HTC Flyer Making It’s Way To T-Mobile This July?


Our friends at T-Mo News received a tip from an inside source that the HTC Flyer will be landing onto T-Mobile come this July, 6th.

The 7-inch, single-core tablet hasn’t been causing too much of a buzz from the Android-elite (the kids are all about the dual-cores these days) but the fact that HTC is attempting to ressurect the stylus shows they company may be trying to focus on features and ease of use. And that – is what sells tablets, kids. Also, lets not forget you can pre-order the Flyer right now at Best Buy for $499 without a contract which may hint that the Flyer could hit that $200 mark with a 2 year agreement on T-Mobile.

With the current movement of dual-core Honeycomb tablets flooding the market, do you think this tablet will make a splash? If the recent sales of the Motorola Xoom are any indication, I’d say HTC is going to be fighting an uphill battle when the Flyer hits the market this summer.

[Via TMoNews]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. It should be $399 off contract :/

    1. Less considering the Asus transformer has much better specs for that price

      1. yea but im sure HTC build quality is better

        1. Is that why my BRAND new myTouch 4g had 3 specs of dust under the screen, my 2nd replacement had a particle under the ffc, and it took a 3rd replacement to get a decent phone? Give me a break.

          1. You are an exception not the rule.

          2. You are the exception like the above commenter. You cant even argue about htc having poor build quality on a website like this as 99% of the people know htc makes high quality hardware. now if you were to complain about htc’s battery or camera, you may have a case

          3. It is also why my Evo 4G was perfect out of the box. No screen separation issues, no battery life issues. Just perfect and still perfect to this day.

            Everyone can provide anecdotes.

          4. I never had issues with my Mytouch 4g however my HTC HD7, Evo, G2, Incredible and even my Droid Eris all had build issues.

      2. Only reason i am getting this and dropping my new galaxy tab if for the Sense Features that were added. Usually don’t like anything but Stock but this version convinced me

  2. I’ve always assumed that the Flyer would be more like Icarus than an Eagle… That being said, I think a lot of people are assuming that because the Xoom hasn’t achieved an iPad killer status, that all Android tablets may be doomed out of the gate. There are several reasons why the Xoom is having market troubles. First, they are fighting iPad brand recognition and Apple marketing, which is huge. Motorola hasn’t gone nearly as far as Apple has in selling their tablet. Second, we’re dealing with 1st gen technology vs. 2nd gen, and people just don’t see that the 1st gen Motorola can actually compete with a 2nd gen Apple. Third, there were things broken on the Xoom at launch, so maybe the people being swayed by point 2 had a leg to stand on. Forth, media hype over the iPad 2 ended up relegating the Xoom to the gutter. But NEVER forget my 5th point. Plenty of people are waiting for a better Android tablet. Whether it’s the Samsung (a superior product in nearly every category), or Ice Cream (to solve some of the software issues with Honeycomb and expand the tablet market offering), people are biding their time and their wallets for that something better.

    I think the summer will see better Android tablet sales, led by the Samsung, and picking up steam with the launch of Ice Cream. FroYo was an incredible leap, Gingerbread offers some amazing features, and Honeycomb brought a new meaning to the graphics and conceptual design of Android. Folding in Phones, Tablets, and Google TV into one true OS?

    I’m drooling at the very thought.

    1. Save the essays for english class, new guy

      1. Or maybe for when I’m writing for Phandroid officially?

        Seriously, I’m so sick of heaing how doomed all Android tablets are. I just wanted to vent, and maybe I shouldn’t have, but at least we can agree that what has happened in the tablet world is a travesty.

        1. Yea I’ll agree to that. I think you’d make a great write for phandroid, btw (compared to the pessimistic others).

      2. shut up Keller! Thank you New_Guy777 for writing something that actually took some thought.

    2. *fourth.

    3. thank you for taking the time to write something that took some thought.

  3. When the iPad came out two of my dislikes included: no front facing camera and no stylus support. I’m over the camera thing, but a digitizer pen would be awesome. If I didn’t already have a Zoom I would have gotten the Flyer , I would have gotten a flyer over the Zoom if I could have waited. My next updrade will definitely have a digitizer.

    1. *Xoom* ?

  4. Forget it, if we have to wait until july we might as well wait for the thinkpad slate or the sony S2

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