Apr 25th, 2011

With the soon to be released Samsung Galaxy S II line of phones hitting the UK as early as next week, we’ve seen a recent ad blitz from the Korean handset maker. It wasn’t too long ago I posted a video of a (not too bright) little girl dumping her GS II into a fishbowl to see if her phone could swim because the SAMOLED Plus screen was that vivid. Today, Samsung’s YouTube channel has added a few more videos of their incredibly thin flagship phone.

I’ve always considered myself an HTC fanboy of sorts, but not even I can help getting excited over the launch of this phone in the U.S. While the commercials seem to aim for the “short but sweet” approach, I feel like they could be showing off some core features of the phone a little bit better.

What do you guys think of these new ads. Too corny? Cheesy? Is there anything you feel like they could/should be showing off better?

[Via YouTube]

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