Android Modders Beat AT&T to the Punch, Deliever HSUPA Support for the Atrix 4G


The only thing worse than waiting on slow “4G” speeds on the Motorola Atrix 4G is waiting for AT&T to deliver the promised update that will lift data speed caps on the device. If you have a rooted Atrix and are sick of holding out for AT&T, today is your lucky day. The folks over at XDA have once again delivered, bringing a new flash-able radio update that will enable HSUPA support on the dual-core handset. The new radio file was pulled from Telstra’s 1.4.2 update for the Atrix and brings the radio to baseband version 1.87.

Users who have already taken the mod to task are reporting upload speed increases from 0.3Mbps up to numbers bordering on 2Mbps. a major upgrade indeed. AT&T had initially said the official Atrix update would land in April, though time for that is quickly running out. See the source link below for instructions on getting your Atrix up to speed.

[XDA Developers via DroidMatters]

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  1. 2mbps is a serious upgrade? WOW, I get 1.5 mbps on 3G here on my EVO. Consistently hitting 8-10 mbps on 4G. *SMH*

    1. 2 Words – Reading Comprehension

      1. 2 more words, i did. And no matter what speed you were getting, an increase of 2 mbps is not a SERIOUS UPGRADE. Now back to your hole troll.

        1. He clearly reported the UPLOAD… Not download…

        2. read it again … then study “upload speeds” and you will see it is a great inprovement. My EVO 4G rarely gets above 1upload even though my downs are 4-8

    2. you do realize the article is talking about upload speeds, not download speeds. thanks.

    3. Wedding picture avatar – wife (or husband?)=fail.

      Your prediction on the Blackhawks never giving up was wrong.

      You’re an idiot who can’t read .2mbps – 2mbps is a serious upgrade.

      You should stop posting…

      You can flash back to prior update to root, it’s on xda site and is easy to do. The more people that do it the faster att will be inclined to release a real update for less inclined users so that we all get what we paid/pay for.

      Also read patty Washington twitter for a good lol

    4. 8-10 mbps on upload speads?

    5. My DSL line connected to my PC only gets .43 mbps UPload .. so 2 mbps seems like it would be mighty nice for a phone.

  2. Patrick what good is all that speed if your battery goes dead after half an hour. The Atrix destroys any current HTC phone at just about anything. The Evo was a fine phone for 2010 but for 2011 it’s a pos. Just accept it and kill yourself

    1. Half an hour? yea ok, sorry to tell you but I get 24 hours or more on a charge. And yes my EVO was fine for 2010, and will be until I cop the EVO 3d. So thanks.

    2. Dont be mad cause you got a shitty atrix, with shitty 4g, and a shitty carrier, you got the worst of both worlds, Motorola and AT&T I feel sorry for you.

      1. Don’t be mad because you purchased an outdated phone with 2 hours battery life and a slow as hell cpu crapdragon cpu and even slower gpu.

        1. Difference is he purchased his a YEAR AGO……get it. A YEAR ago, and you got yours last month and its already a POS. Evo 3D blows that crap out the galaxy.

          BTW, you keep talking about some made up battery life you obviously know nothing about. The EVO’s battery is just as good as any other single core phone out. Dont believe everything you read on the web son.

        2. The EVO 4g was anything but slow and outdated as of last year in July when I purchased, at first battery issue was bad but overblown, I work in front of an ac outlet no problem for me. The EVO will always have plenty more dev support than your shitty atrix, what good is an atrix when you have a shitty ass carrier, bloatware, motoblur. I would rather have my old last year tech EVO running CM7 than a dual core atrix, that has trouble uploading photos.

          Sent from ?

  3. “4G” in quotes…kind of saying pseudo 4G, right? After all, its not Verizon LTE, so it doesn’t really count as 4G, right Kevin?

    Why don’t u just quit writing for phandroid and go back to your verizon stand in the mall?

    1. None of the alleged 4G technologies count. But that being said, AT&T’s is by far the least 4G of the fake 4G technologies.

      1. I used to agree that they are all fake 4G…but the ITU reclassified 4G to include HSPA+, wimax and LTE. Therefore, they are all equally considered as 4G. NOT semi 4G, not fake 4G, yada yada. So despite anyone thinking otherwise, VZW does not have the only true 4G, and saying otherwise is simply incorrect.

  4. Theres no way you can say the evo’s battery is as good as any other phone, thats simply false. Literally every one of my friends with an evo (4 people) suffers from horrendous battery life. One even switched back to a blackberry soley do to the shitty life. You’re lying to yourself if you think it lasts as long as most single core phones. After a statement like that, any credibility that you may have had is wiped away, good work.

    1. LOL, far be it from me to go against someone who heard from 4 people, as opposed to an entire community on XDA. But yea, keep believing everything you hear.



      2 of many threads documenting the battery life people are getting on the EVO. So much for horrendous battery life eh?

    2. Yeah, 4 friends makes a great sample size for your study. Here’s a study with an even smaller sample size……. My one friend with an evo had poor battery life as well. And then I asked her, why is your wifi on all the time, do you really need to keep the screen brightness all the way up, why is gps on all the time, do you use google calandar – maybe you should turn sync off for that……? and what do you know, her battery now lasts all day. Go figure that. My sample tells me some people don’t have any idea what their phone does, what to shut off and why their battery doesn’t last. But it is a small sample and may not be generalizable to the general public.

  5. Now that this is out, wonder how much longer till at&t sends out the official upgrade. Hopefully sooner then later.

  6. Clearly an uneducated brat who does not know what HSUPA means… let him be fellas…

    long live the Atrix…

    and when they get their heads out of their asses… long live Motorola!!


  7. 3D on a phone is a gimmick/toy other than trying to impress people with a pointless function there is no point to it.

  8. I said it before and I will say it again. AT&T doesn’t take care of their existing customers, so you know they are not going to take care of T-Mobile customers after the merger

  9. Att isnt too far off. Something tells me beta testers will get this ota. But if not xda always has our backs. Its the end of april so lets see if att holds up their word.

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