HTC Reaffirms Honeycomb for Flyer Tablet


Since its initial announcement, there has been somewhat of a backlash against the HTC Flyer for its lack of Android 3.0 Honeycomb. Several times word has surfaced that the first Android tablet from HTC would eventually receive an upgrade to Honeycomb, and today HTC reaffirmed that notion via Twitter. In response to a user mention lamenting the lack of the latest Android OS for tablets, HTC promised Honeycomb would arrive on the Flyer “shortly after launch.

This won’t do anything for other things the Flyer lacks, such as a dual-core processor, but should go a long way for helping its chance at success. Does the idea of Honeycomb on the Flyer make it more appealing to you? Even when it arrives, the Sense UI will most likely make any UI advantages of Android 3.0 obsolete regardless.

[via AndroidPolice]

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  1. I would prefer a stock Honeycomb experience over the sense UI, but the fact that the flyer will be receiving the OS it should have in the first place is good to know.

    1. Most likely it will just get the htc scribe support.

    2. if you want stock Honeycomb there are dozens of tablets to chose from, HTC is about innovation, and yes, the Flyer is the best tablet i’ve seen! I had the chance to play with it at the MWC Barcelona. Sense UI still offers the best user experience and more, you’ll have HTC Watch => thousands of movies, ebook reader and store, the pen is also very cool!
      Dual core is not needed for 7” display, I’m sure HTC will bring us a 10” tablet later this year, but for me 7” is the optimal size for a tablet.

  2. sense sucks

    1. I really like Sense, and that’s after two years of stock Android. I just got the Thunderbolt and I honestly like the Sense UI experience more than stock Android. It’s kind of a best of both worlds to me. And I think MotoBlur sucks as well as most other custom front ends.

      1. I agree. Sense really didn’t come into its own until 2.0, but at this point I’d take it over stock Android any day of the week.

        1. I have the same feeling but switch the words Sense and Stock around.

    2. Sense is the only thing that makes Android usable. I have tried to go CM7 (to see what is supposed to be so great) yeah that lasted 2 days. I android did not have HTC and Sense they would seriously be a lot more iphone and WP& sales.

      1. Sense is a very ugly and terrible UI for Android. Touchwiz is nice, besides the fact that you can’t take it off and the launcher sucks, but it actually adds functionality to Android. Motoblur is by far the worst but its not much better than Sense. Main reason Sense sucks so much is it has so much gloss. Yuck.

    3. Are all of your comments this insightful?

  3. When will this be available for Evo 4G?

    1. never…… unless you mean the Evo View 4G

  4. I pre-ordered it this morning even before I read anything about HTC talking about Honeycomb over Twitter. The only thing that matter to me is the scribe integration. I’ll use whatever OS it has.

    1. S don’t care what osame here. I pre ordered mine as well and I don’t care what os it has as long that scribe intetgration workd. I’m amazed how other tablets didn’t even think about this. I’m in meetings all day long and then I have to prepare the minutes.this tablet will be of much use.

      1. Me too–scribe had me pre-ordering right away too–I need a tablet to be book readier, browser, media but also to be a handwriting note taking device that works (no please scribe work wELL)

    2. Scribe is the reason I’m getting one. This is the only tablet that looks to be truly useful for more than just play.

  5. Now that android is actually getting good in the UI department, manufacturers should just ditch the custom UIs. Should have been done a long time ago looking at how much trouble those overlays are giving our beloved platform. (Fragmentation )

  6. Honeycomb or not, 7′ is much too small for a usable tablet screen size in my opinion. I’ll care when HTC releases a 10″ tablet with a digitizer pen.

    1. My opinion differs from yours. I’m getting a Flyer, because I prefer the form factor of my Nook Color over my iPad.

      I can hold the Nook in one hand easily, which makes it much nicer for me to use for most tasks and also just to carry around. Typing on the Nook’s on-screen keyboard in portrait is great. I can’t say that for my iPad’s screen-board, no matter the orientation.

      1. I can type on my iPad’s screen in landscape just as quickly and efficiently as I can type on my physical keyboard, and that’s pretty fast. While a smaller tablet would be better for holding with one hand, I need the screen space because I do a lot of typing and drawing on my iPad and overall creating with it. Using iMovie or GarageBand and typing anything longer than a really short email is going to be too much of a hassle for me. Typing on my iPad in portrait is pretty easy, too, but in landscape mode I’m much more efficient.

  7. I think sense ui is a good adaption of the android software, although I have to say I have never seen anything else, and By the time my dhd doesn’t get anymore updates i will ditch sense and get cm without hesitating.
    Honeycomb is a reason to get the fleyer, but 7″ is to small. Waiting for something like 10″
    And I really like the fact that they bring the stylus back. I mean itbshould be no problem to control everything with your fingers but sometimes it’s just easier to use a stylus, imagine handwriting recognition, u dont need a keyboard anymore….

  8. Having played with the Xoom i actually still prefer my phone interface. I’d need to spend more time with it but i *like* having notifications at the top where i can control how much screen i can give them, and i *like* having hardware buttons.


  9. If this tablet came out on VZW I would buy one right away. I love what HTC did with SenseUI for the tablet and that’s why I am drawn to it, not because of Honeycomb. The Flyer is the first tablet I have seen where I thought “Hey I could use that!!”

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