Asus Eee Pad Transformer Goes on Sale for $399, Sells Out Immediately


What do you get when you combine a dual-core Tegra 2 processor, 10.1-inch display, 16GB of storage, and a $399.99 price tag? Call that bad boy the Asus Eee Pad Transformer, which is now available for purchase via Best Buy. The Honeycomb tablet manages to grab one of the lowest price points we have seen on a device that doesn’t skimp on the hardware, and as such seems to already be backordered. The order page says units will ship in “1-2 weeks.”

This mirrors the Tranformer’s success in the UK where its first three production runs have already sold out. Either Asus didn’t anticipate high demand and lowballed their stock, or the Eee Pad Transformer is the perfect example of what can happen when you mix powerful hardware, Android Honeycomb, and the right price. Check out more discussion on the Transformer over at AndroidForums.

[via Best Buy | Thanks, Ajit!]

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  1. I bought three!


    2. Where at?

    3. u suck

    4. Lol Guys. I ordered through best buy link above. The order status say confirming instore stock. Who knows if I’ll actually get them. I just ordered three though. You can try too via the link.

    5. Damn you. It sold out in 3 minutes last night on Amazon.com.

  2. I’m running to the store while they still have some! Im picking up the 32 w/dock

    1. Good luck the stores don’t have them!

  3. Out of stock everywhere online. Don’t see the kb dock available yet anywhere, either.

  4. Looks swag. I’m going to wait for the reviews to come out though.

    1. androidcentral engadget anandtech had reviews up last week

  5. I’d buy one for $150 with dock.

    1. No you won’t. . . you won’t even buy one at the regular price cause they are sold out everywhere so keep dreaming for that $150 cause it will NEVER happen.

  6. I was tempted to get myself a transformer, but then remembered I have an android phone and an almost-a-netbook laptop. I don’t think i’ll ever get a tablet any time soon.

    1. Where from??

      1. Asus refers to amazon:

        This post about BestBuy must be some kind of ad company…

  7. Looks like a company finally has some sanity. Make a high quality products at a great price. More tablets like this will lead to Androids dominance.

  8. Out of stock online and every best buy in my area said a 1 week wait time. Lets see, I call less than an hour after opening and they’re already out of stock? Sounds to me like a BS tactic by Asus or BB to gauge consumer demand without the heavy upfront inventory costs.

    1. Maybe they’re taking a page from Apple: Lowball your stock, so you get lots of headlines of “Product X sold out in hours!”

      1. It sure works for Apple. Best Buy does have the $450 Acer Iconia in stock sitting right next to the Xoom in stores. What a difference. The Iconia has beeter features and screen than the Xoom.

        1. Yes, it does. It’s a part of the overall marketing scheme of generating hype over a product.

          Now, Acer is getting tons of free advertising, simply because they are out of stock. Apple has been doing it for years: They introduce a new product, understock, and generate tons of headlines about “Selling out in minutes/hours!”

    2. B&H and Fry’s Electronics still has pre order stock ONLINE ONLY. Just placed my order the Fry’s and B&H is still not open from the holidays.

  9. Well I was just told I have to wait till the next shipment which is 5/11 its the same as eBay,but I will be paying the actual price not 500+ for the 16 lol

  10. Is this availabile in-store, or only online?

  11. Went to Best Buy at 10 am this morning and this is what happened.

    me id like to buy an asus transformer

    clerk we dont sell transformers for asus

    me no, i mean i want the new asus tablet… the transformer

    clerk i think we only have transformers for the Xoom

    me may i please speak to a manager

    manager. i’m not sure what you’re talking about, i’ll check the computer. turns out there are NO transformers at any south florida best buy stores. if you’re wondering why honeycomb tablets dont sell, this is why.. poorly informed staff at a major retailer who has no product in stock on launch day. GREAT JOB BEST BUY.

    1. if you’re wondering why honeycomb tablets dont sell, this is why.. poorly informed staff at a major retailer who has no product in stock on launch day. GREAT JOB BEST BUY. I think google and asus is to blame but best buy has there head so far up apples core it can tell you the color of the seeds.

    2. Yeah, my experience was even worse. I went to BB yesterday to confirm that they would have them today. The clerk assured me they had plenty of them. Cool. I was there right when they opened today just to make sure. No one there today had any idea what I was talking about. Not a clue. I am very much less than happy about driving all the way across town based on previous information that turned out to be false.

    3. Im seeing the same thing for the LG G-Slate. I went to 4 t-mobile stores on opening day and only 1 store had the device. the staff at the other 3 stores didnt even know what I was talking about.

    4. yep! when I was looking at the Xoom in Best Buy the guys working there had no clue about it but people were watching me and asking me question about it and they were all very impressed with it. same thing happened at Costo. These places bend over backwards for Apple and do nothing for other vendors. . . you gotta hand it to apple cause they won’t let anyone sell their shit unless the reps are schooled for it.

    5.  dont buy it from bestbuy anyway they want $250 bucks for a 2 year guarantee and i paid 100 for 3 years at tiger direct. best buy has gone way down hill… there people dont know what the hell there talking about and they just dont seem to give a crap about it.

  12. @jttt,

    Who give a $hit if u order 3???

    1. You just did.

    2. Who are you talking to and who is jttt? Come down bro seriously.

  13. yea sold out.

  14. Ha ha. I’m at Best Buy now. They have a shitload in stock.

    1. where? I called 6 stores in PA, DE area and none of them has it.

      1. Houston, TX Best Buy. Although unfortunately when I got there the stupid girl who answered the phone was mistaken. They had a shitload alright but it was the freakin Acer Iconia. I’m so damn pi$$ed, that’s 30 mins of my life I can’t get back.

        1. exact same shit happened to me. I called, “oh yeah, we have it”. I get there and all I see is the Acer Iconia. I did learn that their truck (here) comes in Tuesdays and Thursdays, so it’s possible that there might be some coming on the truck and that it would be available tomorrow. I guess it’s worth a try.

  15. If I get asked “Did you mean an iPad?” one more time while looking for the Transformer in stores I’m going to flip…

  16. Yeah, I called every Best Buy, Office Depot, and Staples in town yesterday. No one person had a clue if they had any in stock for luanch today. The girl at Office Depot actually knew what it was but didn’t know if they were selling it today. I asked her if it was a secret and she didn’t know that either. Joke.

  17. You can order on Amazon now…They’ll charge you and ship it as soon as it’s available once again. I’m doing it just in case the price gets bumped to slow demand until ASUS can catch up.

  18. Available now for pre order at Amazon, B&H and Fry’s Electronics. Bestbuy is sold out on ONLINE ORDERS.

  19. Kept refreshing best buy site, i actually have it in my cart ready to purchase, but going to try and see if any BBY have it in stock.

  20. Just ordered mine now, will be here in 4-5 days :)

  21. I called this launch BS! They are not sold out. They are just not available at all. The order pages on the retailer sites would say “out of stock”, not “pre-order”, if it was available. Plus almost all sales associates at retail stores have never heard of the Asus Transformer? I say Asus lied about the launch.

  22. My biggest concern about this Asus is that anyone who’s owned an Asus Mobo knows how bad they are about driver updates … they basically let Windows/Linux/whoever worry about it. This meets Google’s Honeycomb specs … but do we have to wait on Asus?

    1. Really? Its kinda weird that they supported my last mobo (Rampage formula with custom nb/sb/mosfet heatsink mod) which is now in my kids computer) for over 2 1/2 years and updates always showed up before intel released new chips or within weeks of finding a different hardware compatibility… I use asus components in all the builds for myself and customers (wont even sell a PC that doesnt have an asus mobo infact)

      Which mobo did you get screwed over on?

    2. ASUS has a solid track record in my mind. If I were building a new box I would put an ASUS motherboard in it.

  23. Yep… went to the Best Buy right next to my work and walked over to where the XOOM was. Sitting right next to it, of course, was the Iconia. The guy walks over to me and tries HARD to sell me the Iconia (which, by the way, it pisses me off when they treat me like I’d never even heard of computers before – I research the SHIT out of every single one of these products and probably know more about them than you!). //rant Moving on… I told him I was only looking for the Transformer, and he had no idea what I was talking about and told me to take a look at the Galaxy Tab because it’s “pretty sweet.” *Dramatic eye roll*

  24. Seeing as it was $399, I’m not surprised it sold out.

  25. I have a $300 BB gift card (returned bad LG DVD Recorder) just waiting for a transformer. So I’m kinda of stuck waiting for BB to get them in.

  26. Would love to get one of these!! Great price, i assume there is a 16 and a 32? 100 more for the 32??

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