Apr 25th, 2011

Hello, everyone! Today I wanted to show off one of my personal favorite apps from the Android Market called WiFi Status. I found time and time again that when I leave my house, I always forget to turn off my WiFi and I don’t always figure it out til hours later after my phone is constantly searching for a connection draining precious battery life.

The way WiFi Status works is easy. Simply install the app from the Market and it goes straight to work. Whenever you leave or are out of range of a connected WiFi hotspot, it notifies you that your WiFi is still on and clicking on the notification will turn it off. Easy, right? This app is completely indespensible to me and its definitely one of the first apps I download whenever I flash a new ROM or I help set up a phone for my “noob” friends.

You guys can find this app in the Market right now and the best part about it is that its totally free. If you do get around to trying it, let me know how you like it or any alternatives you have found in the comments below.