Analyst: XOOM Sales Could Be as Low as 25,000 Units


Another analyst is chiming in to give his take on sales of the Motorola XOOM, and Trip Chowdry of Global Equities outlook is dire. By his number, Motorola has produced between 500,000 and 800,000 and only sold 5 to 15 percent of them. At best, Chowdry believes only 120,000 of the Honeycomb tablet have been sold. Previous reports had the XOOM at 300,000 units this quarter. Motorola projected sales of 3 to 5 million XOOMs this year. Official figures aren’t in, but the numbers aren’t adding up.

It gets worse: in the worst possible scenario Chowdry puts XOOM sales at a mere 25,000, a number easily achieved by the iPad 2 in a fraction of a day. A wide range — 120,000 to 25,000 — to say the least. The reality of it should come clear Thursday when Motorola reports their earnings.

[via AllThingsD]

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  1. Price. Price. Price.

    1. exactly! I am going to buy a tablet very soon, and I haven’t even considered a xoom due to the extravagant price. I hope the sales are terrible to send the tablet manufactures a message.

      1. Rooted Nook Color ftw!

      2. The $400 Transformer has a better screen and can be a netbook too. Why pay $600 when it is not as good.

    2. Or you’re cheap cheap cheap. Bottom line, look at the front page of the staples ad from this past Sunday. Playbook with a 7″ screen and 16GB storage, or $100 more for the XOOM with 10.1″ screen and 32GB storage, plus the ability to double it in the future. No brainer. There are tons of other examples. Motorola never expected to sell 10 million, but they were the first, and there still really isn’t an Android tablet challenge it. The others coming like the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Flyer fall short, and they’re not even out yet.

      Bottom line is that 25,000 is impossible. There were 5 people in line with me at Best Buy on launch morning (for the 3G version), and that’s in my little town. 2 more people came in while I was checking out, because the Verizon store down the street had run out of portfolio cases.

      1. You can point fingers at an individual and call them cheap for not buying one of these based on price, but as a rule, consumers in general are frugal. That’s just how it goes. The iPad sells largely because there is a $500 version. And even if people buy a larger version, they may have been drawn to the idea of buying one based on the cheap one, and then decided to upsell themselves since they’re already spending the money.

        Consumer habits are strongly driven by psychology, and having one single $800 price point for so long goes against everything that consumer psychology is driven by. That they have a $600 version now is better, but you have to realize – the iPad has everyone’s mindshare. You won’t even get noticed if you’re more expensive.

        Consumers are cheap, that’s just how it is. The Xoom may be great value, but a $500 iPad is better value to most people (not me or most of us on this site of course, but regular people).

        I am *very* excited for the $400 tablets coming out that have similar or better specs to the Xoom (especially since I refuse to pay the crazy prices they charge for 32GB of memory. Sell me a tab with 8 or 16 GB internal and I’ll buy a $30 16GB microSD card. I’m not paying $100 for an extra $16GB and I really don’t need more than 24GB of storage anyway).


      2. with a 7″ screen and 16GB storage, or $100 more for the XOOM with 10.1″ screen and 32GB storage, plus the ability to double it in the future. No brainer.

        iPad. $500.

        and there still really isn’t an Android tablet challenge it

        Iconia. Transformer.

      3. The Asus and Acer units have similar hardware and features and are coming in at ~ $400.

    3. Yea…with the ASUS EEE Pad starting at $399, and might be the better option….Moto needs to just drop the price already.

    4. Somebody at Motorola needs to be fired. I was waiting for the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 or 8.9 but after seeing the very beautiful LG G-slate, Im going to get the G-slate when a wifi version becomes available.

    5. Serious business Realistically, how much more can this thing do than my $299 elocity A7 (which I love)?

  2. Well…. Hopefully every other manufacturer get the point and learns from this.

  3. the 25000 sold doesnt surprise me they need to lower the price or step up their game to compete with the ipad. say what you want about apple the ipad is a nice piece of machinery.

    1. the ipads hardware is great but ios is such a fail :/

      1. In the minds of geeks it fails….obviously the pubic disagrees with you

        1. And obviously if EVERYONE’S doing/getting it.. it MUST be awesome!!!

          Hey, i saw some people jumping off a bridge earlier.. Want the location? i mean EVERYONE is doing it!!

        2. And this is where Apple, iPhone fanboys fail “majority” of the time.

          If you woulda said “majority” or “most” I could accept that. I would even agree. To flat out say “the public”….as in everyone wants an iPad and nothing else…

      2. Why is iOS such a fail? Care to provide any details? Or are you just going to go with the all too common ITS CLOSED aka I’ve never actually spent significant time with the device.

  4. @david couldn’t have said it better myself!

    This thing should be at like 399 for wifi only and like 499 for like 3g/4g

    1. Looks like Acer and Asus got the memo from what I am seeing.

  5. Price. Half Baked OS. Extremely limited tablet apps.

    I enjoyed reading all the optimism by android fans when it was announced and the continuous attempts at justifying this product by saying Honeycomb RULEZ (before even using it) and that the app disparity between Apple and Android for tablets would shrink so QUICKLY.

    Fun stuff.

    1. Its only been out for two months

    2. So basically you’re an ass :)
      But at least you’re having fun!

      P.S. Honeycomb RULES (with an S)!

    3. Funny you say that, considering you yourself most likely never tried honeycomb.

      For what it’s worth, honeycomb really is all that and a bag of chips.

      You’re probably just trolling, but whatever.

      /happy xoom owner

      P.S. trying it out for 30 seconds at best buy doesn’t count as “trying” it

      1. Funny you say that because I have tried honeycomb. In fact I purchased the Xoom, but returned it after a week. There’s noticeable lag in many different areas. The UI just doesn’t look appealing/clean to me. It’s just another half baked perpetual beta product that Google releases every week. Same story with them. I want quality and support, especially with Netflix so I decided to go with Apple. Ended up getting the iPad 1 from Verizon for $300 which is a no brainer.

        1. And that is usually the mind set of one buying apple product..
          “No Brainer”
          As messiah jobs has TOLD you just how bad you NEED the latest iwhatever..

          1. Yes, I only bow down to Steve Jobs….

            I can’t help you if you feel you have to put down Apple products and their users to make you feel better about the insecurities that you have. Just because something works for you, doesn’t mean it works for me or for anyone else.

            In fact I have a Nexus S. The winner is me because I get to use the advantages of both platforms.

            The only areas IMO Android is better than Apple is the notification system, Google services (Gmail, Talk, Voice etc), and the free navigation.

            Apple beats Android in battery life, app quality and availability, timely updates, far less fragmentation, intuitive UI, consistent copy and paste, and just generally more polish.

            But you’re right, I only buy because “messiaj jobs” told me how much I needed it. Grow the F up. If you can’t see how the iPad at $300 is not a good value, then you don’t have a good understanding of Apple products or electronics in general. Your ignorance is probably explained by the lack of funds to purchase said products. Keep fighting the stupid fight bro!

    4. I know right. Do you also remember when the G1 caught up to the iPhone in 2 months, no. Keeping putting your foot in your mouth just like when the G1 came out and you guys said that no matter how many Android phones there were it would never beat the iPhone. The Xoom was never going to beat the iPad and I’ve been saying this before it even went on sale. There is not one Android phone that has beat the iPhone but Android as a whole has put it in second place, where it belongs IMO. I knew Android was big when Steve Jobs started talking about it every chance he could, the dummy was telling everyone that this other OS was a threat to the iPhone so I’m sure that most decided to check out what he was so afraid of. Now you are telling the truth but those are annoying fandroids, any fanboy will say the stupidest thing, I remember when we couldn’t get away from iFans before Android got big.

      In the end competition inspires innovation.

  6. I knew I should’ve written my piece on my Xoom sales estimates. When the 100,000 figure was announced a few weeks back, I was convinced that that figure was lower..around 54,000 to be exact. Maybe I’ll post it after all.

    Time to digg out all those notes with all those numbers and formulas.

  7. Sad indeed.

  8. I can buy a Dell Mini 10v and put OSX on it for less than $300. Why the hell would I want to pay double that for a device that can do half as much???

    These companies need to get their heads out of their butts and get with it!

    1. Then do it why does this effect you go buy a dell mini

      1. I’m not sure what your rebuttal is supposed to mean…

        I will, in fact, buy a Dell Mini and convert it into a Mac netbook. I was hoping that the XOOM or the Eeepad Transformer would give me a good portable option, but for the price they just can’t hang with the Mini.

  9. Yes I paid too much, but I still really like my Xoom. Absolutely nothing wrong with the thing beyond the price issue.

  10. meh….i love my xoom. Its overpriced , but I have zero buyers remorse

    1. Same here! I wonder if they account for the Wifi only models (which I own) …here in Canada looking at the store stocks at Futureshops…a lot are sold out even if you can get it online…

    2. Yeah, I agree too.
      I played with an iPad, an iPad2, still prefere my Xoom.
      Better notifications, better customisation, better browser experience, better overall user experience.
      I don’t care the numbers, I am a happy customer.
      That’s all that matters :)

  11. So much promise and hype. How could moto screw this up when there was so much potential??? Now watch asus eat their lunch with the transformer

  12. Any rumors of a price drop to move the remaining inventory? I’m considering picking up an ASUS EeePad tomorrow. Though honestly, I’m not sure if I’d even prefer a XOOM at this point if the price were the same. The smaller bezel is nice.

  13. I very much doubt these numbers, given that I already know several people who have a Xoom, and I don’t live in some hardcore android bubble.
    There are definitely a lot of Xooms being sold… a lot can be relative, of course, but I’m much more inclined to believe the 300k number.

    1. I agree no need to give news where its not needed

  14. Maybe if Google stepped up and fixed the myriad of problems they would sell a little better. Despite photo rendering that borders on horrendous, a browser that cant even interact with Facebook without problems and constant app crashes we have not had a single update since day one. I really want to love my Xoom, but I get more disgusted that nothing is being done to fix it. Why would the average non-geek choose the Xoom over iPad in a side by side comparison. Come on Google. Fix this thing will ya!!!!

    1. Same here. I got my XOOM on Mar.27 and if they don’t update it By jun.24th it’s going back to Costco and I’ll wait till the Nexus Tablet comes.

  15. it doesn’t surprise me at all, Motorola over price this thing like no other, we all knew it was going to be a big fail because of the price, i hope Samsung is looking at this and price their product accordingly.

  16. love my xoom….but I also am living comfortable and have money

  17. Problem w/ Xoom was that instead of putting all that money into commercial, they should have put that into lowering the price. I would think they would have had lot of luck by shocking the hell out of apple and putting $249(wifi) $349(3g) into play.

    Truth is not lot of people outside of hardcore droid loving community will buy anything droid. Phone is different story. Everyone needs phone and lot of people didn’t have choice so they got droid. Tablet? They have choice and majority of people just want apple stuff. Sad.. but true. (and yes, I am a apple fan boy)

    1. Of course you are. We have ANDROID os its not droid.

      1. good one.. ;-)

    2. We could tell by your sentence structure.

    3. “and yes, I am an Apple fanboy”

      We can kinda tell, you didnt even have to let us know. At least you are not too obnoxious with it.

      At least you said majority. I will give you that.

  18. I believe samsung is on the right path. Mimicking apple style and at least matching apple price. Even then, it would be slow uphill climb but they definitely have better chance than xoom(which is already a failure)

  19. Moto products are just a let down in the long run IMO..

  20. If this thing didn’t cost $600 I would have actually considered it. I think Motorola was just trying to sell this thing based totally off the fact its an Android tablet and hoped that that fact alone would draw people to it. And pricing it at the same point as the iPad, its got to have something completely revolutionary to get the public’s attention. A dual core processor and a new version of Android isn’t enough. Most of the general public probably doesn’t even know what that means.

    1. They made the mistake of comparing it to the IPAD of last year, not taking into account Apple will have access to the same hardware they did and coming out with the IPAD 2 shortly after the Xoom would be released. If they truly do have so many still onhand, they will either have to drop the price or recycle them with quad core chips

  21. Price is an issue

  22. Hope the tablet drops a few bucks so the rest of us can pick up one :)

  23. Not surprising with the half-baked Honeycomb software, lack of tablet apps, the name Xoom, the unremarkable aesthetic, and of course the price, Xoom tax if you will. It is also the first to market, with a laundry list of shortcomings compared to the iPad. All those Xoom sales are probably just hardcore Android geeks and reviewers. The average person doesn’t know what a Xoom is, and even if they do they just have to take one look at the price and compare it to the holy grail known as Apple and say “why the hell am I even thinking about this when I can get the iPad, that thing that everyone wants, for way cheaper? A premium product that’s suppose to have a super insane price but is literally hundred cheaper?”

    1. Dear readers,

      Please don’t feed the trolls.


  24. Thats what happens when you do not release the WIFI only option until three months later when people have been tempted by so many alternatives. Who wants to be stuck with a $30 a month data plan for a tablet. They killed their own sales by doing that.

  25. Competing device comes out with high pricetag and doesn’t sell immediatly. Apple fanboys declare it failed. Device sells well overtime as the price gets lower. Apple fanboys STFU. Happens everytime so can we skip to the last part.

  26. Before you post this shit can you at least make sure the sources check out? I went to that link and there is not a single source citation for the supposed quote by Trip Chowdry.

  27. you take your creaking cheap plastic asus and lack of notification lights and that big awful plug and enjoy. Xoom is well built solid devise. keep blaming short comings on MOTO but ItS Google that has fubar the tablet. fix your bugs give use a real browser not some over sized smart phone browser.

  28. Iv seen these were they count data services. If that’s the case its a bad analysis. Wish they showed how they got their numbers.. its worthless non-data with out back up.

  29. I’m not sure I put too much faith in the random guesses but whatever it is they would have sold 1 more if they hadn’t taken 2 months to release it in Ireland. Apple can manage that in 2 weeks and they have a little more demand to cope with.

  30. Moto Xoom. Pros. Solid. Top of line specs. Android 3.0 even if buggy, it will debuggify. Con. 1 word. Price.

  31. I’ve had my Xoom for over a week, now and have had zero issues with it so far. There are a few things which could have been designed more robustly’ like the power cord plug, but I’m quite happy with the Android honeycomb OS for what I use it.

  32. The Android phones didn’t overtake the iPhone overnight. Give it some time, and the Tablet will do the same. People like different options and Android gives us that. The iPad is a great Tablet and people are familiar with it. When bigger name companies like Samsung or Sony put out quality Tablets, people will buy them.

  33. You simply can not compare this to the iPad.

    If you want a iOS device you have 2 choices – A cheaper slower device, and then the up to date faster device.

    If you want a Android device you have countless choices. You can buy into the market sooner and get a Galaxy Tab. You can go small and get a Streak 5 or Galaxy Tab. You can wait and get a high powered Xoom with the newest version of Android. You can wait even longer and get a cheaper Honeycomb device. You can wait even longer and get a even cheaper Honeycomb device. Maybe you only buy Dell devices – That means you are waiting even longer.

    As much as Apple wishes otherwise this isn’t a Xoom Vs iPad war. This is a Android Vs iOS war. And you know what? It’s not a war Apple can win. Apple/iOS are a niche OEM/OS. Android and all of its OEMs are the complete opposite.

    This is like PC Vs Mac. Both are going to succeed, but the Apple product is going to target a much smaller, but more loyal customer base. Meanwhile Google is going to target a much larger audience that hits at all points on the loyalty scale.

  34. Problem was introducing the full-tilt-boogey 3G, 32GB version first and only, and the top of the line price. And, unfortunately, that’s all Moto’s sales will show on Thursday because the WiFi model didn’t come out before the end of March. The WiFi Xoom is still kicking butt over at Amazon. Number one in Tablets for the last month, only temporarily dropping to number two on the release of the ViewSonic for a few days last week. At least they’ve started new advertising with “Starting at $599.” Nobody would have called it over-priced if it began with the WiFi model as well.

    Something like 60% of iPad sales are all their lower end iPads. Biggest seller is the 16G WiFi only.

  35. I have a Xoom also. Mine was a gift but it is great. Zero issues. IMHO it’s better than the Ipad. I know there are still Apple fan boys who plague our Android sites just waiting to pounce on the first bad news. At $599 for 32gb (sd expandable for another 32gb) of space is not bad. Everyone is looking at the $450-500 prices for the new tablets but they are all only 16gb. People want 32gb they will be paying the same for the Xoom now. When it came out it was retardedly overpriced. It is coming down and still will but not much more. It is well crafted and meant to last. I am sure Acer is not using the same quality external parts as the Xoom. I’m sure if you guys who are crying about the Xoom had one there would be less posts about how bad it is. You would love it.

  36. I have a 3G Xoom and absoletely love it! With flash I don’t need to download a thousand “special” apps from Apple to browse the internet, obviously because Apple doesn’t have flash. With my Xoom I doubt I’ll be purchsing a smartphone anytime soon, the Xoom is really kick ass. If you have disposable income, I’d definetly recommend the Xoom.

  37. Waiting for the view 4g from sprint.

  38. If Motorola haven’t charge us consumers 599$ for the unit and charge like 499$ like Samsung did with their Galaxy S Honeycomb tablet it will sell lots. Looks like Moto lost it’s touch on the table market no way I’m not spending that much

  39. Price and the fact that in Best Buy the thing is literally HIDDEN in the back of Best Buy. I passed by it multiple times and did not see it because with the way it was setup I thought it was a part of their register equipment. They don’t want to sell the thing.

  40. You would have to be a complete idiot to believe that only 25,000 xoom tablets have been sold. Albeit there weren’t long lines of people waiting for them on release date, after day one every retailer where I live was completly sold out. I checked a 50mile radius from my home and again no luck. Haters are gonna hate on the xoom and i’m sure these analyst dust steve jobs nutts every morning. Lets just see what motorola has to say when they release there numbers.

    1. You would have to be a complete idiot to project sales of a product based on the availability of them in a 50 mile radius of your house. It is well known that most stores received just a few units.

      1. The first thing you should have done before reading my post is wipe Steve Jobs nutt dust from you Ipad. I never projected any sales figures at all.. It was merely an observation of the Xooms availability in the large metro area that I live in and a radius that spans about 50 miles the day after it was released. I know many people in other large metro areas that have stated the same thing. Now that doesn’t mean that they have sold 200,000 it just seems that based on some simple observations that 25,000 seems very low. I’m glad my post got your attention and you were able to take a break from your dusting duties to make a comment you must be one of the idiots the does believe that they only sold 25,000.. Now get back to work i think I hear Steve calling you..

  41. i love android but lets face facts this is exactly androids issue lack of die hard fans im pretty sure if this were an apple product we wouldnt be having this conversation. guess what the 64gb ipad still sells and its also around $700. i just dont get android fans you say u love the product but yet dont support it and thats exactlywhy developers dont trust android as a good revenue stream because its fans are extremely flaky. every time a new android product comes out everyone crosses their fingers in hopes that it will be embraced either that or someone will find some issue with the hardware and condemn it. the atrix great product super powerful but yet noone buys it why? everyone wanted a dual core phone well there it is and guess what noone wants it. now its all about the price of the xoom i can bet that with all the $400 tabs coming soon it will be the same result with a different complaint.

  42. Analyst is smoking crack. There’s no way the sales are that low.

  43. I would definitely say like many people that these numbers are probably a bit of, but there are a few things that Motorola could have done better which would have improved its chances.

    1. Instead of letting Verizon determine what you should sell, sell what is right for most customers. One thing Apple did right with the iMaxiPad was have different models with different configurations. 16/32/64Gb versions with and without 3g/4g. Having only one choice does not work for people and forcing them into something they don’t want or need is even worst.

    2. Have 4g of the bat. This is a huge differenciator between you and the iMaxiPad. Completely bad move because you thought getting ahead of the pack was better.

    3. Sign some deals with media companies and put a few people in your company to work on some apps that will make you sell this device as it is an entertainment device.

    4. Price. You don’t have to be cheaper than Apple. Matching on price is good, but when you only have one variant of your tablet against 6…. hmmm that sounds to me like a fight you will not win.

    5. You as much as Google has enough stake in this market. Make sure they provide s less buggy OS that is full of shortcuts.

    6. And by all counts remove bootloaders from your devices. This pisses off your customers

  44. What is it with these “Some Analyst Bashes Xoom” articles? They are noticably absent for any other kind of device (in either positive or negative variations), 100% speculative, and I smell some intentional negative spin going on here.

  45. Playbook sells 50,000 in first day That means BB has sold twice as many units in one day. WOW. Perhaps Moto will wake up to their reputation destroying CS now.

  46. That’s 25,000 less ipad sold. I have no problem with it.

  47. Everyone talking about the price…all Moto has to do is lower the price. Its not a huge hurdle to overcome.

    Then, is the other upcoming Android tablets 4G capable too? If not thats also something to consider with the Xoom.

    Still, all Moto has to do is lower the price. Samsung did with the Galaxy Tab last year, Moto can too.

  48. Compared features and price with Viewsonic’s gTablet. The gTab won hands down. Bought and love the gTab!

  49. Recently I visited a local Verison store. While there I got to play around with an Ipad and a Ipad 2 as well as Motorola’s Xoom. For such a high end price tag the Xoom stuck and stuttered when I moved between screens and this was before I attempted to open any app. Walking myself over to the Apple pads even the Ipad 1 had a vastly superior feel to the device. Everything seemed smooth and liquidy. I preface this in sharing that I am an advid android phone user. I have never had an Iphone nor pad. But if my first impressions as like this hows is that any different from others. Honestly for the jerkyness of the Xoom I wouldn’t even pay $400 for it. It would have to sell below the original Ipad’s current price, whatever that may be.

  50. Not sure I agree with this. Back around the beginning of the month I was unable to find any Xoom’s whatsoever in any Best Buy’s in the DC region. It was almost like a mini iPad unavailability. I finally found one a week ago and I’m very happy with it!. Thankfully I had some reward certs and gift cards to bring it down to $400. But seriously, the $599 32gb wifi model matches the price of the 32gb iPad. Still though, if you want to steal some market share, drop that puppy down to 499 at least!

  51. I got an Acer A500 last week and love it. I’m already satisfied with Android 3.0, can’t wait to see what they do with 3.1. By the end of 2012 I’m sure these tablets will have some nice market penetration.

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