T-Mobile G2X Equipped With AT&T’s 4G Bands


Either T-Mobile is already requesting manufacturers produce their phones to future-proof them for the AT&T acquisition or LG realizes the benefits of economies of scale. While I’d predict the latter, either way it seems the latest hot handset from T-Mobile will be equipped not only with T-Mobile 4G but also with AT&T 4G.

While the future-proofing is a nice theory it is unlikely. Chances are that LG saw themselves launching this device in various markets and preferred to mass produce it with a variety of radios rather than engineer, earn FCC validation, and jump through all the hoops of two almost identical devices with different radios.

It’s a nice touch by LG but if anyone wants to toss their conspiracy theories in the ring… the comments are the place to do so.

[TMOnews via T-Mobile]

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  1. the gov better not allow the deal to go thru or else we’ll be like back in the 90’s with all the monopoly sues and shitty businesses..

  2. There needs to be more UMTS quadbands for all these phones.

  3. I really hope the FCC doesn’t approve of the deal……

  4. Another outstanding phone that probably won’t sell near what it should because AT&T got in the way. T-Mobile was on a roll with great handsets, doubt that will continue too much in the near future. On a side note, it was great seeing a T-Mobile commercial bashing AT&T last night. Kinda thought they’d have pulled them but not yet.

  5. Now that there isn’t anymore competition among GSM carriers in the US, there is no more fear of people unlocking there phones for use on a rival carrier. it’s a shame we don’t have a more open system like they have in Europe.

    P.S. Quit referring to HSPA+ as 4G.

  6. I don’t, the second theory implies that LG all of a sudden just outsmarted everyone. Why were manufacturers creating seperate phones for TMo and ATT this entire time as opposed to just produce a model that works on both networks? I think it has more to do with the carriers and exclusivity etc. In this case TMo definitely had to give the go ahead in my opinion. Kudos to TMo if thats the case.

  7. I would love to see this more frequently, especially with the next Nexus phone. A single phone that I could take to any Canadian carrier would be fantastic.

  8. @Rick people refer to HSPA+ as 4G to distinguish the slower and faster speeds. Yes its the same technology with a software update. But if you want to be technical, LTE and WiMax are not either, only LTE-Advanced is. So lets just leave the technicalities and take it for what it is.

  9. Yea, Rich-its not about The “G” anymore but about the Mbps, which is what TMO has.

  10. if the deal goes through or not, im still getting this phone, a dual core phone with ALMOST pure stock android? you cant beat that. and i also hope that these frequencies mean we can still use them on att.

  11. agreed– a superphone has to be UMTS quad band– not just to work with AT&T but other cariers in Canada and around the world.

  12. If the frequencies above are the only ones.. you are wrong about having “both 4G”.. because the T Mobile Frequencies are not there.. these are the same freqs you would find in say the Captivate .. so these are AT&T 4G freqs.. I suppose this could be a “Frankenphone” with GSM phone being provided by T Mobile and 4G provided by AT&T.. This has happened so many times over the past 2 years, where the 2100 band is listed, and someone jumps on the “It will work with T Mobile and AT&T !”… I realize that Phandroid is a Verizon leaning site.. and that the “GSM heresy” just gets under your skin, but you need to school yourself so you don’t just copy and paste misinformation.

  13. @dennis,
    You need to school yourself, or let me do it.

    UMTS bands for AT&T are 850 and 1900 and for T-Mobile USA 1700(AWS) and 2100.

    “…these are the same freqs you would find in say the Captivate .. ”
    – NO! Captive has 850/1900/2100 – Presumably works on AT&T and carriers that use only 2100 for their 3G services, but not T-Mobile USA.
    Yet this phone has 850/1900 (which supposedly will work on AT&T) and 1700(AWS)/2100 (which will work on T-Mobile USA).

  14. Ugh, enough with the HSPA =/= 4G comments. When you join the committee that decides what is and what isn’t 4G then you can talk. Until then, leave it alone because what you say on these comments doesn’t mean squat.

  15. @Dennis & @Rich you’re both dumb ass’. hahaha

  16. @XTOCb
    no.. will not work without the 1700 band.. otherwise all AT&T phones that had 2100 would work wouldn’t they ? it requires 2 bands, an up and a down.

  17. @Dennis
    AWS Band IV is 1700/2100

  18. The tmo defy from moto has the same thing and it is six months old already.
    has more to do with countries it will be sold in I think.
    no conspiricy here

  19. Really don’t want to see tmobile to merge with att

  20. @AGlittlex, Mbps bothers you, huh? That sucks since all carriers claim 4G since the ITU redefined it. TMO is still the fastest, sweetie. Lol!

  21. You must have missed the launch of verizons lte. Tmobile is no longer the fastest.

  22. I cant get over seeing DISQUS on Phandroid!!! lol

    AT&T has a nice phone line up coming up. I think my decision to go to AT&T has been made.

    Better reception and phone selection for the next year. I hope AT&T does 1 year contracts…

  23. Really hoping that the FCC kills the deal, and that Tmo gets the 3 billion promised to help them improve services even further….

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