Michael Vick Speaks Out Against Dog Fighting Game for Android


It’s not too often that an Android app receives the scorn of activists, celebrities, and public officials alike, but that is exactly the sort of controversy Dog Wars has sparked. Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick, who served time for his involvement in an illegal dogfighting ring, is speaking out along with the Humane Society of the United States, calling for the immediate removal of the app from the Android Market. Vick believes the game “[glorifies] this form of animal cruelty” and moves “a step backward” in creating public awareness about the evils of the underground dogfighting industry.

Paul M. Weber, president of the Los Angeles Police Protective League, called the  game “absolutely sickening.” Players raise a pit bull to be a violent fighter and enter into fights to win money, street cred, and the ability to move up the dogfighting ranks. Responding anonymously out of fear that activists might seek out and attack those behind the game, an official from Kage Games, makers of Dog Wars, said, “We are in fact animal lovers ourselves,” and “this is our groundbreaking way to raise money/awareness to aid REAL dogs in need.” While the company is, in fact, donating a portion of proceeds from the game to animal rescue organizations, does the negative message delivered outweigh any good that could arise from such donations?

The developers also reference Apple’s strict app policies, saying the Dog Wars makes a statement against limiting developer freedoms.Though the company seems ripe to justify the bad press their game is getting, Kage Games is promising a “more socially conscious” version of their app in the future. Maybe that version won’t arm players with a gun to protect from police raids or will do away with injecting your dog with steroids.

[via LA Times]

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  1. You have got to be shitting me.

  2. I’m all about open source, freedom to develop, etc, but seriously… this game sickens me to no end. I’m an avid animal lover, rescue worker, and pit bull owner x2. Crap like this infuriates me and only goes to reinforce negavite stereotypes and glorify something that is not only illegal – but heart-wrenchingly brutal.

    1. *negative

    2. Please get a freaking grip. So its ok for games in the market that kill people and other types of animals, and machines for that matter, hell… lets throw in Zombies.

      1. LOL I liked his comment till I read yours. He’s probably perfectly OK with the people killing games.

    3. I agree with toomuchgame… Chill out, it’s a friggin game. Don’t like it, don’t buy it. Who are YOU to tell me what’s morally right or wrong for ME?! Don’t DARE tell me or anyone else not to buy something because YOU don’t like it. We each make our own choices. I don’t want nor need anyone else policing my moral choices. It’s not Google’s place (nor any company, country, state, town, group, or person) to decide if an app is morally acceptable. Google only removes apps that facilitate illegal activities (such as identity theft or piracy) or are malicious directly to the end user or the device (such as viruses).

      No one is going to go out and dog fight in real life because they played this game. If they do then it’s that person’s fault and need to see help. Not the game. I hate when people externalize their issues and blame anything but themselves for their own problems.

      Apps don’t fight dogs, people fight dogs. Leave the app, go after the people that are doing this in real life.

      1. Did I call for this game’s removal? No. Did I voice my opinion that this game sickens me and I hate everything it stands for? Yes.

      2. I whole heartedly agree with you that the choices you make should be your own. The problem is that the app reinforces the stereotype that pitbulls are mean, aggressive dogs. From what I’ve seen the extreme hatred of this app comes from animal lovers/pit bull owners (myself included) and it is rightly so.

        If one of your loved one was killed by a drunk driver wouldn’t you be infuriated to see an app where you get drunk and see how well you can drive a car and possibly get points for killing people? Yes it’s just a game, but the concept behind the game is messed up and that’s what pisses people off.

        If you were Jewish and you saw a game where you play as a Nazi soldier at a work/death camp and the whole object of the game is to beat up jews and exterminate them, do you feel that that is an acceptable game? In the end its the same thing, just on a larger, more hideous scale.

        1. Ya know you are completely right I can see why animal lovers would compare this to the slaughter of around 6 million people…

          Or maybe not. Fact is two of my three dogs are pitbulls and I will more than likely dl this game just to try. I also love games that I can kill people in sometimes even while driving under the influence (gta 4 did a great job of making this fun) and while I cant say that a game involving the slaughtering of large groups of people (racially profiled) is necessarily my idea of fun, I may grab the controller and give it a round or two…

          Its a fucking game people not real life. If it causes you to act inappropriately in RL then its you that has the issues.
          (ps anybody know of a good hobo fighting game?)

  3. Damn it’s a game who cares. if you dont like it then dont download it. Pretty much every game does something that is illegal thats why its called a video game I mean if you are going to get all worked up over it go to apple that way the app would have never even reached the market.

    1. The people who fight Pit Bulls feel the same way, they don’t care because to them they are just dogs. I know people who do this and I’ve have even heard people shoot their dogs after they lose a fight in my old neighborhood.

      1. yeah well thats life. i own a dog that follows me everywhere I go and is my hunting dog so don’t think I say its just a dog. But seriously if you think this one game is going to all of the sudden increase the number of dog fighting you are crazy, yeah it goes on and mike vick is a prime example of it but just because he goes around saying its bad doesnt mean its going to stop I mean if that were the case there would be no gangs.

        1. I can already see iFans saying how if you want to learn how to brutally fight dogs then go with Android.

          We just need to get this off the market because if people start thinking it is cool then they will try it in real life, yes people are idiots like that. The main reason people fight dogs is for money or because they think they are cool for doing it.

          1. No they won’t! How many people thought Mafia Wars was cool and joined the mob?! Or how many kids thought GTA was cool and decided to go gang bangin? If people let video games influence their life choices I don’t blame the game I blame the person. Everyone makes their own choices. They need to take responsibility for their own actions instead of blaming outside sources like video games. Same can be said for the moronic parents who blame violent video games for school shootings.

  4. Yeah I have very mixed feelings on this one.

    From an open source perspective I want to Android to be the champion of App Freedom…the “anti-Apple”

    From a business perspective I only see highly publicized Android boycotts/negative press etc. that has the potential to hurt Android in the long run (See GoDaddy and elephants)

    I don’t think Android should “Censor” their market unnecessarily, but from a business perspective I’m not sure how they can allow this app to remain.

    1. I completely agree. I am very torn on the matter. As a owner of pit bulls and someone who works to advocate the breed an app like this is deplorable and hideous. It takes the hard work that I put in with my dogs to show that they aren’t a vicious breed and completely undermines it.

      I do however support Android’s stand on having an open market. I think the issue that we need to address with this app and perhaps several other apps is that the activity itself is ILLEGAL. Dog fighting is illegal in all 50 states as well as the District of Columbia.

      I believe that Android needs to put guidelines in place that prevent apps that encourage/allow illegal actions/behavior. If an activity is not deemed illegal in the country where you live then that app could be available to you but if it is illegal in the country you live in then perhaps that app would not be available to you.

      In preparation for the flames that are sure to follow, I realize a good portion of video games may fall in this category. I don’t have the ultimate fix but think we need to look how we evaluate apps available to download.

      1. No Flame….

        In some way I agree, and I know you addressed it…but you would be banning thousands of games.

        How does that logically play out? Should stores sell movies that feature illegal behavior…I would miss Scarface.

        Bottom line is that there is no perfect solution, It depends on if Google wants to be the open source champion or mitigate business risk.

        The Market is not 100% open

        I wonder how Google could alter their content policy to prevent issues like this.

      2. It is a tough stance to take, on one hand it’s glorifying a hideous “sport” while on the other hand many other video games do the same thing, just in different orders of magnitude. You’re a good man for standing up for a mi-represented breed, I plan on doing the same thing once I get out of college next fall.

  5. Yeah Michael Vick! Video games depicting acts are horrendous. Actually committing the acts are fine, forgivable, and understandable.

  6. The game needs to go. And the developers donating funds is just a smokescreen. If they really feel that way about dogs, they wouldn’t have made the game in the first place. They’re just trying to cover their own rears. That’s like cigarette companies saying they feel bad about smoking so they’re going to plug in an air purifier at their office while still making cigarettes.

  7. I realize vick served his time but it takes more than speaking out against an app. I really can not stand that guy!

    1. He does far more than “speak out against an app” he donates a large part of his income to the Humane Society and volunteers to help rescue dogs, He owns a shelter where he houses and rehabs dogs who have been involved in fighting.

      What more can he do to change your opinion? Invent a time machine and change what he did?

      He is sincerely trying to rehab his image but too many people are unwilling to forgive.

      1. He is doing all this because he is forced to as part of his “jail sentence” which was complete bs all because he was famous. If he didnt have all of these restrictions I highly doubt he would have changed much if any.

        1. Thats a misconception. he is required to do none of that. He is doing of his own free will. His punishment was the largest/longest ever for a dogfighting conviction. 2 Years in prison, Millions of dollars lost. I wish him only success in the NFL and his efforts with the Humane Society.

          1. Not a misconception he deserved to lose the millions that he did. It was his own dumb fault so no don’t act like he didn’t deserve everything he got and actually he is required to do that as part of his getting back into the NFL look it up!

          2. You’re willfully ignorant. I think he deserved his punishment, not sure where you get that I didn’t think that


            yes its a misconception. He has no community service requirements as part of his sentence. Its all him.

            Also here are his requirements from the NFL. you will notice none of that..

            “Look it up”


      2. Please. You honestly think Vick would be donating cash to the cause and kissing up to the rescue dogs groups if he had not have caught? Like one morning he’d wake up and say, “wow, this is wrong. I think I’ll start donating lots of my money into saving these innocent creatures rather than be involved in watching them tear each other to bits.”

        Hell no. He’d still be washing the blood off his basement walls every night. No, I can’t forgive. Like pretty much all criminals, he’s not sorry for what he did, he’s sorry he got nailed. It’s easy to act high and mighty after the fact.

        Speaking out against this app just screams hypocrisy.

        1. There are a lot of people who change their opinions after they got caught. Its a fallacy to say that just because they got caught means they can’t be sorry.

          If I’m doing crack and I get busted, I come out of prison talking about how it was a bad decision and I decide to go talk to school kids about how its bad, you wouldn’t marginalize that would you?

          What your saying is the equivalent of – if I hadn’t gotten caught I may still be doing crack, so I can’t be legit.

          Its not logical

          I don’t know for sure if Vick is sincere, bottom line is you don’t either, only M. Vick knows that. I choose to believe he is however.

      3. Perhaps you should do a little more research. Michael Vick has not donated any money to the Humane Society. Vick has donated $1 million dollars towards the care and rehabilitation for the dogs that were at Bad Newz Kennel.

        Furthermore, Vick does not own a shelter where he houses and rehabs dogs that have been involved in fighting. A non-profit group called Dogs Deserve Better is currently fund raising to buy the property that Bad Newz Kennels was housed to change it to Good Newz Rehab Center for Chained and Penned Dogs.

        As he is sincerely trying to rehab his image, I would agree with that. However I would not say he is remorseful for what he has done. When he was presented with the key to Dallas, TX recently. A member of the media who also happened to be one of the people who adopted one of Vick’s dogs, asked Vick if he’d like to see the dog or had anything to say to the dog. The comment that came from Vick’s entourage was “We don’t care about the dog”.

        1. Your right. on the house issue.

          Sure the $1M didn’t go to the HS as I stated, however he did donate a large portion to the Care of Dogs.

          The HS however does use Vick in an unofficial capacity to reach out to teens at risk for dogfighting as you can see in your link.

          In doing this Vick pay’s all his expenses for travel and doesn’t take a dime from the HS.

          Bottom line is neither me nor you know if hes truly repentant, I do choose to believe he is.

          I saw that clip from Dallas and W/E It doesn’t change my opinion much, just makes me think he has a idiot entourage.

          In my opinion Vick has done more to help stop Dogfighting than almost anyone in history. Some of the greatest speakers against drugs are those who have been caught using and decide to speak against it, its the same with Vick. I’m not one to marginalize the effect that Vick has had on the reduction of dogfighting in the last 2 years.

          1. Did you really just say teens at risk for dogfighting?

            There are a lot of issues that teens can be at risk for but I highly doubt they either cannot control themselves from dogfighting or that somebody is forcing them into it..

            No risk there just stupidity in their actions.

            BTW Mic Vic does not give a shit about dogs. I am sorry to break up your fantasies here but everyone with half a mind can tell you its just a publicity thing (and/or court related) for anything having to do with this subject.

          2. Not my idea….talk to the HS about him going into urban centers to talk w teens.

            Also I know for fact none of this is court mandated…and unless you have some inside info I don’t know about you don’t know he’s not sincere.

            I respect your OPINION that you feel he is insincere however.

    2. Agree he is only doing it because he has to.

  8. Streisand Effect

  9. I agree we need to ban any Android game that has killing, like Atomic Bomber, Guerrilla Bob, Hungry Shark, AirAttack, Spectral Souls, Samurai II: Vengeance, Super Dynamite Fishing, Guns’n’Glory, Winds of Steel, Caligo Chaser, Steambirds, Kitten Cannon, Doodle Dash, Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, GUN BROS,… I’m getting bored of typing.
    Obviously dog fighting sucks, is horrible, etc. Getting all pissy about a violent game in a sea of violent games is dumb.

  10. nobody is mentioning that HUMANS! actual PEOPLE are being killed in ALL games…why not the outrage?
    isnt it just horrendous to see a human die?
    isnt it a shame for someone to be murdered?
    human life is ABOVE animal life. thats why we have control of the foul of the sea etc etc….but EVERYONE is all up in arms over an animal GAME!
    this world sucks!
    AND i didnt get my asus transformer today!!

    1. Wow, someone with common sense

      1. Where?

    2. Actually, I’ll gladly place an animal’s life above most people’s. Not sure what point you’re trying to make about humans having control to foul the sea. Seems to me we haven’t done a very good job of keeping anything clean and as the population continues to skyrocket, it’ll only get worse. Want to know what the root cause of all of the perceived problems in the world is? Humans. Want to know the solution? Reduce the human population, significantly. Go ahead, I dare anyone to refute that.

      1. let’s start with you ;)

        1. Oh so witty of a reply. Like I haven’t heard it before which is typical of those who are the worst part of the problem.

          1. lighten up buddy, it’s a joke.

            on a side note, someone playing a dogfighting game does not yield an asshole like Vick, just as playing GTA does not yield an asshole gangster.

          2. Buddy? I’m sorry, do I know you? Yeah, didn’t think so and like I said, oh so witty reply as in, yeah, you’re not as cool as you seem to think you are. You’re just another number to me. ;)

      2. your a mental case obviously. u must live wheres its like population 5000. over in the other part of the world…where people care about other people, we value HUMANS life more than an ANIMALS life.
        not saying ANY life is small…but…why did i waste this time replying?

        1. Mental case? Why? Because I can see what is really happening in the world?!? Go ahead, look around you. Explain one ill of the world that won’t be solved by a significant reduction of the human population. And what “other part of the world” are you referring to exactly? I live in the US in an area with over a million residents. Go ahead, open your mouth again and stick your foot in it. I dare you. ;)

          1. did anyone else happen to notice how much of a tool this guy is? this is a techblog…. nobody wants to hear your douchebag psychology lessons.

          2. He’s what the internet calls a troll. Well, I hope he is. he enjoys getting replies… just ignore him and he will go away.

          3. @Zacrady – Really? And what makes me a tool exactly? What’s your criteria? Yeah, like I said to Andrews32, your reaction is yet another sad ego driven response because your brain doesn’t want to even think about the plausibility of the reality. So it just shuts down and resorts to name calling instead of offering up any real arguments.

            And @Len – Your hopes are wrong. Sorry, but you’re victim to the same issue. Where did the trolling come in at? Where did it start? You’d have to follow a chain which would actually lead up to Jayrock, unless you want to go as far as saying the article itself is a trolling article? Really, it’s up to you but you really should about where your thoughts are coming from before speaking. ;)

          4. LOL because he gives intelligent arguments, whilst you try and make witty remarks and insults. Grow the fuck up.

          5. Gotta love the trolls ++cough – Chimp – cough++

          6. Shut it, geek

          7. Like I already said, want to find the troll comment? Look at who I’m responding to all the way at the top. ;) Calling me a troll, is that the best response you have for what I’ve said?!? Really? What? Did your brain seize up at the thought that I just might be right?

        2. Lol, speak for yourself. I value both Animal’s and Human’s life at pretty much the same level…

        3. People only tend to care about people because they are people themselves!!!! That doesn’t mean we are actually BETTER than other animals, or that the life of a human is worth more. Evidently YOU are the mental case. That, or you are just incredibly stupid. Chimphappyhour is right, you just can’t face the fact humans are nothing but a burden on nature. Just look at the oil spill, the wars, the pollution, the extinctions. All caused by HUMANS. But it doesn’t matter what I say because you are obviously in denial.

      3. Except that humans are born with the ability to do great things. The best an animal can aspire to be is food. There’s obviously no logical, rational way to determine which humans should be eliminated without resorting to stereotyping and risking the death of someone who could provide valuable input into actual ways to solve problems related to limited resources, such as food and energy. So you’re just as likely to be someone who should be eliminated as anyone else. Refute that, moron.

        1. Ha! Exactly the type of short sighted response usually given. You have given nothing to refute as you have stated no examples and you really haven’t thought through what I’ve said. You just offer up the usual ego (in the most classical psychological sense) driven knee jerk response. The subconscious ego wants to survive at all costs and will not accept the ultimate truth of what I’m saying. ;)

          1. you obviously have never lost somebody extremely close to you otherwise you would never have begun your rant about animals over humans. someone holds a gun to your mother or fathers head and says, “you have to choose either the dog or your parents” and would you choose the dog still? would you still choose the dog if it were a little kid? your arguments are just not valid. and as far as the trolling goes, i wouldnt say jayrock is the troller because about 95% of people on here seem to agree with him… you are the one provoking people here. YOU are the troll.

          2. And you obviously don’t read a heck of a lot before you go shooting off your mouth. Might want to take another read through. ;) But thank you for prewarning all of us that you aren’t able to operate the internet. Might want to practice with books first.

      4. This is why I love die hard animal activists, Love animals… people not so much. I have 3 dogs and a cat, i love them dearly. But to say they are more precious then my wife, my kid, my parents is absurd. You are exactly the kind of human filth you are complaining about if you think otherwise. And yes this post is android related… i just dont know how. haha

        1. First, a question for you. What are you referring to with your last sentence? Kind of hard to convince anyone of anything if you blatantly state that you haven’t a clue.

          Second, who said they were a die hard animal lover? I certainly never said so. I just realize that animals do far less harm to the planet and the human race than humans. It’s a very simple and plain fact that anyone can see for themselves if they aren’t so caught up in their own petty personal drama.

          Third, work on your reading comprehension before you go off half-cocked. I said MOST people. Yeah, my family and friends I’ll be watching out for. Random people calling me filth on the internet…. could care less about. Majority of the world population, I don’t know them and if something happened to make them disappear and not me… I’ll be too busy to care that they are gone. I suspect anyone here would probably end up saying the same as I just did in this paragraph when the time comes and believe me, it will come.

          Now, if you are really the humanitarian you are playing yourself up to be, you would sell off all of your resource hogging goods and your home to move out into the country to grow food for the starving of the world but something tells me you aren’t about to do that, are you? No, I bet you won’t.

          Come and call me human filth just because you can’t accept reality? Do you really believe it better to think that people are better because we can foul the sea? Really? (Because we sure as hell haven’t done anything to clean this place up even though we know we better before it turns on us. Which is what’s coming.)

          1. First off im no saint, nor did i claim to be. The crazy rant you just went off on there just proves one thing… you are nuts. seriously go talk to someone about that. I know your crazy brain is telling you that you are completely normal but you are not. You just gave a long winded reply about fouling the sea and blah blah. Something is horribly wrong with that. So if you want to talk about accepting reality, start with yourself. but thanks for confirming my initial point that your logic is way off base.

          2. Nope, I’m not the loony one here, I can promise you that. Maybe you should take my suggestion to you and reread what I’m replying to instead of going off without knowing what it is that you’re going off about. See, this is so simple that your brain really can’t handle it. ;)

            Go ahead and track down the smartest person you know and ask them. If anyone thinks this through far enough, there will only be one conclusion. Call it the ultimate chess match.

          3. Chimp, you must be a youngun to claim we have done nothing to clean up this planet. You missed the days when the strrets werefull of garbage from littering, the rivers and lakes were polluted from the factories and the air was polluted from the exhausts and factories. So yes we have ckeaned up this earth a great deal, but yes we do have more work to do.

          4. Nope, not really all that young, I’ve had a few decades to think about this and come to this conclusion. We really haven’t cleaned up anything. Things definitely are not getting better here.

      5. I’ll take a crack at refuting it.

        Your major premise is that As Human populations increase so does the “problems” of the world.

        Minor Premise being to reduce problems in the world reduce population.

        I would argue that your major premise is shortsighted. Widespread population creates WIDESPREAD problems because problems go hand in hand with humans. Its human nature to be selfish, cause conflict all for the betterment of the individual “ME’s”, thats sociology 101.

        By decreasing human population yes you may have decreased problems but only proportionately. Perceived problems would remain the same.

        By decreasing the population you decrease the probability that technology would advance at rates enough to advance society to improved levels (Mind you I’m not one of those “technology will save us all” types but technology and increases in understanding of science and the way the world works have made life better for billions of people).

        1. Define “made life better for billions of people”. I suspect that you’ll find that a lot of what you define as making things better has actually contributed to the current conundrum we find ourselves approaching.

          1. I would challenge you to do the same and define “Create problems” and what is this “conundrum”

            Quality of life has improved to a point where you can communicate with anyone in under a second.

            Slavery based on race which was common in almost every society pre 1900’s has been virtually abolished (there’s billions right there).

            Longevity of life has improved from mid 40’s to mid 80, allowing us to enjoy our great grandchildren.

            I could go on and on and on. Smaller population means smaller chances of having individuals who champion visionary projects making life better for many.

            Nearly every problem we have today we would have in a smaller society, there would be smaller wars fewer murders, fewer rapists etc. But only proportionately less.

            Early world history with their smaller populations is just as full of stories of people waring over food/land/resources as we find today (possibly more so).

            Smaller populations does not = Better life/Less problems

            Look at Brook Farm/Fruitlands to see that small communities can fail just as easily as large communities can fail.

            Humans have a human nature that is inherently selfish no matter the size of the community.

          2. Communicating with someone in less than a second really has nothing to do with quality of life. That is neither good nor bad.

            Slavery is definitely still around, its form and method of how it is applied has merely changed.

            Then we get to the biggie, people living longer is actually doing us more harm than good. (Do you really have to see your great grandchildren? Why? Because of some romantic notion someone stuck in your head?) We now not only have more people on the planet but they are living longer and putting more burden on the resources we have.

            Sure people can and will be selfish no matter the size of the population but the smaller the human population, the far lesser the impact on the overall. It’s very simple. Which would you rather have, one angry wasp in your bedroom tonight or hundreds? They’re all angry but I’m betting you can see the logic that one would be far better than hundreds. It’s pretty much the same thing.

            Also, with fewer people, we spread out more which actually decreases the instances of war and the transmission of disease. This also means we don’t need to disrupt as much of the land to support ourselves. Heck at one point, we didn’t even disrupt the land at all.

          3. You have yet to define “problems”

            If you cant see how the general abolition of slavery based on race around the world is a improvement in quality of life for billions then there is a serious flaw in your reasoning. You CAN NOT separate advances in science and public opinion with the reduction in slavery. Yes we have slavery today in different forms, and thats my point. There always will be people taking advantage of others. Size of population has little to no impact.

            Your assertion that “the smaller the human population, the far lesser the impact on the overall. ” and your analogy of the Wasp is off base.

            If you diminish the population size not only do you diminish the amount of “wasps” but you are also proportionately diminishing the amount of units in “the bed” and thats exactly the point. There is little correlation between population and “problems” in the world.

            You’re actually citing disease!! Disease has been greatly reduced and managed thanks to technological advancements. I’ve yet to hear of any disease destroying as many lives as Black Plague did. AIDS is a serious issue, but one that modern technology has had a helping hand in managing.

            Look at history and you’ll understand that there were no less wars when the population was less. It would be safe to say that instances of war have decreased in the last 200 years.

          4. @Jared, since we’ve run out of room.

            Problems is pretty easy to understand. Running out of resources, food, potable water, fuel, etc. This will be a problem much sooner than most people anticipate as gov’ts keep underplaying just how bad things are and the weather conditions get more extreme.

            Yes, I did mention disease and your hubris is the exact problem with humans and disease. You do realize that diseases constantly mutate, right? And that our attempts to defeat disease only create new ones. Also, you do realize we have stopped vaccinating for disease we thought were killed off yet they really aren’t? And with all this great cheap travel and commerce we have now, disease now spreads much further and faster than it ever has? Oh, and the plague… why do you think that was so virulent? Europe was traveling and packing the people into urban centers even back then. Yeah, I’m putting bets on disease as being one of the next big killers sometime soon. And here’s the kicker! Companies that make antibiotics realize they are partly to blame for the new superbugs being bred and have started to back off from developing new antibiotics so as not to create even newer and more powerful ones. But watch, something will emerge. Mother nature knows best. ;)

            Tell me what is different about living in absolute poverty digging through trash dumps hoping for your next meal versus slavery? Is it really all that better? Is it? Not really. Now, some idiot will say I’m advocating for slavery WHICH I AM NOT but to tell you the truth, I’m not so sure one is all that better than the other. Having to do “whatever it takes” to get enough money to buy food that won’t even pass for sustainable nutrition is just more slavery and yeah, in a lot of the world, it is still based on race and/or nationality. It’s still there, it’s just that now there is the middleman of currency so that makes it “ok” for most people.

            Your interpretation of the wasps in the bedroom analogy shows even more of your arrogance. In this case, the wasps are people. I didn’t say wasps in the room with more wasps. I said wasps in a room with you. In this case, you would be the rest of the world that isn’t human. The rest of the world that we are causing harm to. Yeah, that analogy does stick and it sticks pretty damn hard. There is no way that you can tell me with any shred of logic that the earth wouldn’t be better off with less humans. It’s just a very simple fact. Those who can’t see it are either ignorant or have their eyes shut and fingers in their ears.

            And as for wars and conflicts, keep your eyes peeled. That’s another one that’s going to be a biggie coming back. You haven’t seen anything yet. Oil is one thing that’s bad enough to go to war over but as the food shortages occur more often and countries start realizing water is getting scarce (might want to look around as that one is already poking its head up now), it’ll get worse. Why? Because we don’t realistically have enough to go around.

          5. SayingSince room is gone I’ll let this die but I’ll just end by saying that u can just label me”ignorant” i really think your wasp analogy is not logical, that ratio does not explain the effect a reduction would have on a single person.

            I would refer you to books by people much smarter than me who don’t believe the water or food issue are as serious as some people make it.

            Be careful about your slavery comments, someone may easily take them as being absolutely distasteful, slavery was more than simply “not having food”

            Much smarter people are debating this much better than I so I’ll be bowing out. It’s been real ;)

          6. No, you really are ignorant.

            First, saying you’re going to let this die but before you do you want to inject more arguments?!? That’s pretty inane of you.

            And yeah, you are ignorant if you still don’t get the wasp analogy. It isn’t about a hundred people versus one person, it’s about the ratio of people versus this world and everything else on it. No rational person could ever say that there would be no effect.

            Those people who wrote those books are full of it. Even now, the only reason we can feed as many people as we do is by using a very fragile and artificial means. It doesn’t take much for a crop to go bad anymore. As for water, those authors are eating their words at this very moment as water wars start to pop-up in some of the most populous regions of this world.

            Well, as you can tell, I’m not really afraid to offend anyone but if someone here takes offense to my comparison about slavery, they don’t have any room to talk. There’s about a 100% chance that if you’re here, you aren’t poor enough to know how hard it really gets. If you travel enough, you get to glimpse how bad it can really be but even that is only a glimpse. That’s enough though to know that it is still pretty bad out there.

            And lastly, smarter people are doing a better job debating this? I hope you don’t mean here?!? You’ve made the best attempt.

      6. Yes please do kill yourself and help be part of the solution… Unlike zacrady Im not kidding.

        1. No, trust me, I am part of the solution. There’s a couple of ways to go about the reduction of the human population. Your way is just slow and silly. I prefer the faster way which is straight ahead. ;) Adios, why don’t you get some practice in and start kissing your own behind. Or if you prefer, you can kiss mine. :P

      7. Advocating genocide?? Brilliant! Any person advocating genocide of a population should suffer that same fate. Better yet, since you value animals above humans, we should banish you to live amongst them!

        Me. I’ll just bring back LTBs (Lions, Tigers and Bears ala SPQR) to an arena and toss the whole lot of your types in there to see how you do. LTBs are not going to sit down and play a hand of poker with you that’s for sure.

        1. Ah, yet another knee jerk reaction. Thanks, you all just keep proving just how bad human beings really can be. ;) And as with the other clueless sheeple replying here, you failed at reading comprehension.

          There’s a lot of ways to reduce the human population. You’re the one bringing up genocide, not me. As I have alluded to countless times here, mother nature has several built in ways to perform this little feat. Sure, war is one way but so is disease, famine and natural disaster. And those of you offering up these silly little reactions of denial of the truth will most likely be the ones caught off guard. Been nice not knowing you. ;)

          1. If you want people to agree with you, try acting a little less rude after they voice their own opinions. If you have to make the point that the human population has to be reduced, then “mother natures built in ways” aren’t doing the trick.

            Also, the post you made that I replied to initially was vague enough for you to have mean’t genocide…so when your preaching your ideals to passers-by on the street, you might want to let them know that genocide isn’t your intention.

            If we were to reduce the human populous in a civil manner, it would probably be through some forced birth control program, which A: Wouldn’t work without some sort of massive system that renders human reproduction inert, and B: Would, again, make a lot of people very upset.

          2. I’m sorry, it was your interpretation to the vagueness, not mine. The fact that people automatically come up with genocide isn’t my issue, that’s their mental issue. If you want to be disturbed about something, might want to think about why it is that your mind decided genocide was THE answer.

            And I wasn’t rude, just very upfront. (Yeah, like in the paragraph above this one.) The human mind is ill-equipped to deal with the prospect of its own demise, very ill-equpped. Best way to confront this is in a very direct manner. Handling it with kiddie gloves does nothing.

            And yes, trust me, mother nature’s ways will do the trick. Just look at superbugs. She’s the ultimate one-ups-man. Even the antibiotics companies are figuring this out and are scaling back their efforts. I’d also be willing to bet we aren’t too far off from a large scale war or two. Those countries with foresight are ramping up their militaries as we speak. They aren’t blind, they see a troubling trend starting. Heck, you can see it here. A lot of angry people who lash out without a single thought.

            And no, it’s too late for a civil manner. That just won’t happen. As you and I both already know.

      8. Hitler tried significantly reducing the Jewish population. Which is somewhat akin to what you’re referring to.

        I’m not saying your idea isn’t a viable solution…in fact it’s probably, in theory, one of the more effective solutions.

        …however, as was the case with the holocaust, that way of thinking doesn’t generally go over too well with the majority of the populous.

        No one person can decide who is to be removed from the equation to reduce the population without angering another party…such is the unfortunate truth of the situation.

        Lastly there are those who consider all life to be sacred and thus will not listen to any arguments of taking it away…be it from humans or other animals.

        1. Might want to take a look at my reply to Denby below. There’s more than one way that the human population can and will be reduced. I never said anyone had to make a choice about who goes and who stays. That will be taken care of by chance and Darwinism.

          1. I forgot about the Darwin awards…that’s a good point.

          2. Yeah, I think most people just jump straight into a Hitler mindset. Heck, just looking at what has happened in Japan is a good clue as to what else could happen. Their ancestors even left them clues but due to carelessness and the human urge to sprawl out, they ignored those warnings. In a flash, that was how many people gone?

    3. Dude, HUMANS make a choice what game they want to play and make a choice to be violent. Dogs are born and bred to fight and have no choice in the matter. That is what makes this kind of game more repulsive.

    4. Humans who cares about humans… Come on man were bashing a animal related game… Worrying about human life lost its cool factor years ago.

      Also I didnt get my transformer today either and am quite pissed at myself for being at the bar all night and not waking up early enough on the day I took off to get the damn thing.

    5. Be quiet. In case you didn’t realise, WE ARE ANIMALS. HUMANS ARE A SPECIES OF ANIMAL. The reason why a human dying in a game is ok is because humans have made the game and aren’t innocent like other animals. Human life is not above the lives of other animals, that is just something humans have made up because they think they are the best, but that doesn’t make it true. If you go by nature, we are probably one of the least important, because we are possibly the only species of animal the Earth would be better off without. Wtf is the “foul of the sea” ? We don’t control the sea and we never will. We only have the power we have because we hide behind technology. Take that away and really we are pretty pathetic compared to other species. So yeah, do the world a favor and jump into the sea so we can watch your ass get ripped apart by a shark.

  11. Fuck Vick! I m not support him! He should be ban the game for life!! I have 2 dogs are wonderful! Why dogfight? He have no heart for animal fucker!

  12. BTW, of course! He want android for $$$ that BS!! He have no remorse for animals! Damn him!

  13. Whats really funny about is that in call of duty you get to shoot and knife dogs but nobody cares about that game that is played by tons of people. I think there is the biggest waist of time. Who cares what Vick has to say. He is saying just cause he got caught up. I swear people need to get a life and stop trying to blame a video game, music , or movies for peoples actions

  14. And right behind it were probably released 20 more games where you kill humans or any other animal for that matter and nobody says a thing about it. Quit with the brainwashed outrage folks PLEASE. If you’re gonna be up in arms over a dog then do the same when people are laughing and randomly shooting humans in GTA. Somebody might think THATS cool and go try it in real life.

    1. ^this… if this game is pulled, at least 50% of games that exist should be pulled.

  15. thanks playing game now

  16. I know this brutal game where we take birds and slingshot them against pigs! And we shoot them against bricks and ice! Down with angry birds!!!!

    1. And when we’re done with that we go shoot kittens out of a cannon.

  17. If this game has to go then games like Mafia Wars has to go too. I can’t believe this app is causing such an uproar, so stupid. Killing people invasion game is ok but YOU BETTER not harm Old Yeller’, smh

  18. Ummmm in my opionion only a truely evil person would put an animal in harms way, so eff you bro and dont try to act like your a changed man evil dont go away!

  19. IMO this is different than people fighting and killing each other in a game. In real life humans aren’t raised solely for the purpose of fighting another human and then left to die when they’re deemed “worthless” by their owners, sadly that’s EXACTLY what happens to pit bulls.

    Their statement about being animal lovers and giving a portion to charity IMO is complete hypocrisy. That’s like having a game that teaches you how to do drugs and the company is donating money to a drug awareness foundation.

    1. No different IMHO. Have you watched or followed boxing or UFC? These guys train to kick each other’s ass. What about fight clubs? Yes, despite the first rule, they do exist. And there’s TONs of TV shows, movies, and video games that glorify these things. Don’t see people bitchin and moaning to have those removed?

      What about other games that actually allow you to kill dogs like Call of Duty. Do we ban that too?

      1. Dude, the point I’m trying to make is that Pitbulls are FORCED into fighting each other. UFC fighters aren’t forced by anyone to fight. Also if a UFC fighter loses a match he’s not tied to a tree and starved to (near) death, he just trains more OUT OF HIS OWN FREE WILL. I’m not against ALL types of animal killing in games, because its just that, its a game.

        Do you think the Roman Gladiators fighting slaves was right? Fighting out of your own free will is one thing, being forced to fight by someone in order to save your life is something completely different. It disgusts me that people raise companion animals for the sole purpose of their own sick pleasure. Would you like it if I took you away from your mother when you were only a few years old (in comparison to dog years), locked you in a closet for 90% of the day, starved you, made you fight for your food, and make you fight other children for my own pleasure? Also if you lost I would kick the shit out of you and possibly let you slowly die? I highly doubt you would like that. Why would you think an animal would like that?

        I guess I feel so strongly about it because my brother has Pits and they’re the sweetest dogs ever, yet they’re the first ones to be put down because assholes that make them fight make them aggressive.

  20. Cant stop playing this game now I know why Vick did it

  21. I’m not for killing. Anything or anyone. BUT when people start saying Google NEEDS to shut this app down or thiat app down because it is a trendy thing to be against for now (honestly did dogfighting get much publicity before Vick was caught? I never saw it on mainstream news) it opens a can of worms I never wanna see. Everyone of you have the freedom to voice your concern over an app, even start a boycott, but if the dev isn’t violating any TOS then Google should leave it. We all have the freedom to NOT download the app. You think if the app has a small number of downloads the dev might stop developing it? Maybe. Maybe not, but giving it publicity is just going to make the downoads skyrocket. the first thing I did when I read this article was went to the market and looked at it, and decided not to download it. Mostly because the comments were saying it FC’s alot. If Google takes this app down because the “outrage” from the media and such then whats next? Taking down Facebook because it allows people to easily stalk others and might possibly lead to abductions or worse? My example might be extreme but by doing this Google would be setting a precedent. One that can never be taken back and it will only snow ball over time.

    *I do not condone dog killing, cat killing, human killing or any other killing* This is just another opinion from someone who knows he and the world is not perfect.

  22. I think we should be putting all this energy into getting the gas price lower or making more jobs not about a stupid video game about dogs fighting

  23. OMFG! Michael Vic is telling us not to buy and play a dog fighting game?! That’s like Keith Richards telling kids not to do drugs! SERIOUSLY!

    I’m in the middle of a heated debate on this very subject with one of my friends on FB – he’s part of the movement calling for it’s removal.

    It’s a friggin game, get over Michael Vic! This no more glorifies dog fighting than Mafia Wars glorifies being in the mob. Keep moving in that direction and the next thing you know they’ll start pulling all traces of Pokemon and it’s kin from the TV and store shelves because “it teaches kids to raise and fight their pets” Gimme a friggin break. I’m so sick and tired of people trying to tell me what’s morally good for me. I’ll make my own damn choices thank you.

    But that aside the major problem I have here is the precedent it would set. Currently the Android Market is not curated. Never has been. Hopefully never will be. And nor should it ever be. But if they pull this app because one group of advocates is bitching and moaning about it then what’s next? More people and advocate groups will follow. It will then continue to happen enough times until Google breaks down and starts curating. I’m sorry, I don’t want some sweaty bozo wearing glasses and a 2lb cross sitting behind a desk telling me what apps are morally acceptable for me to download.No thanks! I don’t want that and, i’m positive, nor do the vast majority of Android users. I’ll decide MYSELF what’s appropriate for me AND my kids.

    I’m sorry, I am totally against ANYONE (person, country, or company) telling me whats right for me and my family. This is a parenting problem. Just because other parents let their iPhones, game consoles, and TV raise their kids for them while expecting those outlets to be kid conscious while they themselves are lazy doesn’t mean that I nor should my family have to suffer for it. If I want to let my daughter play violent video games or watch horror movies that’s MY choice as a parent and NO ONE else.

    If my daughter went on YouTube (which she is not allowed) and accidentally opened an incredibly inappropriate video would I be calling for YouTube to remove it or bitching at the uploader? No… It would be entirely my fault for not controlling the content she watches. Same goes with Apps.

  24. Great to protect animals but come on this is a VIDEOGAME. People have really weird priorities these days! It’s disgusting to make a game to fight dogs, but not to make one where you shoot jizz from your penus on passer-bys? If they take it off the market can’t it be made available through a website as well…I say just introduce a seperate category for these violent/sick games and allow people to filter as they would like. Problems solved!

    1. Whoa, whoa, whoa!!!! Back up now… What game is this you’re talking about shooting jizz? What’s it called?

  25. Perhaps maybe someone should do something about all the first person shooters too as it glorifies killing people…. Maybe boxing should be outlawed as it encourages hitting others….. Now excuse me while I go play some Kitty Throw.

  26. I didnt even know this game existed….until now.

    And I agree with what some ppl said, get rid of this game, and you have to get rid of Mafia War, GTA, Mortal Kombat, Saints Row, etc, etc, and so on and so on.

    Hell, Assassins Creed teaches you how to be an effective assassin.

    I guess animals are more important than people when it comes to video games.

  27. bull doo doo, he knows he wants it….even I want it:-D

  28. Spare me. Chris Brown speaking out against battered women. What next? Charlie Sheen against Tiger Blood. Okay, that last one ain’t gonna happen.

    1. Mike Tyson against ear nibbling. I’ve heard it leads to eat biting and ultimately tearing peoples ears off with your teeth.

      1. ear biting*

  29. As an animal rights fan, I am so upset with this app, and why it is not removed yet makes me seriously loathe androids develop any ol app with no screening or politically correct controls. I am so glad I left the android camp. I encourage anyone else who is a peta member as well to follow suit if this app is not removed.

    1. Blame the platform and not the developer…classy.

      1. Exactly. If this persons really is PETA member, they need to use some common sense.

    2. PETA: People Eating Tasty Animals

      PETA rage in 3……2……1……

    3. I hope you hate the Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, PS1, orig Xbox, Nintendo, Sega,….did I leave any gaming systems out?

      They have dogs getting killed, Resident Evil comes to mind.

  30. Worst spokesman ever. Kinda like having Osama Bin Laden speaking out against the airport level in Modern Warfare 2.

    I don’t agree with removing the game but if I did I would ponder how many more people are playing the game and possibly buying it due to all the publicity trying to remove it creates. I took a look at it and it isn’t much of a game (coming from someone who played cityville for a while this says a lot). If busy bodies didn’t keep hyping it up it would be nowhere.

  31. LMFAO! Its a freaking game! Are the jesus crispies gonna start trying to ban games where the main character is evil next? Let shit go. You dont like it? No problem. Dont download it retards!

  32. @chimphappyhour lets kill your whole family to begin with then, obviously their treehugging ways rubbed off way to much. animals are cool and shouldnt be mistreated, people are intelligent beings more valuable than any animal,
    Head Ass, keep them seperate from now on.

    1. People only think they’re intelligent. In reality, they’re the dumbest thing on the planet. No other animal on earth is driving us all full speed to our demise and acting like it is ok. You would be a prime example of the problem. So take that last comment you made and apply it to yourself before you even begin to think it applies to anyone else but you. ;)

  33. It’s a game people, if you don’t like it, then fine, don’t download it. But you’re perfectly okay with a game that glorifies killing people, stealing, robbing, etc.?

  34. A) you can dislike Michael Vick but he did serve his sentence and lose tens of million dollars, so it’s possible he does at least regret his actions and maybe he is trying to make up for it.

    B) as a pit bull owner I witness the negative stereotypes the breed faces daily. Games like this only reinforce a negative stigma against a breed, that when raised properly, can be an amazing, loving dog.

    C) yes it is only a game, and yes there are tons of games that glorify the negative aspects of society, but to sell a game that focuses on raising dogs to fight each other to the death and then try to make up for it by donating to animal shelters is disgusting. Either own up to the message your sending or pull the game of the market.

  35. I hate to assume that people don’t change but I >really< don't think he's reformed. I want to give him the benefit of the doubt but the whole thing just screams publicity stunts. He showed no signs of stopping before he got caught :/.

    As for the game? Meh. Dogfighting is a horrible thing and folks who do it need prison time and a swift kick in the balls. But games don't make terrible people, bad environments, cognitive dissonance, and even simply cognitive disorders make bad people. I think on the grand scale we should be more concerned with real world murder/war/dogfighting and far less concerned about games.

    I would love to see the next world war fought out exclusively in games via the honor system ;). "Oh Paraguay lost! We own you now!" I'm being a bit facetious mind you.

    But Cognitive Dissonance goes a long way to explain most of the worlds problems. Most if not all.

  36. Its just a game there are so many games where humans get killed… vick is lame he knew it was wrong before now he cares? Lol wow. I wanted to try out the game =/

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