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Hello, everyone! Today I wanted to show off one of my personal favorite apps from the Android Market called WiFi Status. I found time and time again that when I leave my house, I always forget to turn off my WiFi and I don’t always figure it out til hours later after my phone is constantly searching for a connection draining precious battery life.

The way WiFi Status works is easy. Simply install the app from the Market and it goes straight to work. Whenever you leave or are out of range of a connected WiFi hotspot, it notifies you that your WiFi is still on and clicking on the notification will turn it off. Easy, right? This app is completely indespensible to me and its definitely one of the first apps I download whenever I flash a new ROM or I help set up a phone for my “noob” friends.

You guys can find this app in the Market right now and the best part about it is that its totally free. If you do get around to trying it, let me know how you like it or any alternatives you have found in the comments below.


Chris Chavez
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  1. There’s a similar program by the same author called ToggleWiFi that does the same thing, but its icon acts as a WiFi toggle allowing you to turn on and off WiFi as necessary. I keep that on my home screen, and have for over a year now.

    1. The point is that it TELLS you when WiFi is on but not connected. We all know about WiFi toggling widgets. Heck I have a WiFi toggle widget in my notification bar lol. People forget to turn off their WiFi when they leave their home or work.. and this apps is designed to notify you that your WiFi is on but not connected.

  2. Or install Tasker and have it automatically do it for you :)

  3. The poor dog! LOL!

  4. Great information i will give this a try… I see your an Evo user great choice for a device. Thanks for the info

    1. Shut up.

    2. SEE!! Even when you aren’t insulting people/devices/carriers, others just don’t like you. What a concept…

      1. Let me help you and @Da Softer8 out with a thought of a concept…GET LOST LOSERS……

        1. Why don’t you take a bit of your own advice?

          1. yeah what advice is that professor??

        2. I don’t even know yarrellray and I hate him!

          1. I hate you too… bum

  5. Excellently nifty app. Thanks for sharing! It will definitely help several people I know.

  6. Great app! One of the first apps I always install on a new phone!

  7. what app is he using that has messaging and other icons on his notification bar?

    1. The other icons on the notification bar is a taskswitcher that is built in to Android 2.2. You must not have Froyo yet.

      1. I have Gingerbread on my phone, and have ran every version of Android since 1.5, not a single version of stock Android allows you to place app icons in your status bar. above the notifications where normally your carrier logo and a clear button would be.

        Watch the video again and look at 1:42 mark.

        1. Oh okay…I thought it was part of Froyo as I have it on my Stock HTC Inspire 4G. So since it seems in the video he has an HTC EVO it must be an HTC Sense modification. In any case the icons are nothing more than the same you would get if you held down the Home button and switched to the most recently used apps.

          1. cool, thanks for the info. :-)

          2. Yeah, sorry I didn’t reply earlier. Its not really a “mod” just a feature of the newer Sense that’s on the Mytouch 4G, Inspire 4G, Thunderbolt, etc.. I’m actually using an Inspire 4G ROM in this video =p

  8. This is cool

  9. Unlock with Wifi has a setting that will auto-disable your WiFi after a set time period of being out of range. It’s not the primary purpose of the app, but it’s a great feature.

    1. Will have to check that one out. Thanks! =)

  10. I understand the usefulness, but there are a lot of other methods for this. For example, I use widgetsoid(similar to SwitchPro) for toggles(such as wifi) and when it is on, the icon is highlighted. I’d give this app a try if I wasn’t already satisfied with Widgetsoid! :)

  11. Is there any apps available to automatically change between several profile( including volume, wifi, backlight,etc) when I enter or leave a certain place ( maybe by geometric information )

    1. There sure is! I forget the name of it exactly but I always assumed that it would use more battery given that it tracks your location…??

  12. Even better checkout Y5 in Market and it will remember all your wifi logins and turnoff wifi when out of range.

    1. Does it click on those wifi hotspots “login or accept button” cause that’d be a life saver!

      1. Yes, there’s an app for that… WiFi Web Login

        Works perfectly!

        1. Crashed my Galaxy Tab, had to restore using clockworkmod recovery. MALWARE!!!!!!!!!

    2. 100% agree, y5 is much better app. Turns wifi on and off for you automatically!

  13. tasker is much better

  14. That video was about 2 minutes longer than I would have liked.

    1. Your comment was about 12 words more than I would have liked.

      1. Love it!

    2. So you wanted it to be 20 seconds? O_o

  15. I use AutoWiFi. It automatically turns wifi on when I get near a recognized wifi signal and turns it off when I leave range. These apps you guys are mentioning seem to only turn wifi off.

    1. If wifi is off, how will your phone be able to find a recognized wifi signal to turn wifi on?

  16. As far as the app, nifty but some of the comments had better. And as RI the notification bar widgets, I have them too. Apparently its not a gingerbread thing so it must be a cyanogen thing…check it out :) probably the most useful feature I have on my lil Eris :D

  17. I’m the developer of woofi. Like Tasker, it automatically turns your WiFi radio on/off depending upon your location. Unlike Tasker, it’s easy to use. :p

    Check it out on the market here:

    If you have any questions you can email me from within the app by pressing the menu key.

  18. Good little quick vid, but I have to ask… why did you label the video “save battery on your DROID with wifi status”? did you mean android device or just the droid line of phones? (honestly asking b/c many seem actually confuse the two…). i’m sure you know which is which, but why label it like that? it only adds to the confusion =P

    oh, also, it’d be nice to have a link to the apps ‘* ‘ page for us lazy asses

  19. I use an app called Tasker which can turn off WiFi based on your GPS position too.

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