don’t care what anyone says. This phone is just too kewl 4 school! If want to take yours back, knock yourself out!!!!

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