Dog Wars Now Missing From the Android Market [Was it Vick?]


Much noise has been made over a controversial game that had you playing the role of a dog owner participating in dog fighting rings for cash. Debates have raged on about morals and all of that good, juicy stuff. And even one once-incarcerated NFL quarterback Michael Vick spoke out about the game – he went to jail and lost his football fortune for participating in this sort of stuff in real life.

That may have just pushed either Google or the developers who created the game over the edge, though, as it’s been removed from the Android market. In a statement earlier, the developers stated they’d be looking to introduce a game with a modified concept so as to no offend those who have – well – taken offense. It’s possible they could have removed the application themselves in preparation.

On the other hand, Google can remove any application they want if a developer’s app violates the terms of service. And the last time I checked, their terms of service explicitly states that they have every right to move obscene apps – depending on who you are, Dog Wars is quite obscene.

No statement has come out from neither of the parties, though, so we can’t assume who did what just yet. Just know that it’s no longer there. You fans of it had better make an APK backup if you already have it because I foresee this one being tucked away for quite some time. [via AllThingsDigital]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Does anyone know where I can find the apk?

    1. lol I know..that was fast.

      Now I wanna get it.


    WAIT.. WHAT?!

    1. Well, Android is open, Google market is not. Find the apk file, and you can install it.

      No jailbreak / root needed…

  3. This just goes to show….that dog fighting has been going on long before Michael Vick and will continue to do so.

    Now if They could only have a Cock Fight App.

    1. And thugs who break the law have been incarcerated long before Mike Vick, and will continue to do so.

      1. yes you white thugs have been breaking the law for a long long long long time dogfighting originated in England loser

        1. Who mentioned anything about race you moron?

        2. Lol, you do realize that “white thugs” aren’t the only race of thugs participating in Dog Fighting right?

        3. That’s when it originated when white people were the only ones civilized enough to do anything. Now you would be hard pressed to find white dudes at a dog fight…they are supected to be the po-leece. Now it is just black dudes and some mehicanos in there

  4. Good didn’t need something like that anyways.

  5. And I assume the games where you can kill people are still in the store?

    Ah, America, where a dog’s life is worth more than a human’s. And where the difference between a game and reality needs to be explained every year.

    1. Ain’t it sad?

      1. craziness Mick Vick ruined over killing dogs which is obviously terrible yet Donte Stallworth runs over and kills a Cuban-American and get 30days in jail….. American public failure….

        1. I’ve never heard if this game until now… and now I wanna play it. lol. I wanna raise a puppy to beat the best ^_^

        2. The “Cuban American” (I don’t know why ethnicity plays a role, but ok) was behaving unlawfully at the time of the incident, therefore Dante was charged appropriatly and given a appropriate sentence. Don’t be dumb

    2. Those games should not be in stores either, BUT people who maim and kill other people receive harsh sentences. Those who maim and kill dogs do not. There is noexcuse for having an evil game like this on the market.

      1. Except that there are some very sick ppl in this world.

      2. you know why games like these get pulled?? because of the IDIOTS in this world who FAIL to realize the difference between reality and fiction. RIGHT vs. WRONG. it’s not the game thats wrong, its the PEOPLE who can’t act right.


    3. We know that dog fighting is illegal. It is more of a good reason to set an example with not marketing this game. If any of the kids that play war games sat down with my grandfather for a few minutes when he talked about world war 2 they might see that war isn’t a game too.

      1. Thank God there is actually someone on here with some good sense. Thank you Evaselfert.

    4. PPl can make their own decisions. They can decide to fight, to kill or to fight dogs. Dogs have no voice in what is done to them by stupid a@@ ppl that make decisions for them. See the diff? If you were to ask a dog do you want to fight I am sure the dogs would say No I would rather be a family member in a home where I can love my humans and they love me. Same with bull fighting. Think the bull wants to be speared over and over and then finally destroyed? I don’t think so. Why don’t ppl just get in the ring like boxers and fight each other and leave innocent animals out of their sick, blood sport.

      1. Its a game fool get over it! How about Modern Warfare, I dont see you complaining about that….

        1. Maybe you should learn to read b4 calling other ppl a fool. If you know how to read please read my post again and see if you can understand why I am against violent videos involving animals. I am entitled to an opinion whether you agree or not. Have a nice day.

          1. MaYbE YoU ShOuLd TaKe TyPiNg LeSsOnS.
            i mean really, is it that hard to type out ‘Before’?

            i got tired of harping on phandroid posts, so now i turn to the comments. a neverending cesspool of idiots with poor grammar.

            Dogfighting is wrong. get over it.

          2. In order to write “correctly”, one must capitalize the first letter of each sentence. Otherwise one puts oneself in danger of become a member of the “neverending cesspool of idiots with poor grammar.”

            Please feel free to comment back on whether I’m also a complete idiot for not capitalizing “internet”. And then someone else can reply as to why it should in fact be “internet” and not “Internet”. Ad nauseum…

          3. Very strange. I have never had someone who agreed with my post critique my typing. Guess some ppl (ppl stands for people) have nothing more to say than belittle a fellow poster. Have a nice day.

      2. Yes Jyrdogs, you could not say that any better, people do make their own decisions.

        The only problem with these people’s point is that it changes depending upon what they are sniveling about.

        These are the same people that want to take my 2nd amendment rights away. They say ban guns, too much gun violence. Do you think the gun decided to go and kill someone? No, just like you say in the dog fights thing, it’s the dumb a@@ person making the decision.

    5. Hell, where I come from, dog tastes like chicken. And after ripping up my sofa, are best serve with beer after being flamed over the coals!

    6. Im playing it right now. I love my little beast, just finished tearing the throat out of some cheap as* terrier. Its a shame I have to feed it so much raw meat, but slavey fights hard!!

      Dog wars kicks ass!!!

    7. this game rocks, my dog is roided up and just tore my neighbors terrier to pieces. Dog fighting in real life = bad, dog fighting in the virtual world with an ID check = no harm done.

  6. Smfh….The irony of america.

  7. Android or Google doesn’t need bad press. Nuff said!

  8. much as I dislike the nature of the app, I think it should still be able to fail or succeed on its own. What’s next to be removed? This sets a bad precedence in my opinion. Let people’s wallets do the talking, not the cry of a vocal minority.

    1. Think again about the minority. It was a majority that got this sick, disgusting game removed.

  9. ok i strongly disagree on dog fight in REAL LIFE! but we can go shoot up dogs in Call of Duty “attack dogs” or play Grand theft Auto and go shoot some cops. but to PETA, people is less important then animals.

    1. IKR!? I was thinking the same thing. Playing video games where you shoot people relieves steam. Unless they want us to go out in shoot somebody in real life.

    2. This is just beginning to get on my last nerve!! We, the animal rights/welfare activists…..are for the most part….the same people who are fighting against child abuse!! Most of us care about animals AND people. People can fight, speak up for themselves. Animals CAN NOT!!! So yes, we may be a little more out front with the animal issues….but I fight just as hard for the children!

      This game bothers me on several levels….it hardens people to the cruelty & promotes dog fighting. Dog fighting is illegal in the first place! It’s not o.k. to fight, maim & abuse dogs or any animal. What these dogs are put through…the abuse is horrendous. What about the bait dogs used in training? Do you people know, or even care, about what happens to them? It also promotes a false representation of Pit Bulls. These dogs are not born fighters…they are trained, tormented & abused to fight. Yes, dog fighters breed for aggression, but not honest, reputable breeders. The dogs who won’t fight well are destroyed, as are the losers. Saying a Pit (& I’m not a Pit owner) is a born fighter is about as intelligent as saying a GSD is a born Police Dog…they are trained to be a Police Dog or Military Dog! I raised & trained GSDs for many years.

      As for people & your war games….There again…people can speak up, You can fight back, defend yourselves. Two men want to get into a ring & beat the living h___ out of each other….that’s your right, your choice…that’s a choice the dogs aren’t given!!! What about THEIR right???? So yes, I’ll speak up FOR THEM!!

      Civil Rights? You have a right to protest for this game….I have a right to protest against it! I have a right to fight for those who have no rights, voice, or the right to be treated with care & compassion. Civil Rights? I doesn’t mean we have the right to do anything we want to with no consequences….try yelling fire in a theater! See what it gets you!

  10. and if Mike Vick never got caught he would be around the dog fighting game still

  11. Apparently there is a facebook app with the same name and they got it removed. In the other app you are a dog that trains itself and fights other dogs. Not seeing a big difference really.

    1. In the facebook app the dogs (various breeds) fight with swords and shields while wearing knight aromor…now how realistic does that sound. This is a full simulation of dog fighting, they just left the part which includes bait anianimals, starving dogs on chains, dogs being wrapped in bags and dumped in ditches while still alive…you know the freedom of speech stuff, sorry oif this is misspelled or wording problematic, I can not see what I am typeing LOL

  12. Pretty sure people don’t go around killing others in the United States on a regular basis. It doesn’t really need to be explained to them that this would be a bad thing. Dog fighting flies under the radar and people get away with it. WE HAVE RIGHTS! Wahhh!

    Always gonna be people bitching or playing devil’s advocate no matter what

  13. Does anyone think Vick actually cares? This is just a publicity stunt.

    1. They should make a game where Vick is being attacked by pitbulls . Now that is a game i would love to play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. There’s a big difference between games where adults kill adults in war games, and a game where people send unknowing/innocent animals to death. Adults in the hypothetical game situation had a choice to participate. Even call of duty opted to remove the terrorist scene where innocents were killed.

    1. Did the dogs you kill in Call of Duty 4 choose to participate? Maybe the dogs in the game signed up for it after having their iq boosted by a special serum developed by Dr. John.

      1. Call of Duty 4 isn’t directly based on killing dogs is it?

        1. Pretty sure there were no dogs in CoD4. WaW and Black Ops do tho. Just making this clear.

    2. My point exactly John.

  15. Here’s a nice Dog game we can all enjoy:

  16. Kage games is changing servers. The app will be back up soon.

  17. what about mafia war? are dogs more important than humans. and dont forget these dogs were breed for the sole purpose of fighting no matter what you say> #justsaying

    1. you obviously know nothing about the world of dog fighting. Humans have voices for one thing, dogs do not. They are also not given a choice in dog fighting. They are trained, tortured, and killed if they don’t fight well enough and make enough money. Do your research.

  18. There are eatting dogs in other countries. Call of Duty has attack dogs where we get to stab, shoot, and blow up these dogs. whats the different between the app and Call of duty? the app does not show any blood or FIGHTING!


    1. This is just the first step.

      Pretty soon, the liberals will be regulating every game, choosing the winners and losers.

      1. Liberals need to be regulating some of the ppl on this site with their sick, vile comments. Makes me wonder what kind of parents you had that would teach you such disrespect.

      2. Liberals regulate companies’ rights and scoff at the Conservatives, who regulate humans’ rights and scoff at the Liberals. Somewhere in here there’s an infinite loop, I just know it.

    2. i wanna make a game where you shoot people that type in all caps

  20. So, we can have Grand Theft Auto making millions showing people how to rape, steal, kill and be lewd in every way, but OMG! don’t offend the dog people??

    Did I get that right?

    The gaming industry, google, and the rest of the morons need to get their head on straight in one way or the other. Either violent hateful crimes are just fine in a “game” as “art” or they’re not. I’m fed up with the thousands of people who think its ok to kill babies, and play games that depict all manner of violence against people, but then want to get all up in arms about some game about dog fighting. Either pull them all, or allow them all.

    1. It’s not Google, or the gaming industry. Animal rights groups/people make a huge stink when they come across something that they find “offensive”, probably due to all the animals rotting away that they euthanize…

      Don’t get me wrong, I love animals. We have 2 dogs, 5 parrots, 2 fish and a rabbit, all of them properly cared for with tons of room and toys for their enjoyment, but I don’t agree with activist groups and “spokes persons” and I have no problem with this game being on the market. Heck, I even downloaded it myself to see what all the noise was about. You gotta have the mentality to differentiate real from virtual and while I’m not about to raise our REAL dogs to be fighters and I’d never put them in a hazardous situation on purpose, those of you in the VIRTUAL world can BRING IT ON!!!

    2. E X A C T L Y

  21. Im not too concerned about a GAME but there apps on the market that allows u to roll up a joint, snort crack..hell if I look hard enough I bet ill find one that simulates heroin …point being its a game, either dog fighting or drug related its no different from jacking cars running over pedestrians in GTA or jumping on turtles smashing blocks over ur head and consume a magic shroom in super Mario games will always have some form if violence either simple or graphic. So let this “Dog wars” just slip into the shadows like every other game we love or hate.

  22. the game may be unethical but its still free speech no one forces you to download it and no one forces you to play it. like everyone said there is shooting and killing in so many other games in the video game industry. I do feel that there should be a maturity rating system in place like ESRB has done or something but this is like the mortal kombat era on a different platform.

    1. Remember Thrill Kill and all the noise made about it, eventually getting banned and never officially released?

    2. I agree.

      Plus, it’s our own choice as to whether or not we play it.

    3. hahaha….free speech. When will people learn what free speech is really all about. Not everything everyone does is free speech.

    4. It’s Android’s market, they can do as they see fit, as can Apple on theirs.

  23. Though I completely disagree with what this game promotes, this to me is a freedom of speech/press issue. The market would dictate whether or not it would be successful. I personally think its horrible and my the dogs probably appreciate that…

  24. Miss my dogwars…. :(

  25. Sucks its gone….I was able to get it b4 it was pulled….needed alot of work done on it BUT…..I hate how when something tragic happens ppl seem to be sensitive about it but b4 the incident no1 gave a flyin fuck….like 911… southpark showed Muhammad the Muslim prophet b4 911 and after… Muhammad is never to b shown…so is this dog fighting because the media blew it out of proportion …yea dogs get hurt everyday….so wat?…I guarantee if it was like cats or like…uhh….sheep …no1 would give a shit…I want to play dog wars…to me…violence can’t be stopped….as long as sum1 has something better than sum1 else they get jealous…. even if God did anything about it….because Adam and Eve were perfect…yet them fuckers sinned….perfect means absolutely no flaw….there is no help…lol my bad if I sound emo…I ain’t I just call it how my eyes perceive it

    1. You are probably the biggest retard I have ever seen on a online forum, honestly. “I wanna play dog wars” haha go listen to some more young jeezy alboms yo…and yes, people care aboutcats and sheep, in fact an investigation is under way for that sheep you played hide the salami with lst week haha…oh yeah EFF MUHAMMAD :)


  27. Glad I kept it on my Nook Color, guess I’ll be making a backup of it in Titanium… too bad the app itself sucks/freezes constantly.

  28. It’s google’s market but hey, you can always get a rejected app from another market or website. And there’s nothing wrong with downloading a rejected app that doesn’t involve piracy.

  29. Promoting violence against people or animals is plain wrong-and what you permit, you promote (hint….Google). As a principal at a middle school, I can tell you with 100% certainty that video games do affect the decision making process of kids who are vulnerable and have minimal guidance-THEY tell me so! If you think I’m being a prude-so be it, but I live with the outcome and result of hatred, neglect and sadness every day on my job-and anything to help stop the pain (including preventing games such as this that promote such cruelty and torture to living creatures); I will support. I’ve got your back 100%, humane society.

    1. Great post Dee!

    2. News flash! Those kids are taking advantage of your gullibility by blaming their actions on games, etc… Most kids are smart enough to direct blame elsewhere as they see adults do it all the time…

      Oh yeah and beavis and butthead didnt make that kid grab a lighter and torch his house either.

      1. Yes, some kids do make excuses; you’re right. But many don’t-that’s the risk. Is it really worth it for a form of entertainment that’s so cruel and encourages such violence? It goes against everything that we try to promote (to be kind to your fellow man/animal/etc, and not to tear them apart verbally or physically).

        I appreciate your comment and wish you could be a fly on the wall for one day on my site so you can see that what I say is credible.

        Remember-one day this generation will be taking care of you-hope they don’t have a lighter.

    3. Thank you….this is what people can’t seem to understand!!!

  30. Um, it’s only down temporarily because of copyright infringement. Google did not remove it permanently. Also that picture you posted was updated today. Yesterday it said “TRAIN your dog to beat the best.”

  31. Screw that! Somebody pass me the APK ASAP!!! this sounds like fun!

    Spoken from a Bonafide dog lover!

  32. I know these game are fake, however it does imitate real life. The difference is that humans have a decision to get involved in wars/fights/etc that can get them hurt or killed. Dogs can’t. We make them do it. And in a world where animal abuse and illegal dog fighting is still being done, there are idiots out there who get encouraged by it. As for “freedom of speech”…well then let’s let pervs out there make a game about raping kids. Would you let that stay on the market so as no to take his “freedom of speech” rights? There has to be a line drawn somewhere.

    1. Well said GamerGirl!

    2. Humans often do not have a choice to get involved in wars. Anyone who thinks they do is simply deluded. Plenty of times war comes to you. Take a look at the collateral murder video to see that. Did anyone protest that?

      1. oh jesus christ. really? you mean the video in which terrorists carrying an RPG and AK-47’s were killed? STFU.

    3. A line of should of been drawn a long time ago. Ban one then just ban them all.

      1. Exactly.

  33. Lmao… that is sad. I bet that football player plays GTA and CoD

  34. meh, it was a slow-ass piece of crap game that FC’d all the time anyway.

  35. Please, would you just think of the virtual puppies?

  36. Are they going to ban Angry birds now? Dammit.

    1. Thats right. I forgot all about Angry Birds..Those poor birds n pigs!!!!!

      And why are these birds so damn ANGRY at these pigs!?!?

  37. Damn nigger!

    1. That’s just uncalled for dude. I’m all for sarcasm and freedom of speech, but you don’t have to be a lowlife about it by making racial slurs.

  38. Game looks quite cool, anyone know where I can download it?

  39. Michael Vick went to jail because of illegal gambling not because he killed dogs…

  40. Glad I downloaded it before the pulled it! This game is freakin awesome!!
    Remember people….it’s JUST A GAME!! I’m so sick and tired of the overly sensitive people in this country and the political correctness bullshit! Grow a pair people and stop being such pansies!! It’s no wonder the rest of the world thinks we’re a big joke. A bunch of obese whiny little bitches! F’n sad!

  41. I’m gonna go play some old school Carmageddon. They tried to ban that too!

  42. app ran like shit because of all the people that joined in due to the media. It ran GREAT in the weeks before the PETA people freaked out.

  43. Vick’s PR machine (the only way he is allowed to speak in public) had him make a statement to jump on the bandwagon after it was already well rolling. There had already been a massive protest launched by animal lovers. Vick had nothing to do with the removal of this game, but he had a lot to do with its being created in the first place. That’s what happens when you make a football hero out of a criminal thug.

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