Apr 26th, 2011

Our friends at T-Mo News received a tip from an inside source that the HTC Flyer will be landing onto T-Mobile come this July, 6th.

The 7-inch, single-core tablet hasn’t been causing too much of a buzz from the Android-elite (the kids are all about the dual-cores these days) but the fact that HTC is attempting to ressurect the stylus shows they company may be trying to focus on features and ease of use. And that – is what sells tablets, kids. Also, lets not forget you can pre-order the Flyer right now at Best Buy for $499 without a contract which may hint that the Flyer could hit that $200 mark with a 2 year agreement on T-Mobile.

With the current movement of dual-core Honeycomb tablets flooding the market, do you think this tablet will make a splash? If the recent sales of the Motorola Xoom are any indication, I’d say HTC is going to be fighting an uphill battle when the Flyer hits the market this summer.

[Via TMoNews]

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