Samsung Goes On An Ad Blitz For Their New Galaxy S II Line


With the soon to be released Samsung Galaxy S II line of phones hitting the UK as early as next week, we’ve seen a recent ad blitz from the Korean handset maker. It wasn’t too long ago I posted a video of a (not too bright) little girl dumping her GS II into a fishbowl to see if her phone could swim because the SAMOLED Plus screen was that vivid. Today, Samsung’s YouTube channel has added a few more videos of their incredibly thin flagship phone.

I’ve always considered myself an HTC fanboy of sorts, but not even I can help getting excited over the launch of this phone in the U.S. While the commercials seem to aim for the “short but sweet” approach, I feel like they could be showing off some core features of the phone a little bit better.

What do you guys think of these new ads. Too corny? Cheesy? Is there anything you feel like they could/should be showing off better?

[Via YouTube]

Chris Chavez
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  1. I love how the driving commercial feels like an old kung fu movie.

    1. I noticed the dubbing was weird too! LOL!!!

  2. I love the fact that a company involved with Android is putting out commercials. I like the fish one and the one about the thinness of the phone, and the other two regarding voice actions are good, but make it seem like it’s the phone’s capabilities. I don’t doubt that Samsung made it better, but it was originally a part of Android, right?

    But, as I said, I’m glad Samsung put out these commercials. I absolutely despise the commercials for the Xoom and Thunderbolt. I wish Android had more commercials along the lines of the fishbowl commercial.

    1. Agreed. I think one reason the Xoom is failing is because it banked too much on the anti-Apple positioning instead of focusing on what value it can give consumers (functions, uses, specs, etc.). If you keep comparing yourself to Apple then you’ll live in its shadow forever.

      Show people why Android (in this case the Galaxy S II) is the best without having to compare it to iOS/Apple

  3. Now that we know there are going to be other phones with 3D screens, the fish video could be ideal for a 3D screen. But it may also apply to AMOLED wich I think is the main advantage of samsung over other LCD phones.
    I wish I could buy a 24″ Super AMOLED Plus screen for my computer…

  4. Oh please please please please make it water proof!!!!!!!

  5. Just been on a Korean website. This handset sold over 10,000 already on the first day. And that’s just Seoul alone

  6. Does anyone know who the carrier will be in the USA?

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