Apr 26th, 2011

Much noise has been made over a controversial game that had you playing the role of a dog owner participating in dog fighting rings for cash. Debates have raged on about morals and all of that good, juicy stuff. And even one once-incarcerated NFL quarterback Michael Vick spoke out about the game – he went to jail and lost his football fortune for participating in this sort of stuff in real life.

That may have just pushed either Google or the developers who created the game over the edge, though, as it’s been removed from the Android market. In a statement earlier, the developers stated they’d be looking to introduce a game with a modified concept so as to no offend those who have – well – taken offense. It’s possible they could have removed the application themselves in preparation.

On the other hand, Google can remove any application they want if a developer’s app violates the terms of service. And the last time I checked, their terms of service explicitly states that they have every right to move obscene apps – depending on who you are, Dog Wars is quite obscene.

No statement has come out from neither of the parties, though, so we can’t assume who did what just yet. Just know that it’s no longer there. You fans of it had better make an APK backup if you already have it because I foresee this one being tucked away for quite some time. [via AllThingsDigital]