Samsung Galaxy S II Gets Official UK Release Date of May 1st… Sort Of


I can’t tell you how many news articles I’ve read of new release dates for Samsung’s Galaxy S II. First its been delayed, then its not, then it came out last week, then it didn’t. Its enough to drive someone mad! It reminds me of this song  my sister used to play, “First you’re hot then you’re cold. Yes then you’re no.”

Well, apparently we’ve finally gotten the official word from Samsung that they are planning to launch their newest flagship phone May 1st. You may now update your Google Calendar. Or actually – you might want to wait for this next part.

UK retailer Phones4U (great name by the way) will actually allow you to pre-order the phone and get it in your hands as early as April 27th. I know just by reading our comments on Phandroid that a lot of you cannot wait to get your hands on this phone and will definitely be taking up Phones4U on their offer.

So what are you waiting for? Update your Google Calendar (again) and come April 27th you can be one of the first lucky people in the world to get their hands on the powerful, yet slim and uber sexy Galaxy S Part Deux.

[Via DialtoSave]

Chris Chavez
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  1. So excited for this phone to come to the US. It may actually get me to switch from VZW before they Bing it up and find any way they can to ruin it.

  2. Would this phone work in the USA?

    1. On AT&T’s 3G yes. Go for it! =D

  3. Oh no, a fish on the Samsung, doesn’t Aspple have a patent on that?

    1. Go Fish.

  4. That means according to gizmodos gay and straight stereotype chart, your sister is a gay man because she listens to katy Perry even though she’s a good singer. Crazy americans.

    1. I don’t have a sister o_O

      1. So if you’ve already lied once in your article, how are we supposed to believe anything else you’ve written? ;)

  5. You can also pre-order it for April 28th on GumMobile – http://gummobile.com/phones/Samsung_Galaxy_S_II_2_i9100_16GB_Sim_Free.aspx

  6. I can’t seem to find any real answers about this device coming to Verizon as LTE. Any comments?

  7. Now the question is, Tegra 2 Galaxy S2 or Exynos Galaxy S2?

    1. Phones4U are listing a 1.2Ghz Processor, that should mean it’s the Exynos one.
      (The third world version with Tegra 2 is still clocked at 1 Ghz AFAIK.)

  8. I want this as my first smartphone for VZW! finally something fast & slim :)

  9. I’m about to walk out the office, over to phone4U and pre-order one for a 08:30am pickup on the 27th. Just in time for my week long holiday, guess who is going to be shouted at my the misses to stop playing with the phone? ;P Galaxt S2 here I come!!

  10. Chinese farmers invading Phandroid! No~!

  11. Screw the UK. Every search for this phone pulls UK, India, Korea… I don’t give a bing about them. WHEN IS THIS BLOODY PHONE COMING TO VERIZON IN AMERICA!?

    1. Bloody damn right you wanker! Us Yanks need this shite, ammi right mate?

      /british humor

  12. Phandroid needs a “report” button.

    1. EXACTLY!!!

  13. @ Zerk Screw Verizon America…pathetic carrier only getting Froyo for the Galaxy S now, how pathetic and nothing to do with Samsung.

    1. Agreed. Though LTE is uber fast and I’ve NEVER in 6 years had a dropped call (Verizon to Verizon) that I can recall. I have a friend who drops me at least once almost every call – I think she has T.

  14. would gs2 work w/magenta nation usa?

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